Jim Traficant, America’s Last Real Congressman, Dead at 73

Everyone here at AMERICAN FREE PRESS who had the great honor to get to know James A. Traficant, Jr. is heartbroken by his passing.

Jim left us Saturday, September 27, 2014, after succumbing to injuries sustained from a tractor accident.

Thank you for all your calls, letters, emails and comments under this article.

We have all lost a true American hero.


Please check back here in the upcoming days and weeks for detailed coverage of this great man.

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47 Comments on Jim Traficant, America’s Last Real Congressman, Dead at 73

  1. My questions are why the speedy haste to bury or cremate Jim’s body?

    Where are the wife’s statements? Why weren’t more people notified of the accident considering the popularity and support Jim has in his community? Why is there disparity in the statements?

    If Jim was burned to ashes so quickly, it alone would destroy any physical evidence of poisoning. Why cremate Jim and not have a normal public funeral considering his popularity?

    I’m not convinced this was a natural event. It has the makings of “who done it” all over it.

    I told a friend about Jim Traficant today. He never heard of him. So he went to read about him in Wikipedia. That website is like the bible to many. Whatever it says, people take it as infallible. It paints Jim as a corrupt politician and criminal convict biased toward the official version of Jim being a taker, user and scumbag. Don’t believe any official narrative about Jim being an evil person.

    Well the way I see people is they are of the light or of darkness (robots). So those who see the good in James Traficant see clearly. Be Jim Traficant.

  2. This idea of a flat 25% sales tax and many of its provisions makes more sense the more I think about it. This is a fundamental improvement worth speaking about.
  3. As I examine the things that are being set in place to seat the World Dictator (the son of the Anti-Christ) in TYRE, This Government with its Evil works will continue stop men like Big Jim and others. This nation that has been under Military Rule since 1861, and is using it to destroy the other nations, they lied about Iraq, About 9/11 the President and Wife that was destroyed in the Plane Crash in S. America. Wake Up America! This Evil Work and the Destroying of other Nations is to seat the 10th world economy in place. The W.E.O.G. Israel and the Arab nations. After She is seated in the W.T.O., the World Dictator will be seated in TYRE. If you have EARS to HEAR, then Don’t take his Works, or you will be in GRAVE DANGER, and will Perish. I sent a Comment this Morning and it was taken off the Comments, WHY, The TRUTH will set men FREE. And the LIGHT of the WORD of GOD will let men see their Enemy SATAN that would lie to them and see their SOUL in HELL with Him.

  4. OK, I grieve, “we” all grieve! BUT I HAVE QUESTIONS!!

    For Example, THIS sort of “incident” is not the first, but one in now a long Line of such “incidents.”

    Question 1: When are the people in this set going to begin to never stop looking over their shoulders, so to speak??

    Question 2: When will the active, high-profile members of that set:
    a. look out for one another;
    b. think up ways to preempt, defeat, avoid such criminally “sophisticated” methods used, or possibly used by such agencies (of the Devil)??

    Question 3: There are two major sets that make up the world:
    1. the sleeping, entertained, entranced majorities;
    2. the tiny subset of subsets that make up the “heads of state, military brass, advisors etc,” you know, the Merkels and the Ferkels of the world.

    Question 4: Why have no members of that set ever moved with like weapons against the EVIL ELITE SET??? INSTEAD OF USING ARMIES (AND AGAINST WHOM AND WHAT!!!!!). The Names of those who should have known and thus attacked is long and loathsome!! Or are all the books, DVDs, commentators, etc. that WE all know about from both here and internationally ALL WRONG??? Face it, we patriots from whatever country do not have military power, and those that do have NEVER used it against the CRIMINAL, INTERNATIONAL ELITE!!!!!

    If I am wrong in any of this, and/or naive, set me straight. I’m always willing to learn, are you?

  5. I expected Jim Traficant to die in an untimely, tragic manner. This happens all too often to patriots to be considered coincidence. Think of JFK; Senator Hayes; Sen. Tower; Representative Larry McDonald, KAL Flight 007. The CIA has to have some really dirty tricks up its sleeve in order to cause a tractor crash. I would like to have been able to view the crash site.

    I agree with the above statement, especially as Mr. Traficant was on the verge of heading up the new Populist Movement, Project Freedom. Coincidence???

  6. I expected Jim Traficant to die in an untimely, tragic manner. This happens all too often to patriots to be considered coincidence. Think of JFK; Senator Hayes; Sen. Tower; Representative Larry McDonald, KAL Flight 007. The CIA has to have some really dirty tricks up its sleeve in order to cause a tractor crash. I would like to have been able to view the crash site.

