AUDIO INTERVIEW: Pastor Terry Jones vs. the Muslims


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Pastor Terry Jones, president and founder of Stand Up America!, has carved out a distinct niche for himself and his church in the battle against radical Islam, not the United States government’s battle, but his.

Jones believes Islam is a bully, and if we continue to fail to stand up to this religion, as we have failed to do for over 1,400 years, relations between Muslims and the world’s other belief systems will never improve.


In this second interview (26:53) with AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Jones discusses his involvement in promoting the anti-Islam film that has sparked unrest across the planet, resulting in many deaths, most notably that of the 10th U.S. Ambassador to Libya, John Christopher Stevens, the increased death threats he faces, his philosophy on why radical Islam must be stopped and why it is incompatible with Western civilization and his organization’s upcoming events.

Be sure to check out AFP’s first interview (50:30) with Jones, where he discusses his history, from his childhood in Missouri to 2010.

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