Edgar Steele, First Amendment Martyr, Dies in Prison Under Mysterious Circumstances

“Attorney for the Damned,” who represented some of the most controversial figures in America, dies in prison custody.

By Dave Gahary

Edgar J. Steele, who was born July 5, 1945, passed away behind bars yesterday, September 4, 2014, at the age of 69.

Steele, an author and celebrated First Amendment attorney who gained national notoriety defending Richard G. Butler, the founder of the group Aryan Nations, died at United States Penitentiary, Victorville (USP Victorville), California, a  high-security federal prison for male inmates. An inmate search on the prison’s website for Mr. Steele reveled the following:


EDGAR JAMES STEELE Register Number: 14226-023 Age: 69 Race: White Sex: Male Deceased: 09/04/2014

On the website “Free Edgar Steele,” a post on the home page reads:


Today, September 4, 2014, early afternoon, a California mortuary notified Mrs. Cyndi Steele that her husband Edgar was dead. Since that time, specific circumstances regarding Mr. Steele’s death are being confirmed. This web site and the Edgar Steele Defense Fund (ESDF) will release more information as it becomes available.

Mrs. Steele contacted the ESDF Board, saying she was utterly devastated by this information, and is furious that no Victorville representative contacted her in the last few days regarding his failing health and did not even call her regarding the death of her husband. It was cruel to allow the mortuary to make the call.


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Based on the best knowledge at hand, the following are the most likely causes of death: overmedication, persistently delayed, insufficient or improper medical treatment, medical neglect. The federal government and Victorville Penitentiary bear responsibility for the lives of the inmates who reside there and have refused to be accountable for the decline in Edgar Steele’s health.

Some hours before Mrs. Steele was contacted by the mortuary, ESDF President Robert Magnuson received an email corroborating Ms. Steele’s concern for her husband’s health and safety, validating the suspicion Mr. Steele’s health had been in a sharp decline for the past month. This fact was obscured, if not hidden by the federal government.

First, Mr. Steele was the victim of a false prosecution, then he was imprisoned in the most dangerous prison here in America. Then his wife was never allowed to visit him despite a court order allowing visitation. Then, his health was compromised because of neglect, and finally, the reports came in that he had been drugged out of his mind earlier this week, which was the final blow that killed him. Call it anything else you like, but it is murder.

The facts of this tragic situation will be disclosed as the information is gathered.


Steele, who was a target of the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, has proclaimed his innocence to this newspaper over several occasions through audio interviews conducting from prison. This reporter interviewed Mr. Steele in June, 2011, his first interview since his arrest, which can be heard below. Additional audio interviews will be made available through this website when they are processed.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporters are investigating the facts surrounding Mr. Steele’s death and will update this website as new information becomes available.

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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72 Comments on Edgar Steele, First Amendment Martyr, Dies in Prison Under Mysterious Circumstances

  1. Donald Pauley is a widely-known anti-white homosexual agitator who stalks white patriots and tries to discredit them. Beware of him, wherever he turns up.
  2. I think it is sooo funny that this tribe has been run out of EVERY country that EVER hosted it. EVERY ONE! No one wants rats in their house and the RATS are everywhere now. The world destroyers in their own words.
  3. I read the first comment on here. I’d love to slap the idiot silly. Cowards write tough things on the Internet. I worked for Edgar briefly. He was very honorable. He talked very highly of his wife and family. Regardless if he represented Butler, he did have a black man working there. I worked the black man out of a job, besides doing the job I was hired for. Edgar was very fit and very sane. I admired his way about life. Yes, he was ready for doomsday. He was preparing a life after life ends here as we know it. For his family. Would he Kill Cyndi? No Way! To me there is no doubt of corruption here. He got shafted; the evidence is so obvious. But under an Obama-run government, anything is possible for corruption. To the freaks that believe our government is safe and sane, you are flippin’ nuts. Most corrupt nation in the world right now. We are now the enemy of the feds. We no longer are the United States.
  4. There is a concept in law known as “a spontaneous expostulation.” It is given extra credibility because it was uttered spontaneously and was not consequent to guileful consideration.

    It is well known that Edgar was a major thorn in ZOG’s a*s. And Edgar well knew how he was perceived by ZOG. Edgar also well knew that his animus toward ZOG was reciprocated. But!

    I became aware of Edgar’s arrest early on. There was a recording of his first telephone call to his son. In it I heard him say; and this was before his son was on the phone I believe; he said it as if he was talking to himself; he said, in a voice reeking of disbelief; “I never thought that they would come after me this way.” As the conversation progresses, it becomes clear that, by this way, he means that he believes that he has been set up.

    In the subsequent weeks, I looked for that recording again. But, I never again found that expostulation in that first jailhouse telephone call.

    Rest in peace Edgar. You fought the good fight. You are a martyr. You gave your life for your Country.

  5. The lunatic was in his own words “in terrible physical shape” and he was 69-years-old. Whether he died in prison where he belonged or died at home, it isn’t shocking either way. Look how everything these psychos and their cronies blame on the “JOOOOOS.” LOL. If they tripped and fell, they would blame the “Mossad” and “ZOG” LOL for the fall. All these idiots are irrational, insane and delusional. No Jew in the world gave a sh*t about this guy, yet he obsessed about them, as does their “movement.” It’s just way too comical.
  6. Here are a couple of questions I have.

    I am presuming that Amendola, who was Steele’s Idaho criminal lawyer, and McAllister, his trial counsel from out of state (who has since been disbarred and put in prison for 6 years for theft of his client’s money) had liability insurance (for malpractice) at the time they tried the Steele case. At the end of the case, they made out an affidavit to the court stating to the court that they were both negligent in their representation of Steele. Steele, through his lawyer, Hoyt, sued both Amendola and McAllister for malpractice. This was an easy case to win with the insurance companies for the two lawyers because both lawyers admitted that they had committed malpractice in the Steele criminal case. Hoyt later sued both for malpractice and filed his summons and complaint with the court, but he never filed an affidavit of service of the summons and complaint. No other pleadings were filed with the court.

    My question is: “Was that case settled with McAllister and Amendola’s insurance companies?” If so, “how much money did Steele get?” I am presuming that Edgar Steele signed a General Power of Attorney to his wife, so my question is to her. Did she settle that action for malpractice against Amendola and McAllister, and if so, how much did she get? If she didn’t settle the case, then why did she allow the case to languish? She had an easy case to win with those affidavits from lawyers Amendola and McAllister admitting to their malpractice, so why did they drop the case?

  7. Don Pauley’s theory is that Edgar Steele’s surgeries caused him to want to kill his wife and a whole list of other people. In other words, the surgeries changed his personality.

    There was a crime show on tonight. The family was a wonderful family; the father a wonderful father; the father had a stroke and started making out “hit lists” on which his entire family was listed. He killed them all and then killed himself. Everyone in town was shocked. His stroke was examined medically and it showed that this condition caused him to have a change in personality. He became fearful, angry, paranoid, depressed, despairing and lost several IQ points because of his condition.

    Edgar Steele’s “hit list” made no sense at all.

  8. To Ann:

    The prison authorities would not allow Cyndi to visit Steele for obvious reasons having to do with security. They would have no other concerns about Cyndi’s visitation. Steele was convicted by a jury of 12 of attempted murder of the person who was trying to visit him. His guilt was proven in a court of law and people, particularly prison officials who have the duty of incarcerating him and providing security in the prison, must respond to the conviction as if it were true, even if they personally believed it was not. As these particular prison officials had duties that concerned prison security, they could not allow an attempted murder victim to visit Steele because if Steele tried to murder his wife a second time (while visiting) and was successful, the prison authorities would be held in liability to Cyndi’s children for “negligence” in their duties of providing security in the prison. And that is one of the reasons why people should take a look at the Steele went crazy index. Under “warden,” take a look at the two inconsistent letters written by prison officials 5 months apart. Upon close scrutiny, one can easily see that one of these letters is an apparent forgery. Both letters are responding to a “recent request” for visitation, telephone calls, correspondence and e-mail, which in itself is odd as one should be a request for reconsideration of a prior negative response and referred to as such. Further, the second letter which grants correspondence, email and telephone calls indicates that all systems had been previously enabled to allow it, which belies the first request for visitation, emails, telephone calls and correspondence with the incarcerated Steele. Thirdly, it is highly doubtful that a prison official would deny correspondence, email and telephone calls post conviction on the grounds that allowing such communication would “diminish the seriousness of the offense” as prison officials would not be concerned about anything but the security of the prison and the persons visiting therein. Additionally, the February 2 letter (which, in my opinion, is the forgery, mentions the “security concern for staff,” and the security concerns would certainly not be limited to the staff, but to Mrs. Steele herself as well as the prison staff’s potential liability for the neglect of her safety from a man proven to have tried to kill her. So the February 2 letter appears to be the forgery. Lastly, the first paragraphs of both letters, (written by different persons) is almost identical, and the letterhead address on the two letters is in different type and the letterhead icon is round on one letter and elliptical on the other, which is also odd. The letters are inconsistent with each other, and it is apparent that one of these letters is a forgery.

