Bus Driver, Father of 4, Fired for Flying ‘Redneck’ Flag

By Dave Gahary

The confederate flag, a symbol of pride and independence for millions of Americans celebrating their Southern heritage and for non-Southerners who have an attachment to the values held dear by the South, is under attack again, this time from a school district in the Beaver State. Ironically, the flag in question is not even the easily-identifiable Confederate Army battle flag, but a variant with the word “REDNECK” emblazoned across it that was purchased from a local Oregon Walmart for under $10.

The story is a cautionary tale for those wishing to identify with symbols that have fallen out of favor by the politically-correct mainstream media, whose corrosive influence on the citizens of this once-great nation cannot be understated. As covered extensively in AMERICAN FREE PRESS and its predecessor The Spotlight, the mainstream media, or MSM, is a network of broadcast, print and now online enterprises controlled and manipulated by a handful of powerful Jewish families who use their enormous influence to sway public opinion and dictate to policy makers. Of the biggest media players, only News Corporation is not controlled by a Jew, but by Rupert Murdoch, whose pro-Israel proclivities help to complete the circle.


Ken Webber, a 29-year-old married father of four, had a comfortable job as a school bus driver in Medford, Oregon, until someone caught a glimpse of a novelty flag hanging from his CB antenna on his pickup truck, which was parked at the bus depot. Seems Ben Bergreen, the Superintendent of the Phoenix-Talent School District in Medford, doesn’t like Confederate flags, and feels they are a symbol of racism.

Bergreen emailed his contact at the bus company, First Student, ordering her to have Webber remove the flag, a gift from his dad, from his truck. When the bus representative asked Webber to remove the flag, he asked to see the applicable policy, was rebuffed, and he refused to take the flag down, and was suspended for one day. Called back to First Student he was asked again, refused again, and was suspended for three more days. After the three-day suspension he was asked to report back to the depot, where he was asked again, he refused, and this time, summarily fired.

To gain more insight into this case, on February 29, AFP conducted an exclusive interview with Webber’s attorney, Tom Boardman of Portland, Oregon. AFP asked how he became involved in this matter.

“I am the Judge Advocate of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for the camp here in Portland, Oregon. The Webber firing made the newspaper and I talked to my colleagues and I volunteered to call Mr. Webber up and make sure that he was OK down in Medford, because he looked like he was all by himself,” said Boardman.

“I thought I had no duty but to say ‘yes,’” explained Boardman. “I am related to over a hundred Confederate soldiers, and I thought I owed it to my country.”

AFP asked Boardman to explain how the matter unfolded.

“Until Mr. Bergreen walked by that truck, nobody had ever complained or even noticed that flag,” he explained.

AFP asked if this is something that’s protected by the First Amendment.


“It clearly is,” said Boardman.

“Mr. Webber’s a brave man,” said Boardman. “He was under an awful lot of economic to take that flag down. At the time he was fired, I think he had two children, one of them was under six-months-old, and that was the only income he had. He’s not out for blood or anger but he’s also not going to back down on his right to wave a flag.”

“I feel very good representing Mr. Webber,” continued Boardman. “He’s such a decent fellow and his motives are wonderful. It’s unfortunate that we had to bring this to a lawsuit, but we wrote a letter demanding that Mr. Webber receive his job back because he had been improperly and unconstitutionally terminated.”

AFP asked if they had any problems with him prior to this.

“They had no problems whatsoever with Mr. Webber before this,” said Boardman.

AFP asked what remedies they are asking for in the lawsuit.

“We’ve asked for his job back,” said Boardman. “We’re also going to be seeking a permanent injunction, that the school district and that First Student not violate the First Amendment again in the future. Oh, we might ask for a few dollars. But that’s what lawyers do.”

AFP asked if he is representing Weber pro bono.

“I won’t get paid a penny for this,” said Boardman.

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    politically correct is corporate communism to me, but we, as a whole never squawked en-masse and so we get no respect !

    I still think jimmy the greek deserves his job back, sure, post mortem and all

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