Black Leaders Advocating Genocide of ‘White Devils’; DHS Official Booted for Advocating White Genocide

Anti-white hatred a mainstay of black nationalist rhetoric

By Pete Papaherakles

Although many Americans like to think that race relations today are the best they have ever been, nothing could be further from the truth. Whites are assaulted and murdered by blacks on a daily basis, while the media and government mostly look the other way.

On August 19, Christopher Lane, a 22-year-old Australian baseball player, was killed by two blacks while jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma. The two thugs, 15 and 16, said they killed him because they were “bored.”

On August 21, Delbert Belton, an 88-year-old WW II veteran wounded at the Battle of Okinawa, on his way to shoot pool, was beaten to death outside the Eagles Lodge in Spokane, Washington, for absolutely no reason, by two black teenagers.

On September 1, a 31-year-old black man in New York’s Union Square said he “hated all white people” and announced “I’m going to punch the first white man I see.” Jeffrey Babbit, 62, was the unfortunate victim, who was punched so hard, he hit the ground and lapsed into a coma, being pronounced brain dead at the hospital. Babbit was actually offering the murderer a sandwich before he got fatally punched.

The recent trial of George Zimmerman revealed that black leaders and celebrities, such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, unconditionally supported Trayvon Martin. Although the evidence has conclusively proven that Zimmerman acted in self-defense, even ex-Secretary of State Colin Powell, himself of mixed ancestry, called the verdict “questionable.” Many whites have been targeted and killed by blacks in retaliation.

Before Zimmerman was even indicted, a leader of the New Black Panthers, “King” Samir Shabazz, placed a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head and Attorney General Eric Holder did nothing about it.

Interestingly, Holder had refused to indict Shabazz for voter intimidation on Election Day in 2008—even after Shabazz was accused of threatening voters with a billy club at a north Philly polling place.


Shabazz, who sports a “kill whitey” tattoo, says black people should create militias to exterminate whites, skin them alive, pour acid on them, sic pit bulls on them, smash their heads with rocks and even raid nurseries to “kill everything white in sight.”

“I would love nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag,” Shabazz said on a black-power radio show.

Speaking at a street rally in Philadelphia, he said: “I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker, I hate him. You want freedom? You going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill some of their babies!” But even that didn’t get him arrested.

Shabazz is not alone in advocating these violent views.

Speaking at Howard University, author and professor Dr. Kamau Kambon said that after much research he found that the main problem in the world is that whites want to kill all blacks. He proposed an urgent solution to the problem: “We are going to have to exterminate white people off of the face of the planet.” The audience applauded.

The media greatly contributes to this twisted viewpoint by enacting a total blackout of the black-on-white crime epidemic and hyper-focusing instead on the few cases of white-on-black crime.

The entertainment industry is even worse.

For over 20 years, black rappers, elevated to super-stardom by the music industry, have been echoing similar sentiments throughout songs with lyrics like “kill whitey all nighty,” “slit the cracker’s throat,” and “snatching [white] devils up by the hair, then cut his head off.”

From 1991 to 1998, there were over 50 songs performed by major Grammy award-winning rap groups such as Menace Clan and Brand Nubian that advocate the brutal murder of whites by blacks. The hair-raising lyrics are available on the Internet to anyone interested, but be forewarned: Most are not appropriate for civilized discussion, let alone a family newspaper.

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Pete Papaherakles is a writer and political cartoonist for AFP and is also AFP’s outreach director. Pete is interested in getting AFP writers and editors on the podium at patriotic events. Call him at 202-544-5977 if you know of an event you think AFP should attend.

Homeland Security Official Booted for Advocating Genocide of Whites

• Ayo Kimathi calling for “righteous black dominion over planet Earth”

By John Friend

Ayo Kimathi, who uses the pseudonym the “Irritated Genie” on his extreme black nationalist website War on the Horizon, was a small business specialist working for the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) before his superiors discovered his radical website and Internet postings.

Mr. Kimathi was placed on paid administrative leave shortly after the August 21 publication of a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) HateWatch division, which “monitors the evolving problem of online bigotry.”

HateWatch is notorious for targeting Constitutionalists, patriots, and pro-white activists, however, in this case at least, its attention was drawn to a black man working directly for the federal government with extremely radical, controversial, and quite unsettling views on race, homosexuality, history, and a variety of other subjects.

Mr. Kimathi describes the white race as a “bitter enemy” of blacks everywhere whose primary aim is to “exterminate Afrikan people in all corners of the Earth.”

The War on the Horizon “Creed” advocates that blacks around the world unite in order to “eradicate the system of racism white supremacy and its benefactors in order to establish righteous Black Dominion over Planet Earth.” The creed goes on to say that blacks are “mandated by [their] Creator to return to [their] proper status as rulers of this world.”

Mr. Kimathi is extremely critical of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy, especially forced integration—views that many pro-white activists share, ironically enough.


HateWatch and other mainstream media outlets reported that Mr. Kimathi’s website explicitly stated, “Warfare is eminent [sic], and in order for black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count.”

Following his placement on paid administrative leave, Kimathi declared on his Facebook page, “The war is on! The smallhats (white so-called jews) have stepped it up,” according to HateWatch’s most recent report.

As if this story wasn’t bizarre enough, Kimathi was actually a public representative of DHS and the unit of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency he worked for. His primary job duties consisted of representing the agency at various public events, advocating for small business owners—“white, black, historically disadvantaged, disabled, veteran-owned, everybody,” his former supervisor was quoted as stating in the SPLC report.

Kimathi’s former supervisor went on to explain: “He fights for the little guy. And he’s very good at it. He has a commanding presence. He’s very suave. It’s almost as if he has a split personality.”

Repeated calls to Kimathi and an email sent to his website were not returned as of this writing.

Kimathi’s radical views are not restricted to the white race. He has written and spoken extensively about homosexuals, individuals of mixed racial ancestry, and leaders in the organized black community, usually in an extremely vitriolic, repugnant manner.

The question most Americans want answered is how did an individual such as Kimathi come to work for the taxpayer-supported DHS anyway?

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John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

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  1. In The Spotlight, before it went defunct, there was a Black radical who bought advertisements in it, who advocated a genocide of Whites.

    Who was he?

    I think that he debated some L.A. former talk show host as well, who also bought advertisement space in The Spotlight.

    Thanks for any information.

  2. The REAL DEVIL resides in those with power and money, and in their schemes to divide, conquer and exploit others. The White Goyim is their soldier and policemen.
  3. Devils.

    All religions believe devils predate man on earth. The devils lived at Nod. Cain lied down with a she-devil. They sired Canaanites. Noah then married Canaanite she-devil Naamah, so there’s a little devil in all of us. Noah’s son Ham (burnt in Hebrew) was born with the lion’s share of mom’s devil. Dan and he were born black with monstrous tendencies. He is the father of the Negro. His son was Cush or Cushites.

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