  9. Ann needs to get her facts straight. Only Cyndi was not allowed to visit Victorville because she was the supposed victim. She admitted to being allowed snail mail, email and phone contact. There is NO proof that she ever communicated with her husband for the three years before he died in prison.

    There is no proof that Kelsey ever visited her father. She was in San Diego so the distance was not great. The first known visit to Steele was over 2 years after he was locked up in Victorville and was by his son Rex and his adopted daughter Nicole.

  10. There is one glaring fact that proves that Edgar Steele is innocent and that is the fact that his wife and children were not allowed to visit him. Court orders are always obeyed, but in this case the prison was in contempt of court? Yes, they were in contempt. So who decided to violate court orders? Someone or some organization was powerful enough to violate court orders with impunity. This proves that there was a conspiracy against him.

    Those that defame Edgar are shills for satanists, no doubt about it.

  11. I am surprised that Apollonian is not in Temple celebrating New Year today. His rabbi will not be pleased.

    It is a shame that this interview was not published over three years ago. It would have proved that Steele was even crazier than I thought.

    For those who are newbies on the case, the best write up on what actually happened is found in my Amicus Curiae motion which I filed with the court.

    All the attorneys on both sides were in on this tragedy of justice by locking up a poor crazy man for life. Cyndi Steele raked in all the loot from his deluded supporters and got all of his property.

  12. WTF?

    Now we see Jew’s agent, Don Pauly, spamming this comments section with irrelevant and tangential details to distract from the Jew/ZOG murder of Ed Steele, whom Pauly wants to dis-credit. But at least Pauly posts good links to the trial transcripts, etc.

    (Hint: the ONLY people who advertise they’re “Nazis,” like Pauly (ho ho ho), are Jew agents, or dumb asses whom Jews have duped and manipulate. “Anastasia” is exposed as a gross liar, so Jews now bring up Pauly, ho ho ho.

  13. Cyndi Steele forgot to mention that she knew that McAllister had filed for bankruptcy 35 days before trial. She also forgot to tell us how much of the OVER $147,000 of loot that she collected was stuck in her pocket. I noticed that she failed to file any reports with the IRS for the so-called Edgar Steele Defense Fund. McAllister is a handy whipping boy because he is in Federal Prison for bankruptcy, wire and mail fraud. I have corresponded several times with him by email from prison. He knows all the crooked deals in this mess.

  14. A Jew has been recently exposed who had posed as a Negro for over two years. This Jew posted on VNN Forum among others. Perhaps this Jew is now posting here with a screen name that starts with ‘A.’ Inquiring minds want to know. (TFW) I have been a public Nazi for over 13 years.

  15. Donald Pauly continues to repeat (like a Jew) over and over about the letters and emails–which letters and emails DO NOT indicate Steele wanted and planned to kill anyone.

    But Pauly still cannot say why ZOG was bugging Steele in the first place, and refuses to face the fact that ZOG had no proof against Steele–aside from obviously doctored tapes.

  16. Steele was EASILY 10 times crazier than John Hinckley who shot Ronnie Reagan. Hinckley had a chance of winning Jodie Foster’s heart and living happily ever after.

    Most of the newbies on the case don’t know that Steele admitted at sentencing that he wrote the 26-page love letter to Tatyana from his jail cell. He also had his daughter bring him a Russian book to study to better communicate with Tatyana. He must have been bored in his cell awaiting trial. The 14,000 emails that he wrote to Ukrainian women are undisputed. They were counted only when there were more than 100 emails to the individual women concerned.

    In the 100-day period over which they were written, that was one email every four minutes of a 10-hour day. If you can’t crack a Ukrainian bride scam in 1,000 emails, you don’t know what you are doing.

    Steele had lied to Tatyana about being married. One of his undisputed emails to Tatyana stood out. Cyndi approved of it in court. It must have endured Steele to the 11 women on his jury.

    4-820-16 (volume 4 page 820 line 16)

    “I’m only here for one thing, to find my second half, a girl I cannot live without. I will settle for nothing less than pure and complete love this time. I settled for less once before and now know better. It was good. It lasted a long time and produced the greatest children in the world, but I deserve more. I will not have another American woman. Never again.”

    I recommend that everyone read the trial transcript. There are eight pages there and they are undisputed.

    Steele’s client from Illinois who was supposedly scammed by a Ukrainian woman never testified in court. Steele was so crazy that he lost the ability to lie effectively. When he was sane he would never have dreamed up the bride scam alibi.

    It was bad practice to dare the judge to break the Guinness Book of World Records with his sentence like Steele did. Even then the judge gave him a near minimum possible sentence.

  17. Donald E. Pauly says I must be Israeli, ho ho ho–this just for speaking obvious truth. Ed Steele was a most effective patriot as he pointed unequivocally to the Jew problem, and Steele was eloquent, informative, and incisive for his expo, so Jews hated him and worked to trump-up charges, etc. “Anastasia” is just a follow-up for this obvious satanist and Jew treatment.

    Don Pauly now brings up irrelevant “letters” which may well have been just coded or something written to distract ZOG. And Pauly doesn’t answer the question as to why ZOG was illegally recording Ed Steele in the first place.

  18. I am a former ‘Dyed in the Wool’ Steele cheerleader in full recovery. I woke up when it was revealed that he wrote his Ukrainian honey a 26-page love letter from his jail cell. It soon became clear that he had gone totally crazy. I found out that his ‘loving’ wife tried to take him for everything but the shirt off his back in a divorce. The mystery cleared. This time she even got the shirt. She didn’t even have to pay a divorce lawyer.

  19. Edgar never lied in his editorials. Casual observance of the world scene and history will easily prove this. Jesus said to know the truth would set us free (John 8:32). It has been exhilarating that Edgar revealed so much of it. A pity the Anastasias of America will never benefit and that Edgar had to pay the supreme price at the hands of America’s controllers.

  20. Anastasia, here’s your problem(s):

    (a) we KNOW you’re a satanic Jew, don’t we?–so obviously you hate Ed Steele as he exposes you Jew monsters for who/what you really are, eh?

    (b) We know also you’re a PROVEN liar who lies, like the satanic Jew you are, eh?

    (c) Finally, we know the letters you refer to have nothing to do with the actual case, whence there’s no proof whatsoever to substantiate the phony charges you Jew monsters, criminals, and psychopaths trumped-up against dear Ed Steele.

    So much for you, Anastasia, the Satanist Jew monster, though these are all redundancies, eh?

  21. And any wife who reads such a letter and thereafter tells the world that her husband was “framed” has the same agenda as Hillary Clinton.

  22. And any lawyer who writes such a letter to a woman while awaiting trial on charges that tried to murder his wife is far worse than stupid. He is certifiably nuts.

  23. No one need read the thousands of emails Steele sent to the women on dating websites when he was home. All they need do is read the one letter he admittedly wrote to the Ukrainian woman from his jail cell two weeks after his arrest. And if anyone can tell themselves that this letter, written from his jail cell, was written for the purpose of investigating the Russian Mafia or for the purpose of research for his book, should have their heads examined, because they are certified nincompoops. Any newspaper who publishes stories about his “frame-up” after reading this one letter to the Ukrainian woman from Steele’s jail cell (which he admitted he did) is not a credible newspaper.

  24. Who says that Steele wasn’t a sensitive guy? Here are the first couple of pages that he wrote from his jail cell to his honey Tatyana Loginova in Ukraine. You can see a photo of the letters at the links. I confirmed that they are authentic from comparing them against many known samples. He also admitted that he wrote them during sentencing. How touching of him to worry about Tatyana getting her Teddie bear (Eddie bear).

    June 23, 2010

    My Dearest Tanya,

    You must be worried. Or, do you think I have forgotten you? No-I know you well enough now to know that you are worried about me. I feel your worry in my heart, where you ALWAYS are with me now.

    I am in very big trouble here, my love. I cannot get to a computer to email you. I cannot make phone calls. I asked my son to find your address on my desk at home and to mail it to me. While I wait for that, I will write you this letter and hope that it gets to you soon.

    Two weeks ago, I was arrested on a PHONY charge and I now sit in jail, awaiting my “trial,” now set for the end of August. This will be the trial of my life. I hope to win it, of course.

