Tuberculosis Back in the U.S.; Obama, Illegals to Blame

• Four states account for more than half of all TB cases: California, Texas, New York and Florida.

By Victor Thorn —

By the 1960s, tuberculosis (TB) had been almost totally eradicated in the United States. But 50 years later, according to a March 20 Reuters  article, “Half a million people fell sick with dangerous superbug strains of TB in 2012, but fewer than one in four were diagnosed.” The World Health Organization has called drug-resistant tuberculosis (DRTB) a “public health crisis,” predicting that worldwide two million people may be infected by next year. If TB was on the outs, why is it coming back now in more virulent strains?

The culprit? A massive unregulated flow of lawbreakers crossing our southern border from Mexico and Latin America has led to a resurgence of fatal airborne diseases like TB that attack the lungs.

Cities in the U.S. such as Los Angeles and Jacksonville, Florida have seen dramatic rises in TB. The situation has become so dire that in the City of Angels, police officers are now advised to wear surgical masks when dealing with illegal aliens.

On March 20, this reporter contacted Salina Smith, a spokesperson for the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to inquire as to why TB is again plaguing our shores.

“Despite declines among other demographics, DRTB has taken a heavy toll in the U.S. along racial and ethnic lines, not to mention the homeless and those infected with HIV,” said Ms. Smith. “Geographically, four states account for more than half of all TB cases: California, Texas, New York and Florida.”


Continuing with specifics, Ms. Smith stated: “Hispanics and blacks have rates seven-times higher than whites, whereas Asians now exhibit TB rates 26-times higher than whites. Overall, foreign-born residents are 13-times more likely to have TB than are U.S.-born citizens.”

Considering that working-class taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill for illegals and foreign-born patients, Ms. Smith was asked about the costs for medicating patients with TB.

“Treating typical TB comes in at $17,000, while costs associated with DRTB rise to $134,000,” she said. “In cases of extreme DRTB, we’re looking at $430,000 in hospital fees.”

On March 20, this reporter also interviewed legendary author, activist and founder of the conservative-oriented Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly. Having herself written on this subject, Mrs. Schlafly told this newspaper: “It’s outrageous what’s happening at our southern border. Why isn’t this administration keeping diseased people out? It used to be the rule at Ellis Island that if someone wasn’t healthy, they were sent back home.”

When questioned about this administration’s open-border policy, Mrs. Schlafly replied: “Obama doesn’t pay attention to the law. The American people overwhelmingly want our borders secured, but I genuinely think Obama wants to destroy this nation.”

Mrs. Schlafly added: “Just imagine how many innocent people on the streets and in hospitals are being infected by illegal immigrants. Letting illegals into this country is one of Obama’s highest priorities. It’s shocking.”

Lastly, on March 20, this reporter also reached out to Sandra Murillo, press officer for Doctors Without Borders. Voicing an undeniable urgency, Ms. Murillo explained: “We’re calling for immediate action to stop DRTB. This means doctors, pharmaceutical companies and researchers.”

Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws while advocating amnesty for upwards of 20 million illegal aliens—many afflicted with bacterial infections—will only cause TB rates among these populations to skyrocket.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.