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This week only, you can download a free copy of the latest edition of American Free Press by clicking the link here. We feel this issue is one of the most important we’ve put out in years. Please take a moment now to download it and check it out. 

By AFP Staff

In this issue of American Free Press, we’re featuring some exceptional organizations and individuals, who have been taking a stand for free speech and thought in America today. We also are setting our sights on the leading anti-free-speech groups in this country that have been actively working to censor and block free expression in the U.S., the worst offender, of course, being the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

We are dedicating considerable editorial space to this, which we consider to be the most important issue facing Americans today. After all, without the ability to think and speak clearly, how can we be expected to solve other pressing matters facing this great nation, such as immigration, joblessness, war, crime, and poverty, to name a few of the issues plaguing society?

Please read this edition carefully, and help support the individuals and the groups we profile in any way you can. We feature a new nonprofit, the FREE EXPRESSION FOUNDATION, which is standing up to anyone who seeks to censor free speech and thought in America today.

Never before in our history has free speech been under attack like it is right now. Download a free copy of AFP and find out more about this important issue.

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  1. Thank goodness that the AFP is calling attention to the threats to Free Speech and other First Amendment rights. The First Amendment is the keystone to all our liberties.

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