    Never before have I ever been in jail, or even arrested. This has been a huge shock to me, but not really a surprise. They have been after me for a long time because of my outspoken criticism of U.S. Government and Power Brokers, both in my writings and in my public speeches. This is a side of me that I am sure you have yet to discover, my love. I was to tell you all about it, when we met (meet?) in Kiev this year, AND I STILL WILL!

    If you have received your Eddie Bear, you also have seen my book. Somebody who reads English well enough will be able to tell you, just from glancing through it, that I am very politically incorrect. Being politically incorrect is one of the worst crimes in America today.

    Do you see now, sweetheart, why I often sound anti-American and want to live elsewhere for at least most of each year (perhaps Ukraine!), as you and I already have discussed?

    The charge against me is FALSE, Tanya. Here is what happened:

    A man who worked for me stole silver bullion that I had hidden on my property (about US $45,000). He tried to kill me before I discovered the theft, but failed. Then he went to the ADL, an American Jewish organization that has hated me for many years because of cases I have tried as a lawyer and because of my writings and speeches. The ADL manufactured audio tapes, using recordings this man secretly had made of me talking and also using some of many thousands of hours of audio of mine available over the Internet. The phony tapes make it sound like I tried to hire the man to kill my ex-wife.

    Please believe in me, Tanya. I never would do anything like what I now face trial for. NEVER. I think you know me well enough already to know I could not do this. DON’T GIVE UP ON ME!!!

    I WILL beat this phony charge and I will come to you there in Ukraine-just not in August, as we planned. If I win this trial, I probably can get over there by October, though. Please wait for me darling.

    June 24, 2010

    Hi sweetheart-

    I will add to this every day until I have your address so that I can mail it.

    Please send me some photos of yourself, my love. The only picture I have with me now are the ones I carry in my memory (though I do look through those many, many times each day).

    And write SOMETHING to me immediately, too, Tanya. Keep it all in English, because they open all my mail (both directions). Anything other than English gets held while they find a Russian translator.

    Remember-this is only for a little while.”

  25. When the Judge issued his ruling that the audio experts could not testify, one expert because he was unqualified, and the other because he was not willing to say there was tampering, and his anomaly testimony was therefore not relevant, the Judge in that decision, also left the door open to Papcun’s testifying, stating that if there was something that comes up in the testimony in which his testimony would be “relevant,” he would allow him to testify. Indubitably at that point in the litigation, the defense had surely planned to have Cyndi and her daughter testify that the audio did not sound like Steele’s voice, and by reason of that testimony of Cyndi and her daughter, the testimony of the expert Papcun now becomes relevant because NOW the jury can take Cyndi’s testimony, the daughter’s testimony and Papcun’s testimony and put them together and reasonably infer from all three pieces of testimony that there was tampering. But the defense inexplicably did not try to hold Papcun from going on vacation to Bora Bora, even though they knew what the testimony of Cyndi was going to be!! The defense did not place him under subpoena, even though Papcun told them that he was willing to stay if he were reimbursed for his lost vacation money. Yet, Papcun tells us that McAllister told him that they would not reimburse Papcun for his lost vacation to Bora Bora. Therefore, isn’t the judge exactly correct when he says, “it’s the defense’s fault” that they let go of their expert, rather than hold him to wait for Cyndi and her daughter’s testimony (it is not as if they did not know how Cyndi was going to testify). And this failure to hold Papcun under subpoena and very happily reimburse him for his lost vacation money is astonishing in light of what the defense knew was going to be the testimony of Cyndi and her daughter at the trial (testimony which they knew would surely open the door to Papcun’s testimony).

    Now, someone is lying here, and it is either McAllister who told Papcun (without any authority from his client or the defense fund) that they would not reimburse him for his lost vacation OR Cyndi and Hoyt who are lying when they tell us that McAllister took it upon himself to tell Papcun that he would not be reimbursed. But I have to ask myself what interest would McAllister have in whether or not Papcun is reimbursed for his lost vacation? Why would he “lie” about an issue that he has no stake in, and which should not have mattered to him at all. If the family wanted to spend their money to reimburse Papcun, why would McAllister care one whit about paying Papcun? On the other hand, if Cyndi and Hoyt lied, what would be their motive? Did it have anything to do with how the donation money was going to be spent? So, whose lying? A man in the position of McAllister has no interest in disclosing this information now or ever. In the position he is in, why stick his neck out and say that Cyndi and Hoyt told him there would be no reimbursement. If he did tell Papcun this without consulting Steele or Cyndi and Hoyt, would he admit it now? And if Cyndi and Hoyt admit that they told McAllister that they would not pay Papcun, it certainly would mean that donations to the defense fund would immediately dry up, or that some other defense fund should take over from these hoarders. In my opinion, no one is ever going to find who is lying here, but if an accounting were demanded in how the donation money of $122,000 (or more) was spent from the not-for-profit defense funds, maybe a few of us would be offered some clues as to who is lying. Unfortunately, Mrs. Steele has already voiced her objection to producing an accounting of that money….ever

  26. Hey d***head shills attacking and justifying the murder of Edgar Steele.

    You are sick puppies. He was framed you goobers. If you can’t tell that they engineered audio of him then you are total retards. You can tell by the way he talks, clearly and concisely, how easy it was for the principals to splice together his words to make up sh*t. Now go eat some shills.

  27. Absolutely loving the interplay between Anastasia (who seems to be learning what I call the Alan Hart Lesson: even an extremist can find themselves being castigated and declared an asshole/troll/Israeli agent if they don’t cheerlead for the mentally ill lunatics who make up the majority of posters at sites like this) and the AFP regulars (see: mentally ill lunatic posters who make up the majority at this site).

    As for Mr. Steele’s death, I am going to check elsewhere to see if he is really gone, and after that I will join all but .00000000001% of this planet and no longer remember he ever existed.

  28. Jew Satanists Gloat Over False Prosecution Of Ed Steele Like They Gloat In Talmud Over Murder Of Christ

    It’s quite obvious both “Anastasia” and “Hadding Scott” (ho hoo ho–notice the “Scott” to disguise the Jew author) are a couple of liars, psychopaths, and satanists–and surely Jews, for Jews are always the leading satanists, just like they’re always the leading communists, bankers, and top corp. CEOs.

    For the actual, simple fact is the corrupt judge in the case actually did rule that at least one of the “experts” could indeed testify, as we note from Ed Steele (in his recorded interview, above), but the Jews/satanists contrived to bribe or in some other way to “persuade” the jet transport company to suddenly REFUSE to fly Steele’s expert from vacation in Tahiti, I understand.

    And the lie I note above is just one of the numerous lies so casually and nonchalantly told by our satanists, “Anastasia” and “Scott”: observe these Jew satanists insist the present corrupt American justice system is all nice and fair for everyone, ho ho ho ho–need I say more?

    Same goes for the thoroughly corrupt FBI which is known to be totally controlled and working for Jew satanists.

    And why was the Jew/satanist-controlled FBI recording Ed Steele in the first place?–answer: they were engaged in manufacturing and trumping-up charges, obviously, as they’ve done soooooooooo many times against Americans, gentiles, Christians, and anyone who resists these devilish satanists and Jew conspirators, criminals, and psychopaths.

    Indeed, Jewwy satanists did PRECISELY the very same thing in contriving false testimony by means of supposed “recordings” in case of Jim Garrison, the heroic D.A. of New Orleans who prosecuted Jew collaborator and CIA operative, Clay Shaw.

    And HOW do these Jews and satanist criminals and psychopaths so completely control, dominate, and manipulate Jew S A and practically the entire world?–simple–by means of controlling the money/currency in “central-banking” and such as U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, ECB, etc.

    But WHY did Jew/satanists work so intensively, singling-out hero and patriot, Ed Steele?–ho ho ho–just check Steele’s classic works which expose Jews: “You Knew I Was A Jew,” and “It Wasn’t Arabs.”

    Keep talking to us, Jews and satanist liars and psychopaths, like “Anastasia” and “Scott”: your lies are always sooooo entertaining and even comical.

  29. In order to put the audio tape into evidence, the FBI had to lay a foundation in court by the man who did the taping and by others and they are subject to cross examination by Steele’s lawyer. There is also testimony the prosecutor must give about chain of custody. There are all kinds of safeguards in the law about how a prosecutor can put such a recording in evidence.

