Zionists Behind Ouster of Egypt’s President

September 30, 2013 AFP 0

• Mohammed Morsi’s maneuvers behind-the-scenes prompted coup d’etat By Mark Glenn The recent overthrow of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi had all the superficial appearances of being a “people’s revolution.” The real story is that Morsi—initially […]

Females Leading Fight for Gun Rights in U.S.

September 26, 2013 AFP 0

• Bevy of brave gals battling for right of self-defense for all women By Keith Johnson Many of the patriotic American women who’ve been pushing back against the enemies of the Second Amendment can also […]

Free Speaking Students Under Attack

September 21, 2013 AFP 0

• Conservative, Christian, politically incorrect students being targeted by thought police By Keith Johnson Young, constitutionally-minded American students are on the front-lines of an ongoing battle to preserve our cherished First Amendment right to speak […]

Northern Californians Seek Independent State

September 21, 2013 AFP 0

By John Friend Residents in northern California moved in early September to form their own state separate from the Golden State, specifically citing the need for local control, smaller government and gun rights in their […]

Supreme Test for Monsanto

September 21, 2013 AFP 0

• Organic seed growers act to force agri-giant into court By Mark Anderson The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) has firmly stood its ground in perhaps the most important legal action ever taken […]

AUDIO INTERVIEW: DAV Donor Pulls the Plug

September 17, 2013 AFP 1

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW After reading an article in AMERICAN FREE PRESS entitled “Disabled Vets Charity Takes Care of its Leaders While Thousands Left Homeless,” subscriber and Disabled American Veterans member Parmenio A. Inglesias was outraged […]

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