AUDIO INTERVIEW: Alex Jones Wants Your Money, Beware


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It should be clear to most people who have observed Alex Jones over the years, that somethings not quite right there.

His over-the-top interview on January 7, 2013 with CNNs Piers Morgan on gun control, and his June 9, 2013 appearance on  the BBCs Sunday Politics on the Bilderberg group, shed light on his hidden—to many—agenda: act like a raving lunatic to discredit and do great damage to the truth community.

When viewed alongside his January 25, 2010 crashing of a Second Amendment rally in Austin, Texas, where he was successful in disrupting and upstaging the honest organizers of the event for the obvious reasons, this bull-horned buffoon should be considered suspect to all patriots.

Now, this 21st century snake oil salesman, whos transformed himself into a glorified hawker of vitamins and supplements, including his Super Male Vitality drops, wants to raise some serious money over a 27-hour span: $1 million, in order to reach 400 million more lemmings, ostensibly to build his empire, since he wants his followers to believe he has the New World Order on the ropes and on the run.

Critics of Jones contend that his recent divorce, a purported document of which was leaked on the Internet, is forcing him to “shake the can” for some dough, as he is required to fork over $43,933 a month to his ex-wife for 72 months, on top of losing his luxury waterfront home on nearly 7 acres, valued at close to $1 million.*

Dave Gahary sought the opinion of Victor Thorn about Joness latest scheme, who has written extensively on the showman, exposing him for over a decade, in this revealing interview (30:22).

*Shortly after the interview was conducted, the Hays County, Texas 428th Judicial District was contacted to verify the authenticity of the leaked document, although the address matches with the Travis [County] Central Appraisal District website, which details Joness interest in the property. A partial transcript of the conversation is below.

Court Employee: Who are you calling on behalf of?

Dave Gahary: AMERICAN FREE PRESS newspaper.

Court Employee: And then what would your purpose of calling be?

Dave Gahary: Just to verify that this document is legitimate.

Court Employee: For what purpose?

Dave Gahary: For the newspaper, to do a story on.

Court Employee: Unfortunately I cannot speak to that issue.

Dave Gahary: If its public record, shouldnt we be able to find this out?

Court Employee: It is not public record. This document is sealed.

Dave Gahary: Is there anything public that I can verify it with?

Court Employee: No, the case is sealed.

Dave Gahary: OK, so theres nothing in the public domain?

Court Employee: All I can tell you is this case is sealed.


Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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26 Comments on AUDIO INTERVIEW: Alex Jones Wants Your Money, Beware

  1. Good to see Karma has finally caught up with this Cult Leader.
    The Parents of Sandy Hook and the victims of Pizzagate breath a sigh of relief.

  2. Alex Jones is as good a person as a human can possibly be. No human is perfect. You can say or find something wrong with anything in this world. Those who are perfect cast the first stone.

    Oh yeah, off topic but I am not perfect either, LOL.

    Leeann McAdoo is soooooo smart and cute!

  3. Speaking of Exes…

    Copied and pasted from a comment someone made a LONG time ago on the Internet…

    Listen to Alex Jone$tein run his mouth about Israel when he calls into Michael Collins Piper’s radio show (The Piper Report) on May 25th 2006.

    Listen/Download the 7 minute (839.3 KB) MP3 of Alex Jones running his mouth about Israel here.

    Instead of that “Alex” his listeners hear the “Germanic Death Cult Alex” 99% of the time.

    Don’t be fooled- Rabbi JoneStein is a schizophrenic slanderous Jew-loving liar- or as someone once said: an “Eternal Whore of Zion.”