    As far as the experts for Steele, BEFORE they are allowed to put him on the stand he must show (1) he is qualified and competent; and (2) that he will be able to say that the anomalies were due to “tampering” or “editing.” The expert could not do that. He wrote that the anomalies could be due to many reasons, “editing” among them, which means he could not say “within a reasonable degree of engineering certainty” that there was editing. If the expert cannot say “within a reasonable degree of engineering certainty” that there was editing, he cannot be put on the stand. What the heck is he going to be put on the stand for if he cannot say there was “editing”? He is saying in fact that it can be due to many reasons. But these are the rules of evidence in every courtroom. If the expert himself cannot say there was “editing,” how can a jury say it? It is not a matter of whether or not the jury must decide to “believe” the expert for Steele who says there was “editing” OR the expert for the other side who says there was not editing. The jury decides who is more credible. Even if they “believed” the defense expert, what did he say? He said it could be due to a lot of reasons. What’s there to believe? The jury themselves would have to engage in presumption that is based upon no facts.

    Look, these are the rules of evidence; they don’t change from case to case. They are extant and they exist in every courtroom in this country. I don’t care what case it was, that expert would not be allowed to testify in any case because if he could not say that “within a reasonable degree of engineering certainty” there was “editing.” It’s as simple as that, and if you people do not understand that, or do not “like” that, it is simply because you are not lawyers, and do not know or understand the law, or do not appreciate the law, but that, I can tell you, is the law, and the law is not going to be changed for St. Edgar Steele.

    If you people were truly concerned about your “cause,” or had the slightest concern for the truth, you would never have attached yourself to this patently untrue story about a “frame up.” This is a banal case of attempted murder by a man who was not giving anyone of you or your “cause” one little thought when he did what he did. You people and your cause were the furthest things from his mind when he did what he did. Good grief. If he were not incarcerated and did not die in jail, I might even suspect he was working for the other side to make you all look bad. The only mitigating factor in his case (even though it did not quality as a defense) is that Edgar Steele was obviously irrational, bordering on delusional (according to his friend, Dr. Banks, he was delusional after his surgeries) to engage in such a plan, and the question we should ask ourselves is whether his health problems after his surgeries played any role in his state of mind at the time he engaged in this cockamamie scheme to murder his wife and mother in law. In other words, you can certainly have some pity for him, but don’t canonize him and lie about the police and prosecutor, when they are not lying and not doing anything that they would not do in any other case.

    What do you think they are thinking about all of you? They KNOW he did it. They think you are just a bunch of nuts and the only thing that worries them about you is your own irrationality in how you are perceiving this case. You want to convince people that you have legitimate complaints and have a legitimate cause. You may as well go and shoot yourselves in the foot. Why don’t you all do what David Duke is doing; he is staying silent on the issue of Edgar Steele. Sensible man.

  30. What the Kool-Aid drinkers seem to have a hard time grasping is that there was a presumption in favor of the FBI’s recording of Steele being genuine. There were several witnesses, including several FBI agents as well as Larry Fairfax, who would attest to its accurately representing what they also heard Steele say.

    So, for Papcun to show that the recording could have been altered was not nearly enough. Papcun had to show beyond any doubt that the recording had been altered, and he couldn’t do that.

    Then it would have had to be demonstrated that all the FBI agents as well as Larry Fairfax were lying. Fairfax may be a dodgy character, but there is usually a presumption that FBI agents are telling the truth. So that’s something again that would have had to be absolutely proven.

    So the claim that things would have turned out differently if George Papcun had been allowed to present his ambiguous finding about the recording is very much mistaken. The judge’s decision to exclude it from evidence is within reason.

  31. The following is from “Anastasia” at 7 Sept. 8:11:

    “Your husband’s own defense expert wrote that the so-called anomalies in the video recording could be innocent OR an indication of tampering. If they could be either, then even if were allowed to testify, this testimony could not rebut or overcome the prosecutor’s audio tape evidence.”

    Anastasia obviously lies, for if, as she herself notes, the “anomalies” were possibly “indication of tampering,” that is grounds for the jury to consider acquittal, OBVIOUSLY—and it should have been put to the jury.

  32. Seriously AshekanaziAnastsia.

    Khazar d*****bags like you are the reason why so many of us are waking up.

    Your total lack of respect, especially at this time that Cyndi grieves is no surprise. You relish in other peoples’ misery. For that’s what SocioPsychopathic Khazars like you do. You cant help it. And the baneless, endless drivel ad naseum gives you away. You actually get off on this. Sick, Sick, Sick.

    So Dave, do the rest of us a favor and get rid of this wench’s crap. She shat on this whole thread. I and others wouldn’t miss any of this tripe in a heart beat.


    p.s. It was great to finally see comments on AFP posts, but right out the gate we got this Khazar wench who stunk up the whole place. peeUUU.

  33. See below, which should put this all to bed.

    Well, he was a lawyer, after all, and knew what the best defense was in his own case, unlike the rest of you. Had he pursued “diminished capacity,” like he should have, his sentence would have been far lighter than it was. He may have died in his own bed, without his fan club around him. Instead, he tried to impugn the integrity of everyone involved in that case, including the Judge. The prosecutors and police in that town must look at Edgar Steele’s cult members and say, “you know, they ARE nuts.”

    This is a banal murder-for-hire story by a besotted, obsessed husband, who was on too many prescription drugs, and who imagined himself on fantasy island with his Ukrainian girl-toy.

  34. Your “slips” are showing. What Peter says about Paul is truer about Peter than it is about Paul, and you’re growing more obvious by the moment, Mr. Troll-la-la.

  35. You can always tell when the ADL/SPLC trolls like Anastsia start appearing. These people are paid by the hour so they have an inexhaustible amount of time to absolutely flood websites with reply after reply. Anastsia seems to have a strangely acute interest in this one case. She hasn’t really done all the research about Steele herself. She is simply quoting verbatim out of ADL/SPLC files.

    The fact that she is obviously being paid to divert attention away from Steele’s death tells me her handlers are more than a little nervous about what might inadvertently be discovered during any investigation.

    Now if we could only get the Canadian government to reopen the case of the equally puzzling death of civil rights lawyer Doug Christie. It seem like opponents of Jewish power seem to have an amazingly high level of death by cancer.

  36. …and then we’ll start coming after people like yourself for trolling…and then we’ll get to convicting and hanging people like yourself…get ready for your own Marie Antoinette…moment…you effing pig of a human being.

    Oh, now I understand why you are on “Edgar Steele’s side.” You both have murder on your mind!

  37. Dear Farmer Dave:

    That is why you are a farmer and I am a lawyer. I did not read the right-wing papers, nor did I read the mainstream papers or left wing papers. I read the exhibits and I read the testimony. I was not in the courtroom being peppered by either side’s cheerleaders. What I have learned in this case was not to trust the right-wing either. They suffer from the same maladies as the other side. They both have an agenda that doesn’t leave any wiggle room for the truth. As long as you are “on their side,” they don’t care if you murdered or tried to murder anyone, nor do they care how many. You’d rather stick by this guy, call him a martyr, a hero, when in truth, he is a low-down narcissistic, selfish, self-centered man who acted for very mundane reasons, having nothing to do with your “cause.” But you will persist in your ignorance and make him your martyr “for your cause” even if he appeared before you in a ring of fire with two horns on his head and a tail. The government did not “set up Edgar Steele,” and you deserve to lose your credibility by persisting in this fantasy. If they wanted to “set up” Edgar Steele and get some political mileage out of it, they would have set him up for attempted murder of the President of the JDL. And by the way, your “innocent” Edgar Steele, who tells all of us that the JDL and ADL set him up, when asked by the police whether it was the JDL or ADL who tried to kill his wife, (during their ruse), he answered “NO,” “definitely not.” He only tells US that it was the JDL and ADL. The “innocent” Edgar Steele refused to tell the police they did. He denied it was them.

    The expert for Steele said that while there were many anomalies on the tape, he could not conclude that there was “tampering” or “editing” for more than one inference was possible. He stated that it could be tampering (editing) or a whole host of other reasons, wholly innocent. That is what Steele’s expert told the court (not the government’s). As an expert you have to be able to be able to testify that within a reasonable degree of engineering certainty, he can say there was tampering and editing. He could not do that (so he himself said) and that is why he was not permitted to testify. The other expert did not have the education or training in the particular technology used. He has virtually no formal education and little experience on the subject and absolutely no training with the particular technology, and that is why he was not permitted to testify. The Judge said that she had no objection to someone who had no formal education but was self-trained, but in his case, he had neither the education or the training in the particular technology, and that is why he could not testify. The gov’t embarrassed him on the stand during the voir dire because it was discovered that he “cut and paste” the other expert’s report. He said that the only reason he said essentially the same thing was because he agreed with the other expert, but it was obviously a cut and paste job, making him look all the more like an inexperienced amateur. Edgar Steele was very worried about this witness. Did you read his notes?

