Black Bishop: Obama ‘Squandered’ Chance to End ‘Scourge of Chaos’

• Bishop E.W. Jackson says president should have told black folks they can change their lives by hard work.

By Victor Thorn —

With racial tensions in Chicago threatening to erupt as they previously had in Ferguson and Baltimore, a new wave of black militant protesters seems hell bent on inciting anarchy. Akin to earlier radical groups like the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter has called for the death of police officers while ignoring an epidemic of black-on-black crime in urban “war zones.”

None too pleased with this turn of events is Exodus Faith Ministries Bishop Earl Walker “E. W.” Jackson, Sr., national president of Ministers Taking a Stand.


Jackson, the great-grandson of slaves from Virginia, is no ordinary bishop.

He served for three years in the United States Marine Corps, graduated the University of Massachusetts Boston with honors after only three years, attended Harvard Law School and earned his law degree, practiced law in the Boston area for 15 years, studied theology at the Harvard Divinity School, and taught administrative law at Northeastern University.

Jackson told AMERICAN FREE PRESS during a December 4 interview: “Barack Obama wouldn’t want to sit in on any of our meetings because he wouldn’t want to hear what I have to say to him. Obama comes from Chicago, the murder capital of America, but he’s squandered his opportunity to end this scourge of chaos in our inner cities.”

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Jackson continued, “Instead of worrying so much about global warming, gay rights, and illegal immigrants, Obama should have used his bully pulpit as a moral force. He should tell blacks that they live in the greatest country in the world and that they can change their lives through hard work, determination, and a commitment to advancement. But he’s nothing but an empty politician pushing his far-left agenda.”

Fed up with seven years of misguided policies, Jackson added, “A lot of black folks are waking up and realizing that Barack Obama doesn’t give a hoot about them. He’s completely disconnected from the real needs of this country. We need a president who actually cares. He’s done absolutely nothing about telling blacks that it takes honor and integrity to be successful.”

Instead, as a genuine Marxist to his core, Obama has advocated big government as the only option. Jackson clearly disagrees.

“Government’s not the solution,” he said. “They’ve made the condition of black communities worse with their huge welfare programs. As a way of assuaging so-called white guilt, Obama has cut off personal responsibility and replaced it with government largesse.”

Providing specifics, Jackson explained: “In 1960, 75% of black children were raised in two-parent monogamous homes. Today, that number is between 20% and 30%, with 72% of black children born out of wedlock. On top of that, many inner city black youths suffer from 45% unemployment. The government is more responsible than any other factor for breaking up the black family, and it can’t begin to address the cultural issues in our communities.”

This topic provided a perfect transition for Jackson.

“Black youths are being told by their leaders that if they seek excellence, then they’re acting white,” he said. “It’s also acting white if they study hard and speak proper English. But here’s the heart of this matter: cultural pathologies such as poverty, fatherlessness, and gangs have taken root in our communities. Going to jail or living on the streets affirms a young black man’s status. It makes them somebody important, somebody to be looked up to. Right now, drug dealers pushing a perverted product are the best entrepreneurs in our neighborhoods.”

All of which leads to more mayhem and destruction, according to Jackson.

“Black-on-black crime is being promoted by people who exploit race for the advancement of their own agendas,” he said. “Last year, Reverand Al Sharpton’s organization took in $7 million. How much of that money did they give back to blacks? Not a cent. Sharpton hasn’t made one lick of real progress for blacks, the people he claims to care so much about.”


According to Jackson, the same reasoning applies to other groups.

“Black Lives Matter is a disgrace,” he said. “It’s all about dividing us racially, with whites and cops seen as evil while blacks are their victims. Yet statistically, police killings pale in comparison to black-on-black crime. Even then, overwhelmingly, most of the time when young black men are shot by police, they were doing questionable things at best, or outright violating the law.”

Unlike Obama, Sharpton, or Black Lives Matter, Jackson has solutions, as he told AFP.

“Under Project Awakening, instead of promoting gangster rap, we support cultural renewal, economic advancement, and technical education,” he said.

