Global Team of Scientists Attack Chemtrails “Conspiracy Theorists”

• Evidence of a secret large-scale atmospheric program has the establishment worried.

By the Staff at AFP

The New York Times is reporting that scientists across the globe have teamed up to counter the “conspiracy theory” that a secret large-scale atmospheric program, or SLAP, is in place to impact the health of humans and the environment.

The “study,” the first peer-reviewed expert response to the chemtrails “conspiracy theorists,” entitled “Quantifying expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program,” was published by Environmental Research Letters, the “quarterly, open-access, electronic-only, peer-reviewed, scientific journal covering research in all aspects of environmental science.” The study’s existence is a clear sign that the powers-that-be are increasingly concerned that the number of people suspicious that something is not quite right in the skies is growing.

The project to discredit those questioning what they see up above had its beginnings in an unlikely setting, when a climate scientist at the University of California was shopping for a mattress.

When the salesman discovered what Steven J. Davis did for a living, “he had very serious questions about what we were going to do about the chemtrails problem,” Davis told the Times.

Although almost all of the 77 experts surveyed for the study claimed that there is no evidence pointing to “the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program,” the authors stopped far short of proving that chemtrails, or chemical trails, exist for nefarious reasons.

“Changes in aircraft technologies may be causing contrails to persist longer than they used to, and changes in industrial development could potentially be increasing aerosol deposition in some areas,” the study concludes.

The study may have offered a lot more insight into the recent chemtrails phenomenon if they actually asked the following questions:

Do changes in aircraft technologies cause contrails to persist longer than they used to?

Are changes in industrial development increasing aerosol deposition in some areas?

Back to the drawing board, fellas. Maybe you should read this.


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11 Comments on Global Team of Scientists Attack Chemtrails “Conspiracy Theorists”

  1. Need more proof ? Visit Kentucky where we are sprayed daily. Where thousands are infected with morgellons disease. These acts are criminal and inhumane. The government agencies are well aware of these atrocities are very much apart of these crimes.

  2. What is an “expert”? An expert is nothing more or less than a spurt under pressure!

    In 1999 I took a job in Germany, I lived in a fair sized basically farming town named “Pettstadt” and, I think it was probably during the Spring when I arrived there. I looked up into the sky one day, shortly after arriving there, and took notice of the crisscrossing of contrails (checkerboard style) probably 20 or 30 of them and they remained in the sky probably for an hour or possibly even longer since I did not time them. While I am not any kind of expert on this matter, I do know for a fact that contrails cannot stay together for very long. Also, these were at an altitude that I do not believe would have normally produced such trails! This business of contrails has been worldwide for many years now. I often wonder just what our various governments trying to do to us basically very ignorant citizens?

    Nuff said!

    In Christ Jesus


  3. Beyond the fact that the entire matter of this so-called peer reviewed piece is that it is based upon opinion. Not science. If so, the science piece would be in the language they use. Instead we get an article whose true intent is glaringly obvious. Sadism, precisely the word for the behavior of so called “Experts.” Truly sadistic behavior. Along with the behavior of all those who would prefer to throw insults. Are experts not considered “professional”? Does the language or terms come across as being “professional”? No. It’s sadism and that truly is all that is required to be taken from this example of work by so called “Expert Professionals.” Worthless.
  4. Also see the works of Dr. Steven Greer, head of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), who has interviewed over 500 military and government witnesses in the secret military-industrial space program. One main strategy of this completely secret, unauthorized, unaccountable, and treasonous globalist program (no legislators can get close to it) is a fake “alien invasion.” How will they do it? Using holograms in the sky—which means they have to create a blanket of particles to reflect the images.
  5. As usual, “cloud-seeding” was not mentioned by these government-paid whores. Cloud seeding is being done globally and is unregulated. Cloud-seeding has been an ongoing method for creating rain since the late 1940s. Don’t these clowns realize that even Oxford University is offering degrees in geoengineering. These are the same clowns pushing human induced C02 “climate change.” All so the Controllers can usher in Agenda 21, a communist NWO plan. How do these scientists respond to the fact that science is fraught with fraud? All science papers are published through only six corporations, similar to mainstream news outlets. Both long-time editors of The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine have publicly stated that science papers are filled with fraud. Isn’t observation the first step in the scientific method? Can’t these scientists observe the sky filled with chemtrails? I guess normalcy bias is particularly strong with your ego is huge, you think you know every g.d. thing, and you’re getting a nice fat, greasy pay-check each month. These are the same bastards pushing political correctness and other NWO agendas. Academia is a major infiltration point for the Controllers. Academia was subverted a long time ago. They are all spineless cowards now, pathetic excuses for a human. And The Jew York Times? Please, Rothschild bought the weather channel, they want to control everything, even the weather! And make money off of it while doing so—weather derivatives.
  6. The chemtrail deniers are full of crap! Just look at Louisiana right now! These heavy rains there are unheard of at this time of year. The chemtrails above 45,000 feet are spewed by the Air Force in conjunction with the Navy and the lying crooked geo-engineers as to what the reason is for the weather changes by their experiments with chemicals and high frequency radio waves directed high up into the outer atmosphere to cause weather changes. Look at California now being dried up because of their sinister crap that needs to be stopped. Just use your computer and look up and the program and educate yourselves against these criminals causing all the real bad weather all over the USA in the past years and now! Wake up America and complain about this crap to your congressman to quit playing with our weather and health now!
  7. About 40 U.S. patents describe processes for weather modification using chemicals sprayed into the sky. Among those patents is U.S. Patent 5,003,186 granted in 1991 to Hughes Aircraft Company. Read the patent.

    Also, legislation was proposed to ban the processes of chemical dispersion in the atmosphere with House Bill 2977 (October, 2001) named “Space Preservation Act”. Read the original text which refers to “chemtrails.”

    Scientific fact does not arise by majority vote. Neither was the flat earth belief truth—although a similar ‘vote’ by believers in the flat earth would reflect this type of stinking thinking about geoengineering/chemtrails.

    The politicization of science has held back progress for the human journey—and in this case works to treat humans like farm animals.

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