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Conspiracies assume many different forms. In some instances an entire family is cursed, as Kennedy blood and tragedy have seeped across the decades from Dallas (JFK) to L.A. (RFK), Chappaquiddick (Teddy) and Martha’s Vineyard (JFK Jr.).  As if part of some synchronized process, these conspiracies unfold into one another with troubling regularity.

The attack on the Lusitania prior to WWI can be traced directly, only using a few degrees of separation, to future events involving the Bush crime family, the 9-11 attacks and Norway’s 2011 massacre.  Whether it’s the corrosive effects of today’s political correctness, bizarre symbolism associated with high-profile true crimes, or a Hollywood director’s alleged involvement in filming the “Moon hoax,” Conspireality plummets readers to areas of the rabbit hole that they never even knew existed.

Conspireality250Softcover, 237 pages 261

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Incredibly, in these pages you’ll learn how the Patty Hearst kidnapping, a Central Intelligence Agency-financed remote viewing project, the Zodiac killings, the barbaric Stanford Prison experiment and widespread cybernetic mind control programs can all be tied to one geographic locale in northern California.

By book’s end, as one climbs back out of the rabbit hole, he realizes—akin to the ongoing myth of “lone nut assassins”—all of these events are interconnected and don’t exist inside a vacuum.

Victor Thorn, the author of more than 40 books and chapbooks, discusses his new book, Conspireality,  in this informative interview (30:09).

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Conspireality Book Review

By Keith Johnson

Yes, conspiracies are real. One only need look to their local newspaper for daily evidence of crimes committed as a result of collusion between two or more persons. No one would deny that. Nevertheless, if you dare suggest that conspiracies exist on a grand scale, you’re often labeled as a paranoid kook or delusional nutcase.

In his latest book, entitled Conspireality, hard-hitting investigative journalist Victor Thorn takes on the naysayers with a vengeance. Instead of floating conspiracy theories, Thorn delivers the facts and presents the hardcore evidence like a skilled attorney delivers his case to a jury.

Although each individual chapter can be read as a stand-alone piece, a much bigger picture emerges as one digs deeper into the book. Ultimately, the reader is faced with an elaborate web of interconnected conspiracies that are difficult to dismiss as mere coincidence.

What does the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 have to do with the Watergate scandal that unseated President Richard M. Nixon? Why is the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 a virtual mirror image of the World Trade Center attack on 9-11? Where is the common denominator between the Patty Hearst kidnapping, the Zodiac killings and government-funded mind control projects? These are only a few of the many questions answered in Thorn’s masterpiece.

Of even greater importance is Thorn’s attention to the Frankfurt School, correctly identifying them as “the architects of America’s cultural demise from WWII to today.” Perhaps this in itself is the most significant conspiracy of all considering that their hidden hand can be traced to the civil rights movement, feminism, beatniks, gay pride, black power, multiculturalism, abortion-on-demand and virtually all of the other counter-cultural infestations that have poisoned our nation and brought us to the brink of moral collapse.

Conspireality250Softcover, 237 pages 261

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Which brings us now to Obama—a product of the Frankfurt School and Marxist ideology. Thorn’s 10-page chapter on this illegitimate U.S. “president” is a must read for anyone frustrated by the so-called “debunkers” who try their damnedest to lend credibility to Obama’s fraudulent biography. Thorn has done the legwork of sifting through mountains of individual pieces of research on the subject. He cuts through the fat, separates fact from fiction, and delivers a concise deconstruction of Obama’s mythical past. The end result is a brisk exposé on the undeniable inconsistencies, anomalies and outright fabrications that will leave even the staunchest Obama supporter without retort.

Thorn reminds us that Americans have been playing against a stacked deck for well over 100 years and that the invisible prison-complex that continues to be built around them has been crafted from a blueprint drawn up long ago. Many of the cartels, families, cults and government agencies identified in one chapter find their way—by only a few degrees of separation—in another. The same can be said for the various strategies being deployed. Whether it relates to propaganda or government-sponsored terror, the synchronistic links Thorn makes are uncanny and compels even the most skeptical reader to consider where other connections can be made.

Thorn does a masterful job of bringing the esoteric in alignment with history and current events. Once one understands the post WWII campaign that came to be known as Operation Gladio, it’s easy to pick apart the official stories behind 9-11 or Norway’s 2011 massacre. After you become familiar with the elaborate and coordinated cover-up of downed TWA Flight 800, the theories behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Iraq-war whistle-blower Pat Tillman become much more plausible.

More than a dozen prominent thinkers, activists, investigators and journalists contributed to the making of Conspireality. Some of those exclusively interviewed by Thorn include AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s own Michael Collins Piper and Pete Papaherakles, The Creature from Jekyll Island author G. Edward Griffith, Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Ted Gunderson, and independent filmmaker John Hankey.

Thorn’s interview with conspiracy researcher Adam Gorightly is particularly intriguing. His well-documented revelations about convicted killer Charles Manson serves as a compelling argument that the cult leader “was a probable victim of mind control” and that the Tate-LaBianca murders were used to create “a ‘strategy of tension’—a ploy devised to erode our civil liberties and bring about a Police State.” This “strategy of tension” is a theme that is revisited several times in the book and is intrinsically linked to every significant New World Order plot from WWI to present day.

I can find no better way to conclude the review of this book than to lift a quote from the author himself. In the final paragraph of his introduction to Conspireality, Thorn writes:

“In the end, it’s clear to those in the know that conspiracies are a ‘reality’ and once an individual willingly opens this doorway and enters that life-altering realm, they also open their Self to all the anomalies associated with synchronicity. It’s one helluva ride, and most certainly better than the so-called “normalcy” than the rest of ‘them’ have to suffer through.”

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Keith Johnson in an investigative journalist and host of the Revolt of the Plebs radio program.

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  1. Finally listened to the Victor Thorn program: Hillary should cut a check to Victor’s brother, an Oscar performance.

    No motive for suicide, certainly Thorn could have been a problem to Hillary as an expert witness against her.

  2. 1) Do you know what Victor was working on when he left the planet?

    2) Have you heard of Nancy Ruth Owens? She has lots of videos on YouTube and she claims to be sister to BHO and states that she actually made the fake birth certificates in school when she was studying journalism. That explains why the fake was not ‘flattened’—she was inexperienced in the use of the software—the software was new at the time she used it—1985. She says she made three or four fake certificates.

    3) NROwens says she has been killing people since age nine. Sounds like she was raised by a Luciferian or satanic family, and that means that BHO was also—and explains why he is so nonchalant about drone killings, wars, etc.

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