  7. Usually I paint all politicians with the same brush and take each word that comes from their mouths with a grain of salt. However, after listening to Jim’s programs on AFP’s now defunct radio program along with many YouTube videos of his speeches on the House floor, I have the utmost respect for this man. September 27th is now one of the saddest days in America, for I believe Jim would have accomplished much more and would have played a major role in taking back our country.

    I wish I could have met him. It’s now up to “we the living” to shoulder the burden of this huge task of removing the international Marxist communist Jews and their gentile lapdogs who have a stranglehold on the U.S.

    May you rest in peace Jim and watch over the patriots of this nation as we march on. I must add that this battle we are in extends beyond our borders and is spread across the western world and is spilling over into the non-western nations. Lindbergh, Ford, Chamberlain, Kennedy, and others warned about who was behind the push for WWII, the war that established Jewish power.

    “It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests.”

    – Adolf Hitler, April 29, 1945

  8. Along with Radio Liberty’s Dr. Stan Monteith, this is a dark day in the halls of truth.

    Stan of course, contracted virulent cancer, and there’s little doubt there too that Satan’s hand was at work. Our heroes are crushed, but not before they shame us in our inaction. We are headed for hell if we don’t try to stop them and still likely anyway too far down the same road even if we do try, so we might as well stir ourselves. One quiet act of resistance a day, one anonymous email transfer to make a friend more aware. One protest a day against the deep bone cancer in our body politic. Courage friends. RIP all those who go willingly into the breach. God rest Stan and James.

    In sadness,


  9. Goodbye brother Jim. You were a great man. You were a great mentor. You leave quite the legacy behind of your words that always rang true. You will be missed, sorely missed.

    You were the real John Wayne if there ever was one, not the talmudvision/kabbalywood created character. A man’s man. A man with stones to call out ALL OF AMERICA’S ENEMIES, not just the politically-correct ones.

    My band Poker Face dedicated our song CALLING FOR A REVOLUTION to JIMBO.

    Listen to his sage words that start the song out.

    May you rest in peace, and may you soar in heaven with Father.

    Paul Topete

  10. His courage and his patriotism were a reminder of other great heroes of the American people. I hated hearing that he had died.

  11. The only Democrat to unseat a Republican House member in a year in which Ronald Reagan won a landslide re-election.

    In Congress, he repeatedly introduced legislation to curb the reach and enforcement powers of the revenue agents. When Republicans won control of Congress in 1994, Rep. Bill Archer (R.-Tex.), incoming chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, pledged his support to Traficant’s proposed IRS reforms.

    In July, 1998, following passage with bipartisan support from both houses of Congress, President Bill Clinton signed IRS reform legislation. It included a provision crafted by Traficant to shift the burden of proof from the taxpayer to the IRS.

    “And just look at the number of cases the IRS is bringing against the taxpayer — it’s way down!” Traficant told a luncheon of conservatives on Capitol Hill a year later. The audience included then-House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R.-Texas, who vigorously led the applause for Traficant.

    The ’97 IRS legislation included a second Traficant proposal that severely limited the seizure authority of the IRS. This included a requirement that the IRS obtain a court order and provide a 15-day notice before seizing anyone’s residence.

    This portion of the bill also allowed taxpayers to exclude from their gross income calculation any damages they are awarded in a federal court proceeding related to IRS misconduct.

    Separately, Traficant also secured passage of legislation requiring sensitivity training program for IRS agents and increasing the penalty for IRS agent misconduct from $100,000 to $1 million.

  12. What a great statesman. If there were more people like him in government that honored their oath and stood their ground like Jim, we would have very few problems in America and the world again would look up to us. He fought the good fight and many true Americans will honor him forever.

    God Bless you Jim and your family.

  13. I attended an event where James Traficant spoke. He was larger than life and very much a hero, and I am in disbelief that he’s gone.

  14. Anita and I had the pleasure of Jim’s friendship and fellowship. We sponsored many tea party events for him. Jim and several party chairmen privately met at our home and we had a roundtable discussion on many issues. Jim is a true patriot and loved America. He fought for his people whom he represented and was instrumental in improving the valley. Jim never minced words. He spoke the truth, regardless of how it hurt. His claims of government abuse, his findings and statements on Zionism, the Congress, the Fed, the IRS, the DoJ, the CIA, the Secret Service, and the legal system, were, and, still are, spot on. Jim was right, and for that, I am sure he was the victim of one these agencies to finally shut him up. Our hearts and prayers go out to Tish and Jim’s family and friends. Jim was a great man, a great American hero and PATRIOT. Godspeed Jim. God’s blessings and peace to your family. Good bye my friend. Anita and I will miss you.