    As far as Fairfax is concerned, Fairfax renounced his crime and acted to prevent it by helping the police get a case against Steele. This renunciation could have acted as a complete defense in any prosecution against him. The only reason why he was arrested was because he did not tell them about the pipe bomb, and when they found it, they arrested him. Many people make deals with the government, and the cases of these snitches are far more repugnant than Fairfax. Fairfax turned himself in, renounced his crime and tried to prevent it. It was especially important to the police when they first questioned him that he did nothing to take any step toward committing the crime, and he assured them he had not. Had he taken any steps toward committing the crime, they may have arrested him when he came into the station. He probably felt they would never find out about his pipe bomb because he thought the pipe bomb dropped off the car, and that is why he lied to them. They only arrested him later when the found out he lied, something he thought they never would find out. Was Fairfax dumb? Yes, he was. Was he easily manipulated? Yes, he was desperate for money. That is why Edgar Steele “chose” him for the job. He needed a dumb-bell he could tempt with a couple of bucks.

    Steele was not by career a criminal lawyer. He was a civil litigation lawyer, and he handled many personal injury cases, I have no doubt. He knew all about the uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage he had. He knew that if this could look like an accident, he could collect under it, and he told Fairfax that a hit and run “accident” was the preferred way, and tempted Fairfax to do it by hit and run “accident” by telling him that is the only way he was going to get the bigger payout. But Steele was prepared for both stories, i.e. the hit and run accident and the deliberate killing. He had an excuse for both, because he wasn’t “politically correct,” to use the vernacular.

    But the salacious love letter while incarcerated tells you not only that he was irrational, but how he got that way and it was this irrationality that caused him to take the steps to kill his wife and mother in law in this cockamamie plan. I dare anyone to read that letter, and then attempt to tell themselves that he wrote it because he was writing a book. If anyone believes such a story, they are nothing better than cult members.

    Troll? You are just trying to distract people from reading what I have written, and if you or anyone else wants to read the exhibits from the trial, the trial testimony, the court’s motions and decisions of the court, as well as Edgar Steele’s mad notes from jail, then go here and read it for yourselves, or must you be fed your pablum by someone else holding your spoon? I am referring you to the website of Mr. Nazi himself, Don Pauley, or better known on Stormfront as trojanhorse cowboy. Read it, and pass the martyr’s laurels onto some other deserving soul, and stop making fools of yourselves.

  38. Anastsia, you are a troll.

    You did not sit through the trial and listen to the suppressed evidence that was disallowed by the judge including the fact that a nationally-known and respected auto tape expert was not allowed to testify because he could not return from vacation the next day, and the motion was denied for him to testify several days later. The feds, knowing he was going on vacation, waited to make sure he would not testify.

    You did not hear that the attorneys for Edgar were bugged, including in the sealed chambers. You did not hear the tape recordings with the different background noises, all recorded at a remote farm, where there is no background noise other than horses. You didn’t mention the sweetheart deal the would-be killer made with the feds, for 10 months in a cupcake jail, to provide the evidence against Edgar. You didn’t mention the fact that the feds knew the killer put the pipe bomb on Cyndi’s vehicle, but they allowed her to go to Oregon with it so they could enhance the charges. You didn’t mention Edgar’s attorney was under indictment during the trial for stealing clients’ money, and was under such pressure that he presented no defense at all for Edgar.

    In fact, all your statements seem to have come from the mainstream media. Get back to Israhell and leave us in peace.

  39. Anastasia sounds like a paid-for-troll…a government prostitute…on her knees for whatever benefit comes her way…or an uninformed idiot…especially when it comes to her judgment regarding our corrupt government…what an effing idiot she sounds like…eh (?) Quoting a transcript of a fixed trial conducted by a corrupt-to-the-core U.S. “justice-system”…in a country that tortures and imprisons more people per capita than any other country on the planet.

    And did you notice how she just cannot get enough words in edge-wise to attempt to convince people of her POV…acting as though some rational examination of the authorities corrupt activities will somehow justify her sick, perverted, pathetically totalitarian POV.

    Well, let me tell you something…Little Miss Anastasia…there is going to be a point in this country where we are going to take our constitutional government back…and when we do…we are going to come after traitors like yourself… right after we convict and hang the Bush Family…the Clintons…and the Obama family…we will hang them for their treason convictions…and then we’ll start coming after people like yourself for trolling and supporting this fascist, corrupt out-of-control POS government…and then we’ll get to convicting and hanging people like yourself…get ready for your own Marie Antoinette … moment….you effing pig of a human being.

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  40. Hmmm . . . This is a sad case. It seems that Mr. Steele was a very talented, idealistic, outspoken lawyer and political dissident. Whether you agreed with some of his clients’ positions or not, he forwarded their constitutional rights and freedoms and did so under immense pressure, which is commendable.

    As a result of upholding our rights in law, he became a de facto enemy of the state.

    A Russian friend always told me that only THE BEST lawyers and journalists face prison and have someone out to get them.

  41. To Mrs. Steele, AFP, and all other lovers of Freedom:

    I am an Asian immigrant who came of age in America. Over a decade ago, I came across the writings of Edgar Steele. His words defended people of European descent, but on closer analysis, he simply told the truth. In very simple terms, he described the insidious parasite that had taken hold of these United States and was systematically squeezing the lifeblood out of the nation and its citizens. His truth screamed for unity in the face of horrific evil.

    Please understand that Edgar may have been taken from us, but his message is still alive and has moved from hushed whispers in private corridors to open discussions among thousands and even millions of people around the world. Edgar is part of a hand full of men and women who have provided the foundation for the revolution. I ask you not to judge a warrior by his time on earth. Instead I ask you to recognize the legions of warriors he has inspired. Although Edgar Steele has passed, his spirit, integrity, freedom and life energy will live on. By taking Edgar, they have created 10,000 Edgars.

  42. Dear Mr. Pauley (the man who meticulously exposed the story of Edgar Steele):

    You know, I just had to find you and write to you. I have read all you have written about Edgar Steele, and I think you do meticulous research and are very astute. I told them at Stormfront that if you ever wrote a history book, I want to be the first to know, for I will read it. You are a source to be trusted.

    You are on the money with Edgar Steele, and I see how you are being terribly persecuted, even by your friends, the “Nazis.” You know, the “Nazis” never called themselves by that name. It has terrible connotations.

    In any event, thank you so very much for struggling to get to the bottom of that terrible story and you most certainly did. I just cannot believe that they are making a hero out of a man like that. You think he is crazy. He is definitely irrational, but not “crazy” in the legal sense of that word. I think he is a total narcissist, so presumptuous and contemptuous and finally so brazen that he finally got hoisted on his own petard. Maybe I’m wrong, but anyone who wrote so lovingly about his wife more than 10 years ago, who, we now find out, was simultaneously trying to make it with every Russian call girl on the Internet, is not so very far away from what he always was. A liar.

    But I will say that your heart is definitely in the right place by something you said about him. You said, “If no one believed his lies, he would be able to get on the road to recovery.” That is a perfectly accurate and true statement. But unfortunately, the people who surrounded him were not like you. Too bad for him, because it does not sound like he had a good end, “incoherent and babbling.”

    God Bless you in your work and please keep writing.

  43. I have always considered the trolls to be the people who try to distract others from reading the material by engaging in filthy and abusive name-calling.

  44. Anastsia – a nasty a**hole.

    One mark of a paid troll is excessively long posts and too many of them. Grow up and tell your paymasters the job isn’t worth it.

    Edgar J. Steele was an innocent man and a great White hero, something you wouldn’t understand.

    Ed didn’t plant that bomb. Larry Fairfax did after stealing most of the Steele family’s life savings. How do I know that? HE ADMITTED IT, DUMBO!

    Fairfax confesses to TWO serious crimes and gets out after (I believe) 16 months in a minimum security “prison” (probably more like a holiday camp).

    Edgar Steele did NOTHING, but because the lying, thieving, murderous Fairfax, in true school playground style, points at Ed and says “He told me to do it,” an innocent man gets a death sentence. Does that seem like justice to you? If it does, it’s time you “made aliya” to your stolen homeland.

    I heard one of those fake recordings, and it was so bad it wouldn’t have convinced a five-year-old. That’s why Ed wasn’t allowed to call expert witnesses, because the case would have been laughed out of court.

    All we can do now is hope Cyndi and the family are able to take some comfort from the fact that Ed is now free of his tormentors. I’m personally convinced that they will all be reunited at a time determined by the force that controls the universe.

    One day our Great Men and Women will be properly honored, and Edgar J. Steele will be among them.

