Were U.S. and Israel Behind Egyptian Military Coup d’Etat?

• New government expected to be more willing partner with Zionists

By Ronald L. Ray

The latest victims of the “world revolution for democracy” were the Egyptians, who suffered a sort of “political gang rape” at the hands of what increasingly appear to be American and Zionist interests.

Evidence suggests that the army coup orchestrated in Egypt was intended to “manipulate the protest movement,” to ensure that the Egyptian rulers remain in the United States – Israeli orbit and to prevent a real people’s government from arising.

These views on Egypt come from Professor Michel Chossudovsky, economist and founder of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal, Quebec. In an article published on the news and commentary website “RT,” just two days after the military overthrow of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, Chossudovsky provided a stunning summation of U.S. meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs.

Following in the footsteps of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) began directing support to the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s to undermine Egypt’s then-President Gamal Nasser. This covert activity continued under and after the government of President Hosni Mubarak, when Mubarak was replaced by Morsi as part of a Muslim Brotherhood government in the northeast African nation.


According to Chossudovsky, the U.S. government’s objective was to use the “Arab spring” to sow chaos in the Middle East and north Africa and to promote “model” Islamic states subservient to “U.S. geopolitical and corporate interests.”

In 2011, the popular uprising against Mubarak resulted from more than two decades of International Monetary Fund (IMF) neo-liberal economic “reforms.” These IMF-backed changes sent the Egyptian people into unemployment and poverty by undermining Nile agriculture with U.S. and European food imports and by imposing privatization and “austerity” measures.

At the time, the CIA and most likely the Mossad used infiltrators, supported by the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House, to promote social unrest in a direction that was favorable to U.S. and Israeli interests. Morsi was elected, but his accession to power came at a price. He was expected to continue the plutocratic plundering of Egypt.

When true reform did not occur, and poverty continued to increase, some Egyptians took to the streets again to protest Morsi. The U.S. was ready with yet more controlled opposition, led by the Egyptian army under General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who was trained by and spent significant time in the U.S. and the UK. El-Sisi communicated continuously with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel from the beginning of the protests against Morsi. When it became clear that Morsi could not re-establish order, el-Sisi initiated a coup, apparently with U.S. blessing.

Besides making Egypt safe for the Rothschild banking empire’s debt slavery, el-Sisi’s overthrow of Morsi had one other motivation. Associated Press reported July 9, “The powerful pro-Israel lobby AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] has stressed that while Morsi was ‘surprisingly compliant’ to Israel, of paramount importance now is preventing extremists from using Egypt’s turmoil to carry out attacks or smuggle arms into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.”

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author residing in the free state of Kansas. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.