Baltimore’s Blacks: 35 Homicides in May, on Pace to Break Record; Blamed on Cops

Baltimore’s blacks are doing their damnedest to keep up with Chicago’s blacks for who can kill the most blacks in a single month, with this month being “the deadliest the city has seen in 15 years, since December 1999.”

And guess who’s to blame this time for blacks murdering one another?

Not them, it’s the Baltimore Police Department!

“The latest homicide statistics arrive amid reports that Baltimore police officers have lost confidence in the chain of command and that officers have coordinated a work slowdown by not talking to community members and showing less initiative,” says CNN.

So talking to community members will prevent blacks from murdering one another?

That’s a good one.

A CNN law enforcement analyst believes “officers may be thinking twice about taking risks and showing aggressive policing in the wake of prosecutors filing charges against so many officers in the [Freddie] Gray case.”

So far this year, “Charm City” has seen 108 homicides compared with 79 at the end of May 2014, with 205 nonfatal shootings, compared with 115 last year.

What a disgrace.


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