  45. Anastasia: please take a Valium. AFP: hold off on the sleazy book-selling ads in this eulogistic article please. I assume you all are not Jews.

  46. But I think in this case, conspiracy can only be found in this case if you ignore the facts and your world view, in essence, dictates that there is a conspiracy everywhere. That’s, to me, the only way that you can find a conspiracy in this case, because it’s certainly not in the facts.

  47. Mr. Hand calls me vindictive and unbalanced for trying to restrain everyone from this unworthy attempt to make Edgar Steele a political prisoner and hero.

    Edgar Steele contracted a hit man to kill his wife and mother-in-law. He is not by any stretch a political prisoner. He did this crime not for political reasons, but to get rid of his wife to be with a younger woman.

    What more can one say other than May God have Mercy on Edgar Steele’s soul, as no one down here had any.

  48. If anyone read the letters Steele wrote to the Ukrainian girlfriend while in prison, (and they are posted on the Internet for all the world to see), it is impossible for the reader who has even one living brain cell left in their heads to believe for one second that it was “a ploy on his part to develop a record or the basis for a book” in his investigation of the Russian mafia.

    All I can say is that if the jury heard this excuse for his salacious letters to his Ukrainian girlfriend (which they apparently did), they would bristle in anger for such a brazen excuse implies nothing more than Steele’s greatest contempt for them. In a restrained and understated comment, the Judge merely said the following about it: “But what is clear from the record is that the defendant was involved in an Internet-based relationship with a young Russian woman, which he has explained that it was not real, that it was a ploy on his part to develop a record or a basis for a book. However, the jury did not believe that.”


    Now, let me — I’m required — this case is unusual. As I noted at the outset, the mandatory minimum, it’s not set by the court, it’s not set by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, not set by the Executive Branch but set by Congress and then, I suppose, signed into law by a president — I don’t know which president — mandates in this case a minimum 40-year sentence because of statutory mandatory minimum sentences which the court has no discretion to ignore. So that, obviously, makes much of the proceeding here today almost predetermined because the court just simply has no discretion. It is something that Congress has dictated. And I took an oath of office to uphold the laws of the United States when I became a federal judge, and I have tried to do so, and I intend to continue to do so. So, even if I might disagree with that, that’s irrelevant. The law is what it is, and I will apply it as evenhandedly as I can. I am required, though, to go through and consider certain sentencing factors. The sentencing guidelines, which has an extraordinary guideline range in this case, is but one of those factors. I’m going to go through them in the same sequence that they’re set forth in the statute, which is 18 U.S. Code Section 3553(a). The first factor which the court is to consider is the nature and circumstances of the offense. And, obviously, from that, I am — I derive that from my sitting through the trial. Here, the defendant hired Larry Fairfax to kill the defendant’s wife and mother-in-law. The defendant gave Mr. Fairfax a $10,000 down payment and agreed to pay an additional $25,00 for

    After approaching law enforcement about the murder-for-hire plot, Mr. Fairfax, acting in the capacity as a confidential informant, engaged the defendant in conversations during which investigators recorded comments from Mr. Steele that verified that the — that his intent was to have his wife and mother-in-law killed. The investigators then obtained a search warrant and arrested Mr. Steele.

    After he was arrested, the defendant made contact with his wife and son from the jail. During those conversations, the defendant told his wife and son that the recordings of the conversation with Mr. Fairfax regarding the murder-for-hire plot were manufactured by the government. He then instructed them about what to say to investigators so that the recordings could not be used against him at trial.

    On May 5th, 2011, a jury returned a verdict convicting the defendant of all four charges in the superseding indictment. With regard to — I think the only comment I will make — and it’s not intended in any way as a defense of my rulings or a defense of the jury’s verdict; I think that’s for the circuit court to sort out on appeal. But I do think it’s important to offer just a very general observation about what this case was about and what it was not about. I think there has been an effort to inject into this case an argument that this case is about Mr. Steele’s politics, it is perhaps about his views, and it is about a government conspiracy. And I will say that from my position, having reviewed all of the evidence — that which the jury saw, that which they did not see — I think there is absolutely no evidence of that. What the evidence indicates is that this was a crime of — I don’t know if you want to call it a midlife crisis, a crime of passion, perhaps a crime of greed; I don’t know. But what is clear from the record is that the defendant was involved in an Internet-based relationship with a young Russian woman, which he has explained that it was not real, that it was a ploy on his part to develop a record or a basis for a book. However, the jury did not believe that, apparently. It’s also clear that he decided, and the jury so found, to end his relationship with wife and that he engaged in a plot to have her murdered rather than to simply enter into a divorce; whether to avoid the financial fallout of a divorce or for some other reason, I don’t know. And then we have the tape recordings. That’s the area where I probably won’t go into any more detail except to say that my rulings are clear on the record as to why I ruled the way I did. And I think that — well, I’ll just leave it at that. I think there is other comments I can make, but I really think it would not be prudent at this time. And the only other comment I would say is that a conspiracy, from my view — and I’m not — I have issued decisions criticizing government employees for improper conduct. I have no reluctance at all to do that when there is a factual basis to reach that conclusion. But I think in this case, conspiracy can only be found in this case if you ignore the facts and your world view, in essence, dictates that there is a conspiracy everywhere. That’s, to me, the only way that you can find a conspiracy in this case, because it’s certainly not in the facts, let me turn, then, to the defendant’s history and characteristics, the next 3553(a) factor.

    The defendant is a 66-year-old male. He was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1945 but was raised in north central Washington. He was raised in what he considered poor economic conditions but indicates that he did not lack the necessities of life. He indicated that there was sexual abuse at a young age, but that’s not really been argued or suggested that that in some way contributed to the crime in this case or his decision-making. The defendant served in the U.S. Coast Guard for three and a half years after graduation from college. And after leaving the Coast Guard, he obtained an MBA from the University of California Berkeley and a law degree from UCLA. He spent his professional career focused primarily on civil litigation. He married Cyndi Kunzman on April 27th, 1985. She brought to the marriage a daughter, whom the defendant adopted. And the defendant and Mrs. Steele also have two biological children in common, a son and daughter. The medical records show that the defendant has had some minor surgeries in the past plus some more severe medical conditions and surgery more recently. Most notably, he had prostate cancer in 1997, gastric bypass in I think it was 2008, surgery for an ascending aortic aneurysm in 2009, surgery for a hernia in 2010, and a surgery in 2010 because of an uncontrollable nosebleed. Following the gastric bypass that I referred to, he lost approximately 100 pounds and then underwent the extensive liposuction that was discussed previously. The defendant is currently prescribed some medications but primarily for blood pressure problems, anxiety, seizures or mania and depression or sleep aid. He does not appear to have any drug or alcohol addictions, and there is no documented history of mental or emotional conditions. That’s what the presentence report reflects, and those are the circumstances of the defendant that I think in some way, large or small, bears upon the appropriate sentence in this case.

    I would indicate the guideline range is the aforementioned astronomical range of 715 to 773 months. The sentence range prescribed by statute on Count 1 is a up to ten years and a $250,000 fine; on Count 2, a minimum of ten years consecutive to any other sentence and a $250,000 fine; a sentence on Count 3 of not less than 30 years consecutive to any other sentence and a $250,000 fine; and on Count 4, up to 20 years.

    Then I’ll turn — and then there is the issue of restitution, which I am going to order. I expressed a concern whether the request from Ms. Steele is really the claim of a victim, given her statements here in the court and throughout the proceedings that she doesn’t feel that she is a victim, but I am going to order it nonetheless.

    Then, turning to the — what we call the 3553(a)(2) factors. These are the core of the court’s sentencing, which — and the court is required to impose a sentence which is sufficient but not greater than necessary to reflect the seriousness of the offense, to promote respect for the law, to provide just punishment, to ensure adequate deterrence, to adequately protect the public, and to ensure that the defendant receives any needed educational or vocational training, medical care, or other correctional treatment. Those are the core in which the court, as I mentioned, must impose a sentence sufficient but not greater than necessary to accomplish those objectives.

    In my view, murder for hire is — it is simply not enough to say it is a serious offense. It is far more than that. It is a crime that is extremely troublesome and a crime that becomes more troublesome because it was a — the intended victims were close family members. The use of an explosive device increases the seriousness of the crime because of the possibility for injuring innocent bystanders. Tampering with witnesses is, again, an offense that I would describe as far more than just serious. It strikes at the very heart of the entire legal system when people try to intimidate victims and witnesses. So, for that reason, this is a very serious offense, one that certainly stands out in my mind throughout my 24 years as a judge. In terms of adequate deterrence, it is clear that the defendant attempted to have his wife and mother-in-law killed; and but for Mr. Fairfax going to his lawyer, who, in turn, then got the police involved about this matter, there is every likelihood that the crime at some point in time would have been carried out. That makes the matter very serious, and it also raises questions about the need for future deterrence. And then the protection of the public is, again, the same issue.

