Hillary Clinton Medically Unfit to Serve as U.S. President?

• Is Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unfit to serve in the White House due to apparent medical issues? A number of doctors, medical experts, and one-time confidants have come forward to claim that Mrs. Clinton likely has neurological problems that are being covered up by her campaign and the mainstream media. 

By the Staff at AFP

While billionaire Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was in Louisiana this weekend touring damage from days of heavy flooding, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was reportedly “resting” for a few days, worn out from a spate of townhall gatherings and campaign stops. Trump, who is 70-years-old, seems to have boundless energy, but Mrs. Clinton, who is a year younger than Trump, often appears lethargic and sickly, leaving some objective observers to consider whether she suffers from a serious illness that is being covered up.

The Clinton scandals aside, which should be enough to bar her from seeking the White House, there are reasonable concerns about Mrs. Clinton’s health.

Over the years, the mainstream media has published a number of articles on and photographs of Mrs. Clinton that showed apparent health problems, accidental falls, and even some bizarre behavior possibly indicating brain issues.

In perhaps one of the worst, on December 17, 2012, Mrs. Clinton, while serving as secretary of state, fell and suffered a concussion. Later, it was reported that Mrs. Clinton had a blood clotting problem in her sinuses for which she takes medication, but many people remain highly skeptical of that diagnosis.

Recently, in videos shot at campaign rallies, Mrs. Clinton can be seen shaking, then appears frozen as if her brain short circuited and is confused before laughing inappropriately.

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Of late, several respected doctors have come forward to say that Mrs. Clinton looks “seriously ill” and “really sick.”

Dr. Drew Pinsky, a doctor who is well known for treating celebrities in California, was recently interviewed on a national radio station. Pinksy said he is “gravely concerned . . . not just about her health but her healthcare,” after he took a look at the medical records the Clinton campaign released to the public.

Pinsky went on to describe her reactions as “bizarre” before adding that Hillary’s medical condition was “dangerous” and “concerning.”


Perhaps the most damning assessment comes from Dr. Jane M. Orient, a medical doctor and executive director of the conservative Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

On August 10, Dr. Orient issued a withering statement on Mrs. Clinton, questioning whether the former New York senator is fit to serve as president due to her apparent health issues.

“While we don’t have Mrs. Clinton’s medical records, it is widely stated that she experienced a fall that caused a concussion. Since then, she is sometimes seen wearing eyeglasses with prisms, as are used to correct double vision,” wrote Dr. Orient. “While the U.S. government knows more and more about our medical histories and other aspects of our lives, many details about the president are a secret. The press appears to care more about the tax returns of Republican candidates than the medical records of Democrat presidents or candidates. And Secretary Clinton’s public appearances have been rather carefully controlled.”

Others have come forward to say that Mrs. Clinton appears to be suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and often leads to uncontrolled shaking.

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10 Comments on Hillary Clinton Medically Unfit to Serve as U.S. President?

  1. It dosen’t matter if Hillary Clinton is fit to be President or not(she kept saying Mr Trump ‘is not up to the job’, only around 100+ times, like a broken LP record) , the NWO run by the Rothschild Bankers cartel, will make sure Hillary’s crew will get in this time, as Dick Cheney, happens to be also Barack Obama’s cousin. And we all know that George,Jeb & Marvin Bush, are the rumored to be the illegitimate grandsons of Brit Occultist, Aleister Crowley, who had visited the United States a few times back in the 1920s (large ex-pat British/Commonwealth movie colony in Hollywood-Charlie Chaplin,David Niven,Eroll Flynn,Alfred Hitchcock, to name a few),
    Heard Aleister had some “sessions” with Barbara Bush(nee Pierce)mother, behind Mr Pierce’s back. Aleister was a known sex addict and was linked to Satan worshiping rocket scientists Oppenheimer & Jack Parsons!
    And the left-wing media, all love Hillary Clinton, even though she is senile & Bill Clinton has serious heart problems, and so does Dick Cheney and the media want these ‘sickos’ to continue to run America, are you kidding?

  2. I came back to this article with all of the visible health issues Hillary has had recently -including her collapse at at 9/11 ceremony in NYC. I do not know if she has a life threatening disease, but there are definitely some major physical issues that she is facing.
    Yesterday I posted an essay entitled “Hillary’s Eunuchs at the Window?” on my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes”. It covers her public physical problems, her unfitness for office, and a Biblical parallel between her and Jezebel.

  3. hillary doesntlook well ,thank god there ia an alternative donald even if he tends to be donald duck at times ,donaldtrump should stop boasting and start proving his mettle once he comes intopower

  4. You guys should do your homework. Clinton did not have a “blood clotting problem in her sinuses”. She had Transverse Sinus Thrombosis”. Look it up. It is a very serious clot in the major vein draining blood from the brain and sits just at the base of the brain, within the skull. It is potentially life threatening, can cause strokes, visual disturbances, balance issues, headaches, and lots of other symptoms.

    Her concussion, by definition is a Traumatic Brain Injury. Both of these events occurred late in 2012. They left her with several neurologic deficits (read BRAIN DAMAGE) that her husband said tood “six months of hard work to recover from’.

    At least get the facts in your report correct.

  5. George Meredith MD

    In the year that preceded her run for the Democratic nomination, Hillary’s aides pressured her to go to the Betty Ford Clinic because of her alcoholism. Willful Hillary resisted, choosing instead to detoxify under the direction of an unnamed Internal Medicine detox specialist, working out of her Westchester home.

