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Dave Gahary spoke with William J. “Bill” Makufka about his brother Scott’s (Victor’s) suicide, that has shaken the truth community in a way few could have predicted.

Due to the many questions and much speculation about Victor’s death, Bill reached out to AMERICAN FREE PRESS, and opened up about his relationship with his brother during their childhood and afterward and some of the details of the suicide, in this revealing interview (30:29).


Victor Thorn

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series. He prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him.

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37 Comments on AUDIO INTERVIEW: Victor Thorn’s Brother Speaks

  1. Suicide should always be the LAST conclusion, not the first! It is normal for family members to go into denial that a loved one committed suicide, rather than assuming automatically such a cause of death. And why has AFP chosen to assume someone like Thorn, who was in such a vulnerable position due to his successful exposes, had taken his own life? Something smells off here. I’m not buying it.

  2. There are spooky parallels with the death of Dr. David Kelly in Oxfordshire England prior to the weapons inspector fiasco in the Iraq War. David was found on a hill having committed “suicide” at is favourite place for walks. In his case he cut his own wrists and bled out. It had nothing to do with the knowledge he had of the Chemical and Biological warfare programmes in the Middle East of course.

    The lesson here is that if you mess with the Power Elite too much and risk exposing false flags you can expect to meet an early death.

    My heart goes out to Victor’s loved ones – he was a true spiritual warrior against the forces of evil in this world and may the Lord welcome him to his bosom in the afterlife.

  3. His brother is stating his opinion in the audio, not fact. If you choose to believe that it was a suicide to avoid any more tragedies to others OK, but I have to remain open to more disclosures. Doesn’t come close to the reasons why people commit suicide which Victor didn’t show. No suicide note, depression, poor health issues and from what I have read he had none of these.

  4. Today is Sunday.August 26 2016. I have been with the inner circle for quite some time now.
    I was having computer I decided to long in last night.and couldn’t believe what I was hearing..this is such devastating news.omg..was crying my eyes with scott on phone a few times.such an incredible intelligent yOung man..bought Dr Mcquate me away..would never guess in a million years he would would take his own life..I just don’t or want to believe condolences to your family..was awake all night with this devastating news..truly hurts…he has taught us a lot about he said.The thtruth shall set us free.RIP ScottMy prayers and the family..please can u keep in touch.he was truly a good friend..Blessing Sharon..xo

  5. Victor’s web site WingTV.Net is down, but we have a backup of his 400+ broadcasts at There are 4 odd things: 1) Why no good bye voice recording or selfie video? Hand written suicide notes can be faked for $2.99/page by machines such as 2) Why is his web site down? Who benefits? 3) Why would Victor drive his car from his house .5 miles to the Mt. Nittany blue trail, when he walked many miles a day early in the morning. Why were the keys left in the car? This supports the hypothesis that early in the morning hit men used the car to transport his knocked out body, then carried it up the hill top to put the gun in his hand and shoot. 4) Why didn’t Joshua call the family or 911 if a suicide was imminent? Perhaps he and his family is under threat? Is Joshua basing his conclusion on a “suicide note” that can be faked with a Bond Script machine?

  6. I read somewhere that he said in an interview “If I am found dead it’s murder” or something to that effect.

  7. I’m totally shocked at this news. I’m 85 and a Catholic but would not take my own life no matter what. Been a subscriber all the way back to The Spotlight and recently finished Thorn’s book on the Hillary beast. Hard to believe a young and successful man would go like that. But who am I to judge, only God knows. I pray for his soul.
  8. I cannot understand why they thought Victor had to go. Too many Americans are just too stupid and never read Victor’s books. I only read his articles in AFP. I guess they just wanted to show us all who the boss is. Like we did not know? It is a very sad loss. Life means nothing to the elite scum. Someday, their lives will be forgotten, too. I also liked Victor’s articles on Google as well.

    I would say this: It helps to have God looking out for you. My two cents. Victor deserved better and my condolences to any and all who were close to him.

  9. Mary:

    Don’t be a lib loon. Of course he was murdered. There have been four murdered since the DNC, only one before the convention. Just add them to the list. The WikiLeaks informant was shot in the back four times and they said it was robbery. His wallet, cellphone, and expensive watch wasn’t taken. The robbery was taking his life.

  10. He probably did commit suicide. To die the same day you were born, like he planned it that way. I guess we will never know. I’d like to leave this planet, too, but it seems like a very selfish thing to do, but then again, if I didn’t have thoughts of others, I would just do it, without regard to what anyone thinks about it.
  11. I am sorry for the loss to the family and to his brother. I’d like to offer my condolences.

