The Truth About Benghazi

August 23, 2013 AFP 1

• Attack on consulate tied to illegal U.S. arms trafficking • Administration refuses to back off ridiculous cover story By Victor Thorn It’s a dirty little secret in Washington that has so far been kept […]

Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles

August 23, 2013 AFP 29

• IMF told to vacate country; nation now issuing debt-free money By Ronald L. Ray Hungary is making history of the first order. Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared […]


August 16, 2013 AFP 0

• Rupert Murdoch tries to tie AFP to Boston bombing • The Wall Street Journal features front-page article on AFP By Michael Collins Piper On August 6 a front-page article in The Wall Street Journal […]

The New Poor

August 16, 2013 AFP 0

• America’s middle class sinking under the poverty line By Victor Thorn Amid White House claims that the economy is rebounding, Americans are actually being placated by a vast illusion. During the Great Depression, soup […]

Infamous ‘Nazi Diary’ Turns Out to Be a Dud

August 16, 2013 AFP 0

• Researchers want to know how much material has been excised from philosopher’s manuscript By Michael Collins Piper When it was announced that major portions of the long-lost diary of former high-ranking Third Reich official […]

Blackness Settles Over Detroit

August 8, 2013 AFP 0

In 1960, Detroit bragged of being America’s richest per capita city. Today, 53 years later, it sits decimated and bankrupt. Although most AMERICAN FREE PRESS readers don’t reside in the Motor City, its plight is […]

Sheriff Stops Feds

August 8, 2013 AFP 1

• El Dorado County, Ca. sheriff bans feds from harassing his constituents in national park By Pat Shannan In a letter dated June 17, 2013, Eldorado County, California sheriff John D’Agostini notified the United States […]

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