  4. There are too many “Patriots for Profit” out there who give you just enough truth to get you hungry for more then want to charge you for what they haven’t given you. Alex is just one of many; I actually believe most of them work for the new world order as “Controlled Opposition” mixing truth with lies to get us fired up and to steer us in a direction where we burn up all of our resources and accomplish nothing. I put Alex in the same category as Rush. There is one little known patriot out there who I would trust with my life, all of his info is free, he never sells anything and only ask for just enough donations to keep going. He has helped people with court cases and never charged a dime. This man needs all the help we can give him because he is really making a difference by fighting the NWO at ground level and beating them with their own laws in court. His knowledge helped me beat a corrupt mortgage company’s fraudulent mortgage and kept them from garnishing my wages to the tune of $40,000 without an attorney. Look him up and you will find out why all foreclosures are illegal, there is no such thing as an attorneys license, only the Dept. of Transportation can write traffic tickets. When an attorney registers with the BAR they gave up their citizenship which means there isn’t a judge in the country that is a citizen, all gun control laws are illegal, even all 50 volumes of the United States Code are null and void because they were never properly passed through Congress, etc., etc. I know this is true because a retired couple I know who have the time went to the law library and confirmed everything he teaches. So look him up, learn all you can from him and support him as much as you can. His name is Rodney Dale Class.
  5. Alex Jones and the scientific community have received proof of the Illuminati NWO plot and that proof is math. There are no more secrets. Governments have already cracked NWO transmissions. The great balance has arrived.
  6. God bless the AFP for finally calling out the garbage man.

    As far as the Jonestown sycophants kvetching about this piece, I can almost guarantee that none of them are subscribers, and that this is their first time reading anything published by the AFP. The fact is, Alex Jones fans only listen to Alex Jones. If they looked elsewhere, they’d realize how full of it he is.

  7. Very pleased you guys have the courage to expose Alex Jones with the truth. Great interview, thanks.
  8. Fact check Jones and that’s all you have to do to get the gist of what he’s really all about…take it with a grain of salt, but he’s instrumental in waking up we sheeple overall. Mainstream is Zionist controlled propagandized indoctrination. Is Jones perfect? No. Who is. Alternative news media is paramount to staying sane in an otherwise insane matrix.
  9. I dare ANYONE to get on the air 6 days a week and do a better job than AJ. Nope, he’s not perfect and even I disagree with him on issues. But, we all have our own ideas on matters. He is more RIGHT than he is wrong. Rush Limpjaw was been on for a LONG time and he’s full of hot air, yet, somehow he gets RAVES from people while he stands for nothing and NEVER has an interview live on the air. Who knows, he might be off the air these days as I don’t listen. But, Limpjaw is just an example of a bag of hot air that SELLS things on the air to STAY on the air. Besides that, Limpjaw was an addict on pain pills which he said folks on drugs BELONG IN JAIL! What a hypocrite!

    AJ has awakened many people to the phony gov’t we now live under. How is that a bad thing? IF you think the Feds are going to help you, then you deserve ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and all the other Edomite-owned lame stream news.

  10. Well you may have lost a few fans, but you gained one also. The important thing is you told the truth. As many as are meant to will accept it. I listened to Jones when I first started getting hip to tptb, but I realized that there was something missing. He protects the true villains of this world by generalization instead of calling a Swartz a Swartz. Kinda hard to do when one is married to a member of same. Jones is a distraction from the truth, just part of the grand magic trick.
  11. I also find myself wondering how many people know how Jones betrayed the Gray family for $$, and how GCN was complicit in the cover-up. Probably not many, because the Jones machine and Ted Anderson did everything they could to make the story disappear. Well, here it is:

    Christian Media Research Site Hacked!

  12. Martha, you’ve been fooled. Here’s the Austin Gun show TRUTH:

    Rule of Law Removes Rise Up Radio Archive & Ends Program—Alex Jones Gun Show Story Gone

    Vin, don’t be crazy:

    Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks

    Jones is a liar, a coward, and a shill. Period:

    Is Truth Louder Than Alex Jones?

    Every time Jones has had a “money bomb,” it’s to cover some influx of money.

    Jones’s Bronfman lawyer should give some a clue:

    Bhavani Lev and the Bet Lev Foundation and More…

    Who Knows Whom?

    Anyone who can think for themselves and do their own research learns the truth.

