Bilderberg 2016 Back in Virginia?

• But UK, other sites still under scrutiny.

By Mark Anderson —

Tentatively speaking, those delightfully “Democratic” chums who comprise the super-exclusive Bilderberg Group have again selected the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel in Chantilly, Virginia as their meeting place.

Some AMERICAN FREE PRESS contacts and other independent news observers, including the German language website “Alles Schall Und Rauch,” have been thinking the same thing, although other potential meeting places cannot yet be written off.

In more recent years, the Bilderberg meetings have assumed a pattern of three in a row in Europe and then once in North America. The last three meetings were in the UK, Denmark and Austria. When this AFP writer called Westfields March 31, the extended weekend time frame of Thursday, May 19 through Monday, May 23 was fully booked. That fits the Bilderberg pattern.


Furthermore, a financial-support outfit called the American Friends of Bilderberg, Inc., which casts itself as a “charity” to snare a tax deduction, and whose members have a strong presence on the Bilderberg Steering Committee, scheduled the highly secretive Bilderberg meetings at the very same Marriott during the previous United States election years of 2008 and 2012. It may well be that the 2016 election year is no exception.

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The Bilderberg meeting of 2002 also was held at Westfields—a stately hotel conveniently located between Washington D.C. and Washington Dulles International Airport. It also is ringed by thick trees and cannot be seen from the public thoroughfares, making it one of the worst places to photograph Bilderberg members and their esteemed guests.

Notably, the 2012 Bilderberg gathering at Westfields was the last one covered by the late AFP Bilderberg hound James P. Tucker Jr., who passed away in April 2013.


However, this AFP writer has found that due to the upcoming June 23 “Brexit” vote in the UK—a pivotal referendum that asks British voters whether they want to stay in the very European Union (EU) that Bilderberg helped build over decades—there is still a chance the 2016 Bilderberg meeting could be held in the British Isles.

For example, the super-posh Gleneagles Hotel and golf resort in Scotland, where the group met in 1986, evidently has no rooms available May 26-30. And the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Vermont, where the group huddled in 1971, also has no rooms available for the same dates. Notably, that hotel sports “The Rockefeller Room.”

And the Jekyll Island Club Hotel—where the foundation of the Federal Reserve System was secretly laid in 1910—has no vacancy for those same dates, although this writer managed to speak to a sales employee who claimed, apparently honestly, that no group named Bilderberg would be meeting on that coastal island in Georgia.  Local limousine services, a local newspaper called The Islander, and other sources also indicated that Jekyll Island is not the 2016 Bilderberg location.


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The Bilderberg Group, which first met in 1954, is the hub of a network of mainly U.S. and European world planners and their associates and guests. The meetings bring together central bankers, select royalty, finance ministers, legislators, high-tech gurus, prime ministers, EU officials, select media moguls who don’t breathe a word about the meetings, corporate captains (including from the well-connected U.S.-based Business Roundtable) and think tank fellows from essential Bilderberg-linked institutes like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Brookings Institution and the Hudson Institute.

Notably, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could be getting the nod from Bilderberg, given the fact that she has been warmly welcomed to speak to the CFR on numerous occasions over several years. But when Mrs. Clinton addressed the CFR back on November 19 as a presidential candidate, she revealed herself as a warmonger who’s every bit as intent on policing the world as leading hard-core neoconservatives like Bilderberg perennial Richard Perle. Therefore, Hillary the internationalist, posing as a working-class Democrat, certainly is not trying to avoid or annoy the Bilderberg crowd that has no party or national loyalties to speak of.



Meanwhile, some observers are wondering if the “Brexit” referendum to be held on June 23—to determine if British voters want to exit the European Union or stay in it—is a “psy-op” designed to scare the Brits into entering the Bilderberg-backed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been meeting with key European leaders over the last 18 months, often behind closed doors, busily developing a document for an underlying Bilderberg-connected agenda to place Britain under the TTIP treaty’s heavy heel.

To be sure, Cameron, like Bilderberg, wants to keep Britain in the EU as a surefire way of maneuvering it into the TTIP, but he’s been preparing for any outcome by way of a document called “The Best of Both Worlds.”

“The British public doesn’t know what they’re voting for,” remarked Mike Robinson, the watchful co-editor of the UK Column daily online newscast. “The document states TTIP is right at the heart of British foreign policy.”

He went on to say that it appears Cameron is making the prospect of leaving the EU look so dire, with “fear porn” being peddled about the loss of jobs and other economic and social wreckage, that Brits will stop short of departing the EU and will elect to stay put with TTIP waiting in the wings to erode economic sovereignty even more.

TTIP, which is still under negotiation, involves the U.S. and the 28-nation EU. It’s a sibling of another massive privatized economic-governance scheme—the Trans Pacific Partnership—that President Obama and 11 other national leaders signed but Congress has yet to act upon.

Robinson further explained: “What we were promised was an ‘in-out’ referendum [where the people simply vote to stay in the EU or get out with no strings] but what happened was that Cameron did his tour of Europe, did his negotiations with all the European leaders, and then he presented [this] document to parliament . . .  which defines what was agreed upon with European leaders.”

Yet, Robinson understands that even if the Brits vote to leave the EU, the “divorce” could take two years or longer.

Cameron’s agenda reportedly includes other core Bilderberg goals besides TTIP that AFP has reported, especially a European army under EU auspices, as well as a fiscal union, in which all EU member states would surrender their taxing and budgeting and centralize it in the EU’s capital, Brussels, Belgium.

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Mark Anderson covers the annual Bilderberg meetings and is chairman of AFP’s new America First Action Committee, designed to involve AFP readers in focusing intensely on Congress to enact key changes, including monetary reform and a pullback of the warfare state. He and his wife Angie often work together on news projects.

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