    It seems to me that some of the things his brother says are unreal. Either he is in an altered state and in total denial due to his grief, or he is forced to read a script. Perhaps his family has been threatened, too. All the things he says about his brother would be good reasons to keep on living. He didn’t like death and he took his life? This interview makes me believe more that he has been murdered. He was successful, happy, and not ill. Take his life to see what’s on the other side? No way! He had work to do!

  12. Search the terms Electronic Harassment and Targeted Individual. He could have been driven to suicide. The family may now face these black ops with a promise of torture ending if they ‘cooperate’ with the ‘diagnosis.’
  13. My sincere condolences to Victor’s family and friends. Everything Bill said about the person Victor was and where he was at in his life leads me to believe that Victor did NOT take his own life, as opposed to the opposite conclusion that it seems Bill would like us to believe.

    Suffice it to say, the man “doth protest too much, methinks” and I can only imagine why.

    God bless him and his family.

  14. I don’t believe happy people go out an shoot themselves. I have no way of knowing, but this man and his family were probably threatened.
  15. OBVIOUSLY, the family and close friends were threatened—told to keep their mouths shut or they would be killed, too.
  16. Listening to the brother, one expects him to conclude, “So you see, it could not have been a suicide.” The psychological factors he emphasizes only strengthen common sense conclusion that foul play was involved. But Bill won’t even hear of it. Why? Why does he not say, “Yes considering Scott’s emotional and spiritual make-up we are left wondering if there was foul play involved”? If Bill had said like “Scott was a very moody person, and was profoundly depressed by the state of the world. Scott was obsessed with death and sometimes said, ‘I’m looking forward to the next world,'” THEN the argument for foul play would be weakened. But Bill presents a non-sequitur. His conclusion does not follow from his premises. B here does not follow A, C, D. 2 + 2 does not equal 5!

    At any rate, as a psychologist who has met many unhappy people, including a few who died of semi-deliberate suicide—like taking too many drugs, etc.—I must say the brother has persuaded me that it was not suicide, or if it was it was induced through neuro-technological creation of a mood of despair.

    Seth Farber, Ph.D.

  17. Only three months away from witnessing whether or not the largest single target of his exposés becomes the president or not…and he commits suicide? Without even leaving a note?

    Has Lisa been heard from?

  18. I’m so sorry that this man took his life. Why always jump to the conspiracy theory? Some people are psychologically distraught and take their life. The reason that Trump is even in a position to become President is that too many people are quick to believe lies, especially in the AFP. People are speculating murder because of the nature of his anti-Clinton writings. Get over it people. His brother is not suspecting foul play. Look at the world realistically folks. Stop always looking for the conspiracy!
  19. There was a recent (similar) incident with a fellow called Michael Ruppert, an ex CIA guy who became a “whistle blower” if you will. You may have heard of him. Purportedly committed suicide—at the “top” of his game—he had admitted publicly that he was a “marked man.” Makes you wonder. My condolences to the family of Scott (Victor). May he rest in peace. Hopefully this story is followed up. Perhaps a criminal investigation.


  20. Sounds like the brother is lying. He’s an actor. I bet hes not even a brother or Victor is not really dead, like they are both agents. Easy to hear the guy’s lying voice and fake crying.
  21. Something is very off about this interview for a lot of reasons. Main one being why did he not ask his brother if there was even a suicide note?
  22. I just read a couple of Victor’s (Scott) articles. Wonderful insight and courage.

    My question: his brother said how spiritual Scott was. If that be the case, I don’t think he would ever take his own life knowing that is a major sin. Would he really take that chance?

  23. I remember the testimony of the former Marine that had befriended Micheal Hastings and his girlfriend or fiance. He had mentioned that she was very gung ho about finding out the truth. She was determined. Then, mysteriously on the next day he sees her appear on Clinton News Network and is like, eh, an accident. That sucks. Total 180° turn. You draw your own conclusions, but how many we have. Piper, Hastings, Thorn, Breitbart, one more here. Come on folks, these aren’t odd coincidences. I think his brother got a tapping on the shoulder or he is incredibly naive as to how things really work.
  24. Given the articles and books about the Clintons and their MO and the fact that Hillary and Bill are running again against a strong anti-establishment candidate, the likelihood of a suicide seems a little far fetched and far too convenient for those who have no conscience.
  25. This interview proves to me even more that Victor was assassinated. He was healthy and confirmed happy a week before the event. I am well aware of the techniques to destroy a person covertly (drugs, remote electronic manipulation, or crude forced suicide, etc.)

    Where is the autopsy? Where is the investigation data? Please AFP, take the lead before the crime scene, satellite data, tire tracks, potential electronic threats, etc., is thoroughly destroyed. Start a fund to get the essential information before it is too late! Let’s do the kind of research Victor would be proud of, please!

    I will be the first to give $200 towards the research. Where’s the link?

