Has the World Finally Reached Peak ‘Wokeness’?

Robert Noye image

By AFP Staff

On Feb. 17, Robert Lee Noye, 52, was arrested in his hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after a white woman filed a police report alleging that she had been kidnapped by Noye. The woman said she was taken to his home, but, fortunately for her, she was not murdered, or raped, or even assaulted. Instead, she was forced to endure nine hours of the 1977 ABC miniseries “Roots,” which was based on the fictional novel by Alex Haley.

The complaint notes that the woman was threatened repeatedly by Noye, who told her to “remain seated and watch the movie with him or he would kill her and spread her body parts across Interstate 380 on the way to Chicago.”

Why would Noye risk going to prison for a very long time to kidnap a woman and force her to watch a television series based on a book that researchers say is not at all historically accurate (and is plagiarized as well)?

The poor woman says Noye told her to watch the show “so she could better understand her racism.”

We at American Free Press have gone to great lengths over the years documenting the insanity of the so-called “woke” social justice movement. From guys testing out maxi-pads so they can better understand women to the scourge of today’s cancel culture, social justice warriors would be laughable if they were not a real threat to the rest of modern society. Even a cursory search of the Internet turns up some pretty brutal leftist violence against random, innocent people, and, the sad thing is, it happens a lot more than it really should. For anyone who needs proof, just ask gay filmmaker Andy Ngo, who also happens to be the son of Vietnamese immigrants. Last summer, Ngo was singled out and attacked by members of antifa while he was filming in Portland, Oreg. He managed to escape, but he still suffered a concussion and brain bleed. To this day, his attackers have not been identified by law enforcement. To make matters worse, many left-wing media outlets in the U.S. had the audacity to brand Ngo as a “provocateur” and a “right-wing troll”—all because Ngo had to nerve to show up to a public demonstration and film members of antifa.

On the bright side, it looks like many prominent people are beginning to push back against silly woke culture. From comedians like Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais to even former President Barack Obama, major figures in culture and politics are calling out the wokest of the woke on the far left.

We doubt woke culture is going anywhere for the time being, but at least it’s not being forced down our throats, despite some leftists best laid plans.