Audio Interview: Joseph Green on the Deep Truth of Jonestown

Jonestown massacre 40 years

November 18th marked 40 years since the Jonestown massacre, and AFP is pleased to offer this fascinating interview. Writer and radio host S.T. Patrick presents the Midnight Writer News Show, Episode 80: “Joseph Green on the Deep Truth of Jonestown.”

Hosted by S.T. Patrick

Joseph Green Jonestown ZineResearcher, author, and publisher Joseph Green joins S.T. Patrick to discuss the deep truth of the 1978 Jonestown massacre, the subject of Green’s new zine, An Intro to the Jonestown Massacre Conspiracy: 1978 from Microcosm Publishing.

In this episode of the Midnight Writer News Show, Green discusses his favorite alternative publications of the past, the historical basis for the demographics that brought the Guyanese government to power, the parapolitics behind the Guyanese government of the 1970s, the rise of Jim Jones in Indiana, the U.S. intelligence links to Indiana University, the friendship of Jones with Dan Mitrione, the move to Ukiah and the World Vision links, Catcher in the Rye, whether or not Jones was a “real preacher,” how Reagan’s California affected events, Congressman Leo Ryan, Mark Lane’s role at Jonestown, and much, much more.

S.T. Patrick’s previous series of articles on Jonestown, published in American Free Press in June 2018, is online here: ‘Jonestown’ 40 Years Later: Was Peoples Temple an Intel Op Gone Bad?

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  1. I have been involved in several cults myself , what trapped me was the fact I only saw what I wanted to see until it was too late. but the same thing freed me , by questioning even though I felt like a fool.

  2. evil people always try to keep you from asking questions. don’t doubt ,or have faith , is there favorite mantra. question everything .ask your self to what degree is true and to what degree is false

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