Germany & the Greek Crisis

• Bankers using Chancellor Merkel to destroy Europe.

By Ronald L. Ray —

The last war against Germany, which wound down in 1945 without a peace treaty, is continued today by the banksters. The German people, like the American people, must hand over the fruits of their prodigious industry to financial pharaohs growing fat off the labor of wage-slaves. In the plutocrats’ unending battle to draw all wealth and power to themselves, the latest weapons are Greece and its financial woes, exploited through direct transfers of massive wealth to international banking cartels, which are being leveraged additionally to bring down European civilization. And the person with her finger on the launch button of this economic weapon of mass destruction is Germany’s chancellor, Angela Dorothea Merkel.

It is no secret that Greece has suffered for years from financial and cultural instability, lurching from crisis to crisis. But not all the problems are home grown. A major aspect that is afflicting every nation enslaved to the central bankers: the death spiral of ever-increasing debt impoverishing the people.

Because it is impossible to pay off the loans and “aid packages,” ever more borrowing is “needed” to pay for previous “help.” The people are accused of demanding too much from their government or employers and forced to undergo “austerity.” But, in reality, the usurers demand too much, like Rumpelstiltskin claiming the first-born child. The people suffer as bankers grow richer. The people never profit from this wonderful financial “assistance,” because it flows directly and almost entirely into the coffers of Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and their cronies.

Since 2010, much of the money going to Greece has come not just from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but also from the European Union’s European Central Bank (ECB)—which is as much as to say, “Germany.” Because it has the strongest economy, Germany’s neighbors demand it pay for every conceivable problem, because the Germans are ostensibly hereditarily evil nazis. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been stolen from the increasingly resentful German people and sent to plutocrats via less wealthy countries.


Chancellor Merkel, a former communist, originally promised not to plunder the German worker for Greece. But, of course, she buckled, and then a second official bailout followed the first—supposedly from the EU but in reality from Germany. Worse, if Greece should default on the loans, Chancellor Merkel committed the German people to making good the loss—forcing them to pay twice for other people’s problems through loan guarantees. If the Germans were to balk at fulfilling those guarantees, the law allows the creditors to seize directly the savings and pensions of the people with no due process of law.

The Greek people saw almost nothing of the billions in aid. According to Die Welt, Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis stated: “The Germans already have paid too much money, but it is lost. It disappeared into a black hole. The money never flowed to Greece but went directly to the banks.” It was a direct transfer of wealth to Wall Street and the City of London.

Chancellor Merkel has been caught since between the wrath of the Teutonic nation and the rapacious claws of the banksters. Fearing a national rebellion, Chancellor Merkel conspired with ECB President Mario Draghi to continue the economic rape of Germany through EU “emergency and aid credit” ostensibly sent to Greece, according to the German-language website “National Journal.”

Since the Greek economic crisis began in 2010, billions of euros moved from the ECB to Greece. Most went straight to Wall Street jackals, while the rest paid interest due to the IMF and ECB. Because this trick never was approved by any parliament of an EU nation, it violates EU agreements. “National Journal” called it “highly criminal.”

Obsessed with preventing the collapse of the euro and the EU itself, which a Greek loan default or exit from the euro (Grexit) would unleash, Chancellor Merkel, Draghi and their collaborators conspired in the dark of night on June 1 to continue the financial charade. This led to the recent emergency nighttime talks between the EU, IMF and Greece. The first two demand more “accountability”—more payments—and “austerity.” But Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras refuses to balance the books on the backs of the Greek people.

If Tsipras caves in, his people and party will destroy him, and the ultimate default will be worse. If Greece defaults or leaves the euro or EU—probably through a turn to Russia—most believe the ensuing banking crisis would destroy the EU. Maps of Europe would be redrawn. Chancellor Merkel inevitably faces a black future of betrayal by her financial friends and retribution at home.

The best solution would be for all countries to return to honest, debt-free money issued by independent, sovereign states, while repudiating the phony debt “owed” to central bankers. Better that a few plutocrats be ruined than entire continents. Continuing the current road will lead either to a second 1933 or another 1939. Expect the latter.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. Is Greek society one? No, it’s divided into classes; mainly into bourgeois, a minority and proletarian overwhelming majority!

    Your solution is a “hesitant” one and so for the elite class, the rulers who only are responsible for this mess. The solution is not what you suggested but a transfer of power to the hands of the working class or their party! The solution is socialization of all natural and public property, abolition of private property!

  2. This is a brilliant article. Ronald L. Ray has hit the nail right on the head in few words. Thank you SIR for revealing the problem so well…The whole thing is circular. It starts with the banks, and ends with the banks. The people keep paying without ever seeing the benefit of the so-called money.

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