  15. George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Ben Franklin. General Andy Jackson. Mr. Traficant. American Heroes, All! I strongly doubt this was a natural death.

  16. Sad and shocking news. James seemed bigger than life and indestructible. Many thanks, Jim, for your love of America and dedicated service. Every time we hear that phrase on a Star Trek re-run from now on we’ll think of Jim. “Beam me up, Scotty!” ;o(

  17. I agree with “True Constitutionalist” that the death of Jim Traficant may NOT have been an accident.

    The CIA has a formula that they can place on anyone’s steering wheel, which when absorbed by your fingers, will cause a heart attack and dissipate quickly as to NOT show up if an autopsy is conducted. If this is the case, those responsible will have to face GOD for their actions in “The Final Review.” May Jim Traficant’s reward in heaven be great for the work that he did for all of us in trying to take back our country. My sincere condolences to his family.

  18. Do you know that more real people commented in this section than showed up for George W. Bush’s first stolen inauguration?

    Thank you for everything you did for us. Rest in peace and God bless you.

  19. God bless James Traficant. If George Washington had died during the American Revolution he would not want us to give up. Nor would James Traficant.

    Most Sincerely,

    Bob Merkle.

  20. I feel so honored to have just met Jim a month ago. He was so full of hope for this country (assuming that we all wake up) and I am devastated to think that he won’t have a chance to carry out his plan. What an amazing patriot.

  21. When my first husband was killed, I never understood it. Then I became a Christian and the Lord showed me this, Isaiah 57:1,2 (Living Bible) which I pray is comforting to everyone who knew and loved Jim:

    “The good men perish; the godly die before their time and no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to realize that God is taking them away from evil days ahead. For the godly who die shall rest in peace.”

  22. He was one of my few heroes. The last minuteman, he fought for liberty. The truth shall set us free.

  23. I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Jim. He truly was the last great Congressman. He will be missed. Rest in peace Jim.

  24. Jim Traficant new what was ailing this country. Interest (usury) Federal Reserve. Print money from nothing and suckers pay interest on Government notes. May he rest in peace.

  25. Really was a fan of Jim Traficant, a true American hero who was treated badly by our government for simply telling the truth. RIP.

  26. My sympathy to the Traficant family. Years ago Gerald L.K. Smith was isolated by the “antichrist.’ Joseph McCarthy was smeared and marginalized. Jim Traficant didn’t let prison stop his crusading; he had an accident just as he was really beginning to roll; some things defy all laws of probability.

    Robert F Hunter

  27. Is there someone to carry the ball for “trying” to get rid of the FED? It will take a veto-proof congress. What will the money Jews be doing in the meantime???

    A while back, Steve Forbes came out in favor of a “Flat Tax.”

  28. Jim Traficant will be sadly missed. He was the Greatest Congressman who ever existed in my time! It’s sad what the Israeli Revenue Service had done to such a Great man. May they rot in HELL with their father the Devil!

  29. Jim was a hero to me. He was a true patriot and Christian. He followed the example of Jesus Christ in showing me how to live a principled life without fear. He experienced first-hand the deceit and evil cruelty of the Zionist evil elements of society who could not tolerate the truth he told about them. He showed us how Zionism has taken control of the U.S. Federal government and even the world and how we could confront Zionist evil and deceit to regain and retain our unalienable rights and overcome their corruption of every facet of Christian society.

    I believe God will smile upon him on Judgement Day and I hope to meet him in our eternal salvation.

  30. I hope this was truly an accident. When someone like Jim is brave enough to stand up to the IRS, the FBI, the Israel Zionists, and all the rest of the crooks in Washington as well as Wall Street, you have to wonder. We have truly lost a great man who understood the meaning of liberty.

  31. Jim was one of the few true patriots in Congress. Was attacked twice by TPTB using the IRS and corrupt court system. I am sure God will bless him well for his courage.

  32. Shocking! So very sorry to hear that one of the good guys have left us. Condolences to family and friends. He will be greatly missed by all who love justice and freedom.

  33. Traficant dead. We have lost someone who wanted to steer the country toward greatness once again. Personally I do not believe in accidents, and I feel he was taken out because of rocking the big boat to hell that we are all riding with the poor excuse for a government that we currently have in place.

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