NWO Needs World War III to Maintain Stranglehold

By Sergey Glazyev —

The war in Ukraine is a huge threat to Russia, Europe and the world. Misunderstanding this war may cause it to automatically spiral into a regional and then world war. Rabid lies and hysterical Russophobia on leading world news channels leaves no doubt that we are dealing with the military-propaganda machine, which blocks all objective journalists and forces people into a state of anti-Russian psychosis.

The immediate aim of this war is to tear Ukraine from Russia. But, as United States actions show, it is not enough to move Ukraine under European Union (EU) control. The U.S. is forcing its puppet Ukrainian government to conduct a full-scale war in Donbass, Ukraine, creating a growing spiral of chaos aimed at drawing into the fratricidal conflict first Russia and then the neighboring European countries. This is being done to weaken Russia and the EU.

History shows that war in Europe was an essential source of growth for U.S. economic and political power. Today, faced with economic difficulties, the U.S. is trying to unleash another war in Europe to achieve the following objectives:


• Claiming Russian aggression allows for sanctions that freeze U.S. debt to Russian entities in the amount of several hundred billion dollars.

• Freezing Russian assets makes their owners unable to pay their debts to the mainly European banks. Weakening the European banking system boosts capital flight into the U.S., and so supports the U.S. debt pyramid.

• Sanctions against Russia harm the EU in the amount of about a trillion euros, worsening the already poor state of the European economy and weakening its position as competitor with the U.S.

• Sanctions remove Russian gas from the European market and substitute American shale oil. The same applies to the multi-billion dollar Eastern European market of fuel elements for nuclear power plants.

• Pulling European countries into war with Russia increases their political dependence on the U.S., thereby easing the difficulties of imposing EU free trade zone terms favorable to the U.S.

• War in Europe increases military spending to benefit the U.S. military-industrial complex.

The main prize, for which the U.S. provokes a new world war, is the preservation of world domination in the context of global structural changes caused by changing technological innovations.

The end of the growth potential of the dominant technological order caused the global crisis that grips the world’s leading countries. Recovery will happen on the wave of growth of the new technological order, based on complex nanotechnology and biotechnology. Asian countries are currently leading and, although the main area of application of these technologies is not related to the production of military equipment, the arms race and increase in military spending is the leading way Western countries stimulate growth of the new technological order.

In addition to the crisis of the world economy caused by the change of the dominant technological structures, currently there is a transition to a new cycle of capital accumulation, which exacerbates the risks of a world war. Previous transition from colonial empires of European countries to global corporations as the leading form of organization of the world economy occurred through the unleashing of world wars, the outcome of which was accompanied by dramatic changes in the global political system.

The struggle for world leadership takes place between the U.S. and China, in which the U.S. to maintain its dominance plays the usual scenario of a world war in Europe, trying once again at the expense of the Old World to consolidate its position in the world. To do this, they use the old principle of divide and conquer.

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Sergey Glazyev is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s economic advisor. This article was originally published as “Why America Needs Maidan” on June 16, 2014. The translation was done by AMERICAN FREE PRESS writer Olga Belinskaya.