Hillary Double-Crosses U.S. in ‘Nuclear Stockpile for Cash’ Deal

By Victor Thorn —

There are growing concerns, following news that a Russian state nuclear corporation named Rosatom now controls 20% of all American uranium deposits, that United States national security may have been compromised. Making matters worse, a great deal of evidence indicates that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped seal the deal in exchange for substantial contributions to her and Bill’s foundation, though many of the details may never emerge because Mrs. Clinton illegally erased key documents from the hard drive of her private email server.

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Rosatom, or Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, is the Russian nuclear regulatory authority and “the only vendor in the world able to offer the nuclear industry’s entire range of products and services.”

To comprehend this situation’s severity, on April 27 AMERICAN FREE PRESS contacted geologist Steven W. Mitchell, an expert on this subject due to his past research studies. From 1975-1981, Mitchell contributed to the Natural Uranium Resources Evaluation (NURE) that was conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). During the mid-1970s, Congress made the AEC responsible for determining what type of resources America had at its disposal.

Mitchell told AFP: “Under this $200 million program that took six years to complete, we evaluated all 48 continental states. The NURE concluded that there weren’t nearly enough uranium resources in the United States.”


This point cannot be overemphasized, especially in terms of author Marin Katusa’s book The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp. According to Katusa, the U.S. derives 20% of its electrical needs from nuclear power plants, yet it only produces one-fifth of the uranium required to meet domestic needs.

According to the World Nuclear Association, uranium as fuel for nuclear reactors is only good for about three years of use. The dangerously radioactive spent fuel is then removed, stored and either reprocessed or disposed of in underground bunkers.

Addressing these concerns, particularly that a sizable portion of U.S. uranium is now controlled by a foreign entity, Mitchell continued: “Back in the 1970s, we never guessed that this type of deal would ever arise. I was dumbfounded when hearing the news. It blew me away this situation could exist.”

Asked about the significance of this predicament, Mitchell responded: “Let me reemphasize: the U.S. has no excess uranium. Allowing Russia to control any of our uranium resources is a potential problem because we don’t have that much to begin with, at least not enough to feel secure. We need every bit of uranium that’s on hand. It’s absolutely terrible that this administration has allowed anyone outside the U.S. to control that amount of our resources. It’s really bad news.”

The blame for this should be directed at Mrs. Clinton. When accepting her post as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton signed a document promising that her activities would be limited in regard to the Clinton Foundation. Also, she and Bill were required to publicly disclose every contributor, and all of her governmental communications were supposed to take place on State Department equipment. Apparently, Mrs. Clinton ignored every one of these conditions.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.