Black Radio Show Host Says Civil Rights Era Was a Fraud

• Ron Edwards says liberals working to destroy morals, family unit, prosperity and support for local police.

By Victor Thorn —

Why don’t corporate media outlets provide a platform to minority figures that encourage family values? On December 10, 2014, this reporter spoke with syndicated radio talk show host, news anchor, columnist and black man Ron Edwards about this matter.

In a December 5, 2014 article entitled “An Open Thank You to Police Officers,” Edwards wrote, “Why do liberals and progressives in general only support policies that hinder families, erase economic prosperity, minimize the importance of morality, advocate abortion, along with the hatred of local police?”

The answer lies in an intentional corruption of culture by cultural communists bent on destroying the United States.

“Until the 1960s civil rights movement, blacks were predominantly Christians, patriotic, they had jobs, and tried to keep their families together,” Edwards told AMERICAN FREE PRESS. “My father told me years ago that civil rights are really bastardized rights.”

When asked why, Edwards replied: “Civil rights are based upon artificial rights that can be perverted for certain groups. They’re used to harm instead of help. Once blacks received ‘special’ rights, along with welfare destroying the nuclear family,
they were taught to disrespect authority.”

Edwards continued: “Today, young black men think they can purposefully get in somebody’s face and do whatever they want. People are afraid to say that there’s an in-your-face attitude among black youth. Look at Michael Brown in Ferguson. He bullied a store owner before picking a fight with the police. Doing wrong is now their ‘right.’ People like Al Sharpton have made evil and perversion civil rights. Too many of these knuckle-draggers have devolved into the mindset that their immoral rights supersede everyone else’s rights.”

The culprits behind this plot are clear.

“This scenario has been plotted all the way back to Marx, Engels and Margaret Sanger,” Edwards stressed. “Their disciples want a situation where America will be destroyed, and they’re using the black community to do it. The media elite promote rappers instead of someone like me with a positive message.”


Returning to the notion of respect, Edwards said, “Liberal whites hate America, the police and blacks. Through decades of indoctrination by their liberal white masters that run the school systems, blacks have been deprogrammed to reality and intellectual development. When liberals and communists gradually wormed their way into education, they pretended to be on the side of blacks. Now, at liberal colleges, they’re turning students against the police.”

The implications are obvious.

“Liberals are teaching today’s youth, especially blacks, a hatred for positive authority,” he said. “They want to dethrone America as a great nation by bringing down the father, positive male role models and the police. They’re weakening our nation by deliberately creating discord and division.”

Furthering his analysis, Edwards added: “The black community has been used as an experimental Petri dish on how to destroy our nation. Civil rights leaders like Sharpton have destroyed in blacks the ideas of family, work and God. Blacks are nothing more than useful idiots for destruction.”

Of course, another factor must be introduced to complete the picture.

Edwards provided these details. “Why isn’t Barack Obama, the White House occupier-in-charge, trying to change this situation? The nature of government is to move toward tyranny. When liberals in government keep pushing their great white father that divides black families, it doesn’t take long for black mothers to berate their children and tell them they’re no good. Again, this tactic goes all the way back to FDR and how he sought to get black fathers out of the house via welfare stipends. The result is bitterness, anger and frustration. A huge federal government is the biggest extortion racket in the history of this planet.”

Not content to merely speak in conceptual terms, Edwards offered the following example. “The destruction of America will come about through division. The majority of residents living in Detroit are in favor of America’s destruction. Their mindsets have been corrupted for so many generations that it’s become part of the black DNA code. The Detroit mindset is so embittered that they want everyone to fall along with them. They’d rather burn America down than build it up.”

Despite all these problems, Edwards stated with encouragement: “America won’t be destroyed. Obama has been so horrible with race relations that it’s been a slap across the face. People in this country are finally waking up to what he’s all about.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. Excellent post! It’s just so sad that our people have been both “hoodwinked” and “bamboozled” by this gang of self-serving, fake black leaders of today! We need to wake up the masses of black people, but unfortunately that task will be difficult, because the majority are lost themselves. Thanks to white liberals and black sellouts!
  2. Hallelujah! Another black man has seen the light and can see white liberals for what they truly are. Hopefully he has a large following and his words will spread. I wish him luck, for when the black man in America wins, we all win.

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