    Now, I queried or discussed the issue with Ms. Whelan about whether or not there should be a five-year consecutive sentence for the victim-tampering charge, Count 4. That would have led to an additional five years than what I was originally thinking and five years more than what the government has asked. But I have concluded that, given the defendant’s age and the mere fact that any sentence that I impose in this case is a death sentence — not a death sentence, but is a life sentence — simply because of the 40-year mandatory minimum for a man of 65 years is a life sentence. There is no way to avoid that. And so I think to add anything more would not accomplish anything in terms of the need to protect the sanctity of the legal system and to appropriately punish those who tamper with witnesses and victims. However, with regard to the murder for hire, I cannot bring myself to impose a sentence of less than the mandatory — or maximum sentence of ten years. Again, one cannot plan to murder someone, engage in a plot to hire someone to carry that out, and I think justice would dictate that a ten-year sentence, even if it is just absolutely the minimum that could possibly be imposed — which, in this case, is also the statutory maximum. So I pretty much expressed my concerns. My decision does match up with the government’s recommendation, which is less than what the probation office recommended. It is not because I’m agreeing with the government as a matter of principle but because, as I have assessed the facts of this case, it just turns out that their recommendation coincides with my own as I have thought about this case over the last few days. So, with that, if the defendant will stand, I’ll pronounce sentence. Mr. Steele.

  50. To Anastasia:

    If that is even your real name, I feel that I must reiterate my position again: that being, that I believe that this was a case of malicious prosecution and excessive sentencing.

    No amount of post mortem defamation by you or anyone else can convince me otherwise. You can fume and vent, and rant and rave all you want, but the sentence was out of line, in my opinion. Furthermore, I believe it was so because of Mr. Steele’s political beliefs.

    From reading your posts, it is obvious to me at least, that you do not have a real sense of fairness, or justice. What you do have is a very vindictive nature and, to be honest, strike me as intelligent but unbalanced.

    I won’t be reading any further posts, as at 63 years, I still have to work tonight. And really, Steele is gone, and the matter is closed, at least until we see a mass uprising in this country, and then perhaps, we can see equality before the law, become the law once again.

    Karl Hand

    PS: For those who are white and proud, and would like to contact me, you may do so by writing me at: RNPA Headquarters, P.O. Box 1281, Lockport, NY 14095. The RNPA (started in 1999) is a law-abiding organization and has no record of any wrongdoing against it, which we take profound pride in.

  51. And if I stand corrected about two heart surgeries, I am corrected, but post-2009, and before incarceration, Mr. Steele was said by a neurologist to have had four surgical procedures.

  52. One last thing.

    He was a lawyer, but every step of the way, he attempted to impugn the integrity of the courts, and of the prosecutors.

    There was no evidence of foul play. The competent expert the defense hired could not say in his papers that there was tampering, and that is why he was not permitted to testify, for his testimony would have been irrelevant. The other expert was not competent, had no formal education or training, was self-trained, and on top of that had some kind of criminal conviction. One witness was irrelevant, and the other was incompetent, and even if they testified they would not have helped the defense, the latter being my opinion, but a well-founded one, as one witness could not say within a reasonable degree of engineering certainty that there was “tampering,” and the other was not competent to say it.

    Further, Mr. Steele himself provided the prosecutors with clear motive. He actually had the audacity to write the most salacious love letters to his Ukrainian paramour while incarcerated (did he think his mail would not be opened?), calling Mrs. Steele, his “ex-wife” and counting the days to when they wold live together happily when he was released from prison. He told his paramour that while he would have to spend $500,000 in his defense, there was plenty of money left over to provide for her every want and desire. In other words, he lied to her, too. Sex and money are two of the primary reasons why people commit murder, did you know?

    Lastly, and any parent would cringe at the thought, he attempted to use his own son to give his mother the message that she must say to the authorities that it was not his voice on the audiotapes, “even if she believed it was.” He asked his son to give his mother this message, without a thought about his son’s welfare in becoming so entangled in his crimes. This is a particularly unworthy cause that the right-wing is taking up. I say “keep your credibility” and abandon it.

  53. If Mr. Steele received a 10-year sentence, it would have been a death sentence for many men 66-years-old; they would have had to give him a 3-year sentence if they considered his age and medical condition.

    But the sentences do not depend upon the age of a man, but upon the crime itself, and there are guidelines for the judge that they MUST follow, and this judge followed them.

  54. To Mr. Hand:

    The court in sentencing considered the crime, as cold-blooded and depraved and it was, and this was compounded by the fact that we are dealing with a member of the bar, a man who takes an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of the state and federal government.

    Further, despite the overwhelming evidence of guilt, there was no remorse, no admission of wrongdoing, no sorrow at the time of his conviction or sentencing, nothing to help the court mitigate the sentence. In the eyes of the judge and the law and courts and the people of this country, he was guilty. The judge could treat him no other way than as a guilty man, a guilty man who expressed no sorrow and no remorse. She did not give him the most severe sentence, nor did she give him a light one. The sentence fit the crime as well as the lack of remorse evidenced after conviction.

  55. To Mr. Hand:

    For your information, Mr. Steele was speaking in hyperbole. Below is the word for word sentence of the court, and I wish to advise you that a “concurrent” sentence means they may all be served at the same time, as opposed to “consecutive” sentence, which means they run one after the other. Certainly “concurrent” means it was a shorter sentence given by the court, and the court was mindful of his precarious medical condition. I would also like to mention that he was found guilty on all four counts, the last having to do with his clear and patent witness tampering, a very contemptuous act for one admitted to the bar. As far as the crime itself, for which there was overwhelming evidence of guilt, it was by far a particularly depraved and cold-blooded act.

    Please see below which is the word for word sentencing of the court:

    THE COURT: It is the judgment of the court that you be sentenced to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons for a term of 600 months, consisting of 120 months on Count 1; 120 months on Count 2, to run consecutive to the sentence on Count 1; 360 months on Count 3, to run consecutive to the sentences on Counts 1 and 2; and 60 months on Count 4, to run concurrent with the other sentences.

    Pursuant to statute, this offense qualifies for DNA collection. You will, therefore, submit a DNA sample while incarcerated by the Bureau of Prisons or, absent collection while in prison, then at the direction of the U.S. Probation Office upon release.

    The defendant — I am going to waive any fine in this matter. I don’t, frankly, see the utility of making — or imposing such a fine. However, a special assessment of $400 is mandatory $100 per count. That will be due immediately. With regard to restitution, I am going to order restitution in the amount of $2,836.91 to the victims identified in the presentence report, which, again, that amount also shall be due immediately. Because the amounts of restitution exceeds $2,500, the court is required to consider whether interest should be imposed. I am going to waive, however, the interest requirement. Again, given the sentences, I think that there is just really no purpose in that. And, plus, I don’t think the defendant has the ability to pay interest at this point. I am going to require — I’m not sure why the request was made otherwise, but I am going to require that the defendant submit nominal payments of not less than $25 per quarter while he is incarcerated if he is allowed to participate in what is called the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program. And that will be applied towards the special assessment and the restitution that I have ordered. If he is not deemed eligible because of health conditions or age, then that requirement will not be imposed.

    Upon release from incarceration, the defendant will be placed on supervised release for a term of three years. Therefore, within 72 hours of his release from custody, the defendant will report in person to the probation office in the district to which he is released. Supervised release will be imposed upon the following terms and conditions: I will find that the defendant poses essentially no risk of future substance abuse, so that mandatory drug testing will be waived. The defendant will be prohibited from possessing any firearms or other dangerous weapons. He will not commit any federal, state, or local crimes. He will not unlawfully possess any controlled substances. He will pay the court-ordered special assessment and restitution that has been ordered. I am not going to establish a payment schedule — because of the length of the sentence, I think it would simply be foolhardy to do so — but simply require that it be paid upon his release from custody. The defendant will also comply with all general and specific terms of supervised release and the standard conditions of supervision, as will be outlined in the court’s written judgment to be filed in this proceeding. I would advise you, Mr. Steele, that if you violate the terms of supervised release, you could be sentenced to a further term of incarceration. I would advise you that you have the right to appeal your conviction and your sentence, and you have a period of 14 days from today within which to file that notice of appeal with the clerk of the court. If unable to pay the cost of an appeal, you may apply for leave to appeal in forma pauperis. If you so request and qualify, the clerk of the court will prepare and file a notice of appeal on your behalf. And if you request court-appointed counsel, then they will also arrange for that. I will recommend to the Bureau of Prisons that you receive credit for all time served in federal custody.