  26. “How can brother Bill be so sure it wasn’t a professional hit” someone asks: I do not know all the circumstances, but have pondered this: The family found him very quickly—on a mountain top—that Victor had to drive to. How would the family have any clue to look, or where to look? You might say that perhaps a passerby came upon him… Maybe…on a Monday. “The fact that he wanted nothing to do with death, but he took his own life…” rather than watch the Alzheimer’s work on his Mom, or, with his parents in their 80s, their impending death. These are only my passing thoughts. One thing I do know: Victor will be greatly missed, that I do know for sure.

    Condolences to the family.

  27. I think the brother isn’t open the fact that it wasn’t perhaps a suicide. It appears he was murdered and the body staged to appear as a suicide. Hopefully a full examination will be completed including an autopsy, and we can only hope his body will not be cremated.
  28. C’mon, a notable author with no known health issues kills himself at age 54 because he didn’t want to get the problems that 80 year olds get? Or he wanted to see what was on the “other side”? C’mon! You must think your readers are bunch of dolts! Doesn’t AFP staff believe the very articles they print? If so, why isn’t EMF protection at least suggested? EMF is a silent killer, just like radon. You’ve published tons of articles on EMF, why wasn’t this brought up in the interview? At least the brother admits he doesn’t read AFP. Thorn’s death is another one in a long line of suspicious deaths. Anyone still remember Don Harkins? The death of Michael Collins Piper reeks of EMF targeting as well. Also, the brother getting angry about anyone questioning what happened is another giveaway that something stinks about this. Where was Victor’s girlfriend, Lisa? C’mon, ask some serious questions! There’s no proof Victor had a “plan” to take his own life. The Brother makes these outrageous statements; why didn’t you tell him that people who are “happy” and “not sick” don’t suddenly commit suicide for no reason?
  29. Makes me wonder if he realized the dreadful path the United States was headed down due to the corruption throughout our government and world domination by the elitists and that with the election slanting toward Hillary what the horrible implications were going to be as a result? After all, he was an extremely knowledgeable person regarding these topics—one could argue an expert. Look at history in other parts of the world and how so many people have suffered under those in control. Just a thought.
  30. Here’s the thing:

    People that are powerful enough to whack those that expose their evil and wrongdoing with impunity are certainly powerful enough to compel friends and family members to go along with the suicide story as well.

    I’m not saying that the brother is absolutely lying or anything… It’s just that none of what he says really satisfies the heavily inquisitive mind as to why this could truly be a suicide.

    I mean, if a person is strongly averse to death, to dying of deteriorating health, in a miserable and vulnerable state, and feels like they want to end their lives on their own terms, why kill yourself in the zenith of your career as an alternative journalist? At the age of 54, where most of us still have at least the better part of two decades left to live? Dave posed that same question and the guest answered, but that answer, while compelling just seems too weak a rationale to me.

    It would be more believable to me if the story was that Victor had gone to his brother and said something like, “Look, in the circles I’m influential in, people learn really quickly to never accept claims of ‘suicide’ at face value. And while at one point in my life I might have told everyone that if I ever get suicided, look closer, it’s not as unlikely as some people might think. And should I turn up dead, I’d like you to convey that to everyone.”

    Or if he’d left some kind of letter explaining his rationale.

    It just boggles the mind that a guy in Victor/Scott’s line of work would choose to take his own life and do so in such a way that he knows everyone is going to be so dramatically affected by is beyond me.

    Victor/Scott’s brother himself says he can’t comprehend this alleged suicide—and there are chemical cocktails and technologies in place that can make people suicidal.

    There are just so many variables that Scott/Victor’s brother’s timely anecdotes and inside perspectives just do not outweigh.

  31. I listened to the audio interview with his brother Bill. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Bill and his family (with my intention to have a Mass said for Scott). I certainly do not want to add to the family’s heartache over this terrible loss. Nevertheless, Bill’s explanation is baffling. If Scott wanted nothing to do with bad stuff like death, as Bill said, then it makes no sense that he would bring death on himself.
  32. You failed to ask the obvious question. How can Brother Bill be so certain it was not a professional hit? Professional assassins can make a hit look like a suicide. That’s what they did to Vince Foster. You get two strong muscular guys who pin him down and force a gun in the mouth or side of head and squeeze the trigger. How can the Brother be so absolutely positive that was not done? He was not there. How can he be so certain it was not a professional hit?
  33. Dave,

    Thanks so much for having Bill on, and thanks to Bill for his sharing during this difficult time. Victor introduced me to “alternative media” thru the “WING TV” shows and his numerous writings, some of which he sent to me “on credit” so I could share them with others.

    His efforts helped open my eyes to the real world around us and influenced me in my own efforts to share realities through writing, audio, and video Internet offerings. He will be missed.

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