DNC Staffer Was Another Clinton Victim, Alleges WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

• The strange murder of Democratic Party staffer Seth Conrad Rich near his home in Northwest Washington, D.C. has continued to baffle police investigators.

• Did WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange just solve the mystery during a recent press interview on the matter?

By the Staff at AFP

Last month, Democratic National Convention (DNC) staffer Seth Conrad Rich was found dead near his home in Washington, D.C. Media reports were quick to label the murder of the 27-year-old man a “robbery gone wrong.” However, police have been baffled by the fact that nothing was taken from Rich—not his wallet, his phone, or his watch. On August 9, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may have blown the lid off the crime by announcing that his organization was offering a $20,000 reward for information on the killing of Rich.


In addition, Assange suggested that Rich was the individual who leaked shocking emails from Democratic Party big wigs proving that they were undermining Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton’s.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and her supporters in the mainstream media have done everything they can to change the subject on the damaging emails, going so far as to accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of orchestrating the leak in order to help Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. But much to her chagrin, Assange’s announcement has reinvigorated the discussion about the DNC emails as well as the long and sordid history of murders and suspicious deaths of critics and one-time confidants of the Clintons.

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The mainstream media and Clinton’s surrogates have been pooh-poohing the claim that Rich could be the leaker. Snopes.com went so far as to publish a highly speculative piece dismissing the claim that Rich was the victim of a professional hit. Investigative reporters who have tracked the murders that have followed the Clintons over the years—like Victor Thorn, who passed away on August 1—know better.


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Victor Thorn

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  1. I want to add a Cicero quote: “The traitor within the gates is the plague. He is more to be feared than a murderer”. The media is the traitor within the gate. Also, Solzenitsyn said, concerning the hundreds of millions of communist murders the press was silent about, “this only proves the media is in the hands of the enemy”.

  2. If there is a connection between former DNC Staffer, Seth Conrad Rich and WikiLeaks, then there needs to be a lot of aggressive investigation by the D.C. Police. It has been suggested by Julian Assange, head of Wikileaks, there may be a motive for his murder, since Rich is the one he thinks revealed the emails which showed the DNP was dissing Bernie Sanders, gays and Jews. Funny how his death is immediately labeled murder by robbery, after police investigation revealed there was no evidence, because apparently nothing was taken. The coup de grâce, is that Wikileaks is almost certainly suggesting Rich was murdered, by offering a $20,000 reward, for information concerning his death. If it looks like a duck, quacks like one, walks like one and swims like one, chances are it’s a duck.
  3. Then on election day, through fraudulent voting machines manipulation, the Mainstream News Media declares the Oligarchs favorite puppet, this time Hellary Clinton, the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election, to the delight of the brainwashed useful idiots.

    The Presidential Elections are nothing more than make believe puppet shows, where the deceived electorate believe they are electing their next president, when in reality, the whole thing is only a farce perpetrated on the useful idiots by the Oligarchs of the Federal Reserve System.

    The Great U.S. Presidential Deception Of All Times

  4. Since the Oligarchs own the Mainstream News Media, they have the luxury to twist, fabricate, and control the News, the Election Polls and the Elections results. The Oligarchs use the News Media as a tool to install their favorite presidential puppet in the White House who will do their bidding without question.

    And here is how they do it. Since the Oligarchs and their lying paid whores of the Mainstream News Media are accountable to no one, and the Oligarchs also own the Dollars Printing Machine, money is no object to them, so the Oligarchs begin by pouring millions of dollars into the laps of their News Media Outlets in order to control the polls, magnify, propagandize, and insert their favorite puppet, this time Hellary Clinton, in the highly subjective psychic of the perplexed useful idiots.

    The Great U.S. Presidential Deception Of All Times

  5. The same Satanic force that crucified our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is the same Satanic force in charge of our Government, the illegal Federal Reserve System, the illegal Federal Income Tax, the illegal Internal Revenue Service, the illegal Dollars Printing Machine, the illegal American War Machine, the illegal Military Industrial Complex, the Treasonous members of the U.S. Congress, the Buffoons of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Mainstream News Media, and to top it off, the Oligarchs have the means to rig the Voting Machines.

    The Great U.S. Presidential Deception Of All Times

  6. When you’re winning you don’t need to lie like the mainstream media. They have used every tactic available and they still can’t make Weekend at Bernie’s seem less crooked. She is simply too toxic and Trump will win.

    Watching Trump and WikiLeaks expose the Clintons has been worth it just to see justice finally served. Like OJ she won’t escape the public’s judgment just because she bought herself legal cover.

  7. As I have documented in my book CIA: Crime Incorporated of America, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were all recruited into the CIA while they were in college. All three of them are still “deep cover” CIA agents. The Clinton Body Count would not have been possible without the CIA’s involvement. This is also why they all can literally “get away with murder.” Hilary was not indicted for her many crimes because the FBI and Justice Department are under the control of the White House and Obama would not let a fellow CIA agent down. Her email problems were nothing compared to her work in arming Al Qaeda fighters who later turned into ISIS. She and David Petraeus organized an illegal arms smuggling operation in Benghazi to arm the anti-Assad terrorists many or whom were the same people the CIA used to destroy Libya.

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