    Curiously when her Internist Lisa Bandack MD released her medical record ( summary) last year, she neglected to mention Hillary’s alcohol rehab report. And the key liver function studies were likewise omitted from this personal physicians report. Go to the 2015 Bandack report and search for yourself….you will find no GGT, no AST, no ALT, no CDT, no AUDIT (alcoholic screening questionaire), , no serum alcohol level….Hillary and her doctors chose to hide these things from us. …

    Remember, Hillary provides cover for a vast narco trafficking network and as such she has the connections…..judges, prosecutors, DEA, DOJ, IRS, electronic media, etc….money and political power enough to steal this election.

    And, were she to win this election, her temper tantrums, so well known to her staff and her secret service detail….her temper tantrums would place Planet Earth at considerable risk …..,.that WE THE PEOPLE should insist on a blood alcohol level, should she, in a drunken rage, decide to push THE NUCLEAR BUTTON

    George Meredith MD
    Virginia Beach

  6. I have been intrigued by the recent questions about Hillary’s health. It does seem that she might be seriously ill. Laying aside her anti-Constitution positions, her support of socialism, and her extreme ethical issue over the last four decades, the health issues alone disqualifies her to be president.

    Oh, by the way, I will also point out what no one else seems to be aware of—or perhaps willing to say publicly. The Constitution refers to the president, and all other national/federal offices, in the masculine sense. Twentieth century women campaigned for the “right” to vote, but they never got a Constitutional amendment allowing them to hold federal office. A female cannot legally be the President of the United States, neither can an person who is not a “natural born Citizen” (aka Barry).

    As to the electronic voting fraud mentioned by the other commentators on this page, I would say that federal elections are likely rigged. Since we are looking at a “lesser of two evils” type election, there is no one that a Founding Fathers-type strict constructionist of the Constitution could vote for anyway. (Check out my last blog post entitled The Lesser of the Two Evils? for my essay).

    As to prophecy, the various commentators are all Futurists. Basically, before 1800 there were three distinct schools of prophetic thought: Historicist, Preterist, and Futurist.

    Futurism, which looks for a literal fulfillment of Revelation/Daniel’s 70th Week during a 7 (or 3,5) year period in the future with a single physical man called antichrist and supernatural plagues.

    The Preterist holds that the 70th Week was fulfilled in 70 AD, and that most prophecy is fulfilled.

    The Historicist views the 70th Week as fulfilled and holds that revelation is an veiled (typology) prophecy of the entire Christian era, with the antichrist being a false religious system (not a single man for a couple of years).

    Matthew Henry, the most famous Bible commentator writer ever, was a Historicist, as were John Calvin and Martin Luther.

    Anything that Jesus spoke of as future while he walked this earth would have been future if it occurred after about his death in approximately 30 AD. There are also three different basic views on the millennium. Looking at prophetic events only from different variations of the Futurist school of thought is not the best idea.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I had a lot to say.

  7. I do not read the so-called social network blogs, etc., and have never bothered to respond to these kinds of comments, but this time I definitely will!

    I have read the comments of those who would probably consider themselves to be prognosticators of the Lord’s return and I have much that I could say about their false predictions but will let the official Word, the Bible speak for itself to these prognosticators of this modern era; (Mat. 24:36; 27:11 and I John 4:1).

    The first thing I would say is that they really need to read their Bibles with some understanding (the old fashioned KJV and not these new so-called Bibles which are nothing more than what someone thinks the Bible is saying)! There exists a multitude of Scriptures that proclaim these people, those that would likely call themselves prophets, to be liars and this in no uncertain times. The antichrist must first come into power through diplomacy; he will come riding on a white horse carrying a bow but no arrows (threat of war) promising peace for all who follow him! He will receive a crown, he will rule the entire world for 3.5 years then he will forbid the offering of sacrifice to God proclaiming himself to be god and entering (polluting) the temple (both Daniel and Jesus Christ spoke of this future happening.) Sometime during the second half of Daniel’s 70th week, Christ will return for His own (here again the New Testament lays this out in no uncertain language!).

    Read the Bible, all of it with open eyes and heart and without any pre-conceived ideas or notions!

    Nuff said!

    In Christ Jesus


  8. Past predictions of the imminent return of Christ have always been proven false. There are signs that will presage His second advent that have not yet occurred, so it is simply not possible to happen yet. As for the election, unfortunately the electronic voting machines can be pre-programmed or rigged, and it does seem that the international financial dictators who control the globe’s sundry central banks (including the Fed) and who issue marching orders to the CFR, CIA, MI6, Mossad, KGB, etc. have pre-selected Hillary, just as they anointed Obama. The USA ceased to be a sovereign nation in 1913.
  9. I do not know how you arrived at Christ is coming this fall. But that is the only solution to our problems and I pray that you are right.

    Best regards.

  10. Is Hillary Clinton suffering from neurological disorders? You won’t get a straight answer from anyone in the controlled media on this issue, or any other issue for that matter. Because everyone is lying and conning us. She clearly suffers from a character disorder manifested by pathological lying. This disorder is not a physical disorder. It is a spiritual one that few people dare to discuss. Mrs. Clinton manifests a number of behavior traits of the demon-possessed and of psychopaths. The problem is that Mrs. Clinton is surrounded by handlers who suffer from this same spiritual disease.

    But does it really matter? No it does not. Because the entire 2016 Presidential theater and charade posing as an election is nothing but a fraud. Anyone of any common sense has figured this out already. Yet even AFP keeps promoting the lie that votes are ever accurately counted and reported. They never are. Puppet politicians are selected, not elected. And the one who does the selecting, the leadership of the CFR, has already selected Hillary Clinton to be declared the winner in the farce posing as an election this fall. The mainstream media has made this quite clear already.

    Unfortunately for the elites, the jig is up this fall. Christ returns to gather the elect to Himself, in perfect fulfillment of the Bible prophecy at Matthew 24:30-31 and then all bets are off. When that happens, do you honestly think anyone will give a damn about who the crooked global elites have declared the winner of a puppet charade? I think not.

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