  13. In addition to what is noted in the article above, Alex led all those people out to NYC on 911 anniversaries. But once the crowds starting getting too large, he stopped it, and then he took down the 911 column from his website. He said for months that “we know kids were killed at Sandy Hook” and he said or still says that the Charleston shooting happened. He also admits being on the take in this video at 45 seconds:

    The Most Epic rant of All Time—Alex Jones

  14. BREAKING NEWS! Alex Jones was legally divorced from his Jewish wife Kelly Jones/Violet Nichols on March 23, 2015. Kelly/Violet filed for divorce from Alex Jones on December 18, 2013, and has been engaged in bitter litigation against him ever since. As part of the divorce settlement, Alex Jones was court ordered to deed the family house (valued at $900K) to Kelly/Violet as well as sign a promissory note payable to Kelly/Violet in the amount of $2.7 million (Kelly/Violet also owns an additional house valued at $1 million). The first document shows these two actions. The second document shows the details of their divorce proceedings in Hays County court.

    Alex Jones Exposed

    Alex Jones Deed

    Alex Jones Divorce

  15. You don’t need someone from Hays County to verify the divorce document. You can verify the document for yourself on the Hays County court records website:

    Case #13-2647

  16. The nay-sayers are always going back to that weak 2010 news story about Alex “Crashing a 2nd Amendment Rally.” Not so, he was called by the man who was being closed down and harassed from having a gun show by the Feds, Alex planned a rally several days ahead and came to work in a suit fully intending to go to this rally which he called for after his show. When he showed up in downtown Austin, he was not going to be shut down by other people who jumped on the bandwagon. Alex talks on the radio every day, and all you got is a 2010 event? As far as his products, they are great! I am unemployed and I take the nascent Iodine everyday…best Iodine on the market. I have an Army Ranger friend who got off of Big Pharma and uses Alex’s products and is now walking 5 miles a day. He swears Alex gave him his life back! Now why lambaste a man who runs a business, employs over 50 people and pays rent on over 7,000 sq foot studio, and is expected to do this without profit? Do you work without a paycheck? Do you create a business with the intention of no profitability? He needs profit to keep going…why is this rocket science? This is a sick hit piece and the commentator readily admits to not listening to Alex for over 10 years. This is controlled opposition to have patriots fight amongst themselves. As far as the divorce, he is not in a business that is conducive to a happy marriage. My heart goes out to this guy, AJ is a Lionheart.
  17. vGreat interview! It’s about time the AFP breaks its silence and exposes this charlatan.

    I recommend that everyone searches YouTube for “Michael Collins Piper Alex Jones,” and listens to the amazing broadcasts Mike airing AJ out.

  18. I’m with the other commenters. What is going on here? You just lost all my respect. I stand with Alex. Take me off your list.
  19. I don’t like Alex Jones at all. I think he’s a blowhard, but I expect better from American Free Press.

    This article is nothing but celebrity gossip. Are you a newspaper or some sh*tty tabloid?

    This is not news at all.

  20. I had more respect for you than this. I have watched Alex for many years. He is right on target and he is putting his life on the line to help us know what is up and hopefully to get it stopped. Seems like someone here is jealous. Remove me off your list!
  21. Thought you guys were friends? Or maybe it was just Mr. Tucker that was friends with Alex.

    Anyway, it seems your beef with him is that he’s not hating on Jews. Kinda of a weak sauce argument. And yes, Alex is a buffoon. But he’s the first to admit it.

    I guess my response would be that why doesn’t someone take his place? He’s nobody special. He just works harder at it than anyone else. If you don’t like him, then work your ass off to replace him. There are plenty of talented people out there that could do a much better job—then they should do it and stop complaining.

  22. You guys might find it interesting to know that “satellite uplinks” was actually supposed to be the same reason for the last InfoWars Money Bomb, in 2012!
  23. Yes, that’s just what we need, those who are fighting FOR America to start attacking people like Alex Jones.

    Well, let me tell YOU,..AmericanFreePress!

    After Bill Cooper, Alex Jones has been MORE RIGHT than anyone else on the planet.

    I’m unsubscribing from AFP since you guys don’t know any better than to attack someone on your own side, because YOU don’t like his sideline. SHAMEFUL!


    AFP—you’re gone!

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