    I do not — I have no idea, given the nature of this conviction, whether you will qualify for medium or minimum security. I think that is — Mr. Cedros, the Sheridan, Oregon, facility is medium or minimum security; is that correct?

    THE PROBATION OFFICER: I believe so, Your Honor.

    THE COURT: I will recommend either Sheridan, Oregon, or a place in the northwest that would meet with the defendant’s custody classification. I can’t control that, but I certainly have no qualms about recommending Sheridan, Oregon, if that is, indeed, in keeping with the Bureau of Prisons’ custody classification in this case.

    I would point out that I did not impose any additional terms of supervised release beyond those required by statute and the standard conditions always imposed simply because I doubt that’s going to happen in this case, but I did do so. Mr. Cedros, Ms. Parson, Mr. Severson, did I overlook anything that needed to be covered?

    THE CLERK: No, Your Honor.

  56. To Anastasia:

    I do not know the circumstances of this case, however I do believe that Steele was given excessive punishment, and that goes against the grain of American jurisprudence.

    I once read where the average sentence for murder is just 12 years, so to give Steele 50 for attempted murder and to argue that it was equitable is absurd.

    Unfortunately, I did not keep the source of that information, but I do have some sources that would bear that assumption out:

    •April 27, 2006, Marquel Smith was given just 17 years for killing his three year old son.
    •August 26, 2005, Nicholas “Rasta” Rivers was sentenced to just 15 years for strangulating to death a 20-year-old woman.
    •December 23, 2003, Corey McCarthy got just 8 1/2 years for the shooting of another man in the chest. The victim did survive.
    •June 7, 2005, Mark Hacking got 6-years-to-life for shooting his wife to death while she slept.

    I would ask that you consider these things and bear in mind that this system is, by and of itself, criminal in nature. It lost its moral imperative a long time ago.

    In the end, if you still do not believe that there was an injustice committed here, then there is nothing else I could possibly argue. Fifty years is a looooong time. And let us not kid ourselves, it is for all intents and purposes, a death sentence.

    Again, I do not know if Edgar Steele was guilty or innocent. I did not know the man. Did you? You seem awfully certain of his guilt. But even if guilty, in my opinion, he was targeted for extreme prosecution, and that is not in the spirit of equality before the law.

    Karl Hand

  57. To Cyndi Steele:

    Madam. The request for a diminished capacity defense was in a letter signed by your husband to his lawyer. It is on the Internet. I have taken the time to read everything on your husband’s case. I believed I was obliged to do so before making any donations to your husband’s cause, as I intended to do at the time.

    Your husband’s own defense expert wrote that the so-called anomalies in the video recording could be innocent OR an indication of tampering. If they could be either, then even if were allowed to testify, this testimony could not rebut or overcome the prosecutor’s audio tape evidence. His testimony becomes nothing better than throwing stardust in the eyes of the jury. His expert opinion that there was tampering must be given within a reasonable degree of certainty, and his letter shows he could not render such an opinion, and that is why his testimony was excluded. The other expert was clearly unqualified.

    Your husband told you on the phone to say it was not his voice, even if you thought it was. That is called witness tampering. It is illegal conduct. Your husband was writing to lay people, people who were not registered attorneys at law, and that is why his mail was opened, and was permitted to be opened. Other attorneys he wrote to were not his attorneys of record, and that is why his mail to them was opened. Your husband was careless while incarcerated, so careless that his love letters he wrote to his paramour in the Ukraine while in jail, in which he called you his “ex-wife,” were made Exhibits at the trial. Your husband was caught lying in his conversations with you, in his conversations with his son, in his letters to his paramour, and in his statements to us.

    His missing silver can be accounted for. He used some of it to pay Fairfax, and the rest was returned to you by the authorities.

    His conduct while in jail was as presumptuous as it was contemptuous, but I will say this much for him: He knew his audience, and had his finger on the pulse of his admirers, who clearly do not have enough thirst for the truth to have engaged in a proper scrutiny of the facts and who believe everything they read in a newspaper.

    Your husband was justly convicted of the crime, and may God have mercy on his soul because, unlike many incarcerated people, he was not given the help he so sorely needed to bring him to repentance for his most heinous crime.

  58. To ANASTSIA and anyone else that feels as they do:

    Of course it was overwhelming in the trial, because they kept ALL the evidence that proved my husband to be innocent out of the trial and getting to his attorney who threw him under the bus by giving him no defense at all.

    And for your information, there is a difference between what one wants and what one knows. My heart and wants aside, I know the facts and he was wrongly convicted of crimes he didn’t commit; and that is why I have steadfastly stood by his side and defended him. If the facts had proved otherwise, I would have accepted them and just moved on. In a lot of ways that would have been easier, whether guilty or innocent, but abandoning my husband when he was innocent would have been a crime in itself.

    If you had your facts straight, you would know that my husband didn’t pursue a defense of “diminished capacity.” Yes, there was such a document filed with the court, but that was done by an unsolicited party who was solely acting on his own misguided opinions, misguided opinions that seem to be parroted back in your posting.

    It includes your accusations about the ESDF and I raising funds for my husband’s defense. I am forever grateful for all that supported Ed through donations and I am just as grateful to those that could only offer prayers and support. Though forever grateful, every penny donated only helped to defer a small percentage of the funds I personally put towards his defense and in no way did I capitalize off the donations.

    As for his medical issues, yes he had a heart problem (which by the way was only one surgical heart procedure, not two), but his heart surgeon gave his heart a clean bill of health and believed he could go on living a good life with proper medical care. From day one of his arrest he never came close to getting proper medical care and at the BOP it was practically non-existent. There are many facts about his treatment that you don’t know and I admit that there is some that I don’t know. However, I know more than anyone that is here on the outside that he did not receive proper medical care and that is what killed him. Plus there are inside sources that have gotten out information about his mistreatment.

    I am at peace, knowing that I honorably fought for my husband’s freedom, based on the evidence that sadly never got to the jury, but proved he was innocent. I am beyond sorry that our efforts have failed, not only for our children and I, but for all that supported him.

  59. “Forget it Jake, It’s Chinatown.” The whole country feels like Chinatown—an eery alien place where justice does not apply.

    Between this Steele tragedy and the imprisonment of the Courthouse Shooter’s family, there is a deep gnawing in the pit of my stomach. The family is accused of cyberstalking, which under Joe Biden’s VAWA legislation, can be used to imprison people for life. Unfortunately, no one has gone to bat for these people—they just have court-appointed attorneys. No one left in America like Edgar Steele who would risk his career for the pursuit of justice.

    p.s. Amy Gonzalez, one of the accused is a young mother with two children. Strange that in America, the prime motivation of protecting children can make you an enemy of the state. Drone justice—government seeks vengeance against a family whose grandfather with advanced brain cancer was driven to a murderous insanity.

  60. If you do not believe me about Steele’s medical condition and how long he would last, read what he himself said at his sentencing:

    You said yourself you had never seen anything this size. Why me? Why am I that important? Nobody was hurt in this case. My wife has testified repeatedly that she believes I’m innocent. You have got the perp, the admitted perp, in jail; and yet the system is still pulling out the stops on me. Fifty to sixty — make it a thousand years, Judge. Here, let me ask this in my allocution: Give me a thousand years. I think that will put me in Guinness Book of World Records. You might as well, because I’m going to be dead in five years wherever I am, chances are. And statistically, even without my medical history, I would be dead in ten years. So this hoo-ha about the length of…

  61. What is so mysterious about Edgar Steele’s death? He was a very sick man, with a bad heart, having surgical heart procedures on more than one occasion well before he went to jail. I am surprised he lasted as long as he did in jail.

    Edgar Steele was no hero. The evidence of his guilt was overwhelming. There was no frame up here. Steele was right in trying to put in a defense of “diminished capacity.” That was the only viable defense in this case, and I would not even buy that one if I were sitting on this jury.

    And frankly, while I appreciate his wife not wanting her children to believe that their father is a murderer, I do not appreciate her plying donations out of good-willed people in a clear attempt to capitalize on the episode.

    I appreciate the disgust of the prosecutors.

    You are creating nothing better than a cognitive dissonance in your readers’ ability to weigh evidence. This matter of Edgar Steele, his so-called “frame-up” and his so-called “mysterious death” should be dropped. You are doing nothing better than dumbing down your readers in an unworthy mission to reconcile the irreconcilable.

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