This final idea, education, caused Jackson to introduce a controversial approach.

“The reality is that most young blacks will never escape their fate because of the parents raising them,” he said. “Black parents are the problem, and we must get children out of these households and away from them. We need to create a new paradigm. Right now, many black families consist of a father who’s absent, a mother on drugs, their 12-year-old daughter having sex, and young boys running the streets. Boarding schools need to be part of an actual comprehensive plan to save these kids.”

Again, turning away from bloated social programs that have failed for the past 60 years, Jackson declared, “When it comes to impacting black culture, churches must be the central institution, not government. Barack Obama should listen to Project Awakening, but all he cares about is his legacy.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. Many years ago was reading Yiddish dictionary and discovered that ni**er is a Jew word meaning slave, but then Jews will deny that reality, just like they deny the Protocols of Zion.
  2. Black Lives Matter funded by Soros. Tea Party funded by Koch Brothers. Rahm E. a true Son Of Isis-Ra-El. A special CIA detention/interrogation center in downtown Chitown. Intel-Drug Wars, Intel-Terror Wars, Intel-Phony/Real False Flags all have to go. The Phony Money has to go. Your Zio-Press, Zio-Shadow Government, Treasonous Dual Citizens, including Phony Elections all have to go. Your Educational IndoctriNational Brainwashing System has to go. A Culture of Surveillance and Corruption where most of the populace is monitored 24/7 by a Zio-Stazi Visible/Invisible Police Force has to go. Your Western Nations descended upon by 150 different cultures-all who hate your guts or could care less about Freedom and Liberty…White Genocide in a generation or two? Poison in Food/Air/Water; including GMO in EVERYTHING, Fake Medicine Racket, Environmental Pollution including Harp and EMR all have to go…do you know how LATE IT IS? WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS LEFT? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?
  3. The U.S. comprises 5% of the world’s population yet uses 60% of the world’s drugs. The failed attempt to prohibit these (non-patentable) drugs has been waged for 70 years and has cost us trillions of dollars.

    Prohibition has negatively impacted on the lives of all of us. It has stagnated the normal economy while allowing criminal enterprises to control an untaxed and thriving underground market that’s estimated to be worth (annually) well over three trillion dollars ($300,000,000,000). By its emphasis on the eradication of marijuana we have also denied ourselves the miracle of hemp, which can offer us workable and logical solutions to a number of our society’s problems, be they medicinal, industrial or agricultural.

    According to the CATO Institute, ending prohibition would save an annual $41 billion of expenditure while generating an estimated $46 billion in tax revenues.

    During alcohol prohibition (1919-1933), all profits went to enrich street-punks, organized-criminals, and corrupt-politicians. Young men, while battling over turf, died every day on inner-city streets. A fortune was wasted on enforcement that could have been far more wisely spent. On top of the budget-busting prosecution and incarceration costs, billions in taxes were lost. Finally, the economy collapsed. Does all that sound familiar?

    To support prohibition is such a strange mind-set. In fact, it’s outrageous insanity. Literally not one prohibitionist argument survives scrutiny—not a single one!

  4. I lied.

    I said in a prior comment that I was only saying this once: “President” Obama has no agenda; he’s only a mouthpiece—an engineered puppet. The executive branch of the American government has been severely diminished as a real force. And, I almost forgot, ditto for the legislative and judicial branches.

    It was hardly George Bush’s personal agenda to implement all of that insanity over Iraq, for instance. He was acting on orders from above.

    So blaming Obama is a kind of disinformation!

    Yes, black lives matter, but unfortunately not much to most black people who don’t seem to give a hoot how many black people are maimed and murdered by other black people.

    If I was president the first thing I’d do is ban gangsta rap and most rap music which is a very destructive force to young blacks and many young whites. Just kidding; I wouldn’t ban it, just rant against it.

    Seems like an analogue of why comedians Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin love to call their own people niggers, with the fake reasoning that when they use the insult it’s a term of endearment, but if whites use it it’s a provocation for violent retaliation.

    Congratulations to EW Jackson. He’s definitely a welcome candidate for a new leadership of the black community.

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