Nationalists Host Well-Attended Conference in the Heart of Downtown D.C.

By John Friend —

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The National Policy Institute (NPI) held its annual winter conference at the elegant Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in downtown Washington, D.C. on March 5. This reporter was in attendance with at least 100 other activists, writers, and pro-white advocates. The evening conference, entitled “Identity Politics,” featured powerful speeches from three of the leading voices in the pro-white community, as well as an opportunity to network with and meet other like-minded individuals from across the country.

Ramzpaul, a popular YouTube commentator who often injects humor and mockery into his insightful video commentaries, spoke at length about the “alternative right” or “Alt Right,” as it has now become known, which represents a break away from mainstream conservatism and GOP party politics. The alternative right, a term originally coined by Richard Spencer, the president and director of the National Policy Institute who organized the conference and also spoke, is a popular and quickly growing dissident movement composed of a wide ranging group of activists, Internet commentators, intellectuals, former libertarians and others who have become disenchanted with the Republican Party and the conservative establishment. The Alt Right has taken a keen interest in Donald Trump, viewing the leading GOP presidential contender as a powerful threat to not only the Republican Party, but to the entire political establishment.


Dr. Kevin MacDonald, editor of both The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly, two scholarly publications focusing on white identity and interests, spoke second, focusing on the rise of Trump and how the maverick businessman turned presidential contender has changed the political landscape in America. Trump’s America-first populism is threatening the political establishment in Washington, D.C., while his entirely rational statements and positions on immigration, free trade and globalization, and foreign policy—not to mention his denunciation of political correctness—have greatly impacted the political discourse in this year’s presidential election, opening up space for formerly marginalized and demonized ideas.

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MacDonald’s inspiring and powerful speech addressed, among other topics, the Republican Party’s failure to champion the interests of the white working and middle class—its key constituency and voting block—while serving and advancing the interests of Wall Street, international capitalism, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Israel lobby. Trump, who was front and center the entire evening, is challenging the GOP establishment in a major way, leading the neoconservatives and Israel-firsters who have long dominated the Republican Party to hysterically denounce the GOP front-runner and pledge their support for Hillary Clinton.

Richard Spencer spoke last, focusing much of his attention on Trump’s campaign as well. Spencer highlighted Trump’s popular appeal, his boldness and willingness to say what needs to be said, despite the strangling effects of politic correctness. Although Spencer made clear that Trump is no white nationalist, he emphasized the positive impact his campaign has had on the political discourse in this country.


At least 20 unhinged protesters picketed the Reagan building, denouncing those in attendance as “racists” and “white supremacists,” while attempting to photograph attendees to expose their identity online. Radical leftist protesters have become increasingly hostile, vitriolic, and disruptive, particularly at Trump rallies. Despite the rowdy protesters outside, the conference was overall a major success by all indications.

“The NPI conference was, to me, all about being around others who believe in our struggle,” Angelo John Gage, a popular YouTube commentator and former Marine, explained to this reporter. “Nothing feels better than being around people who are in the same struggle as you, meeting up with them in the real world and shaking their hands, rather than clicking ‘like’ on their videos, articles or comments. What stood out to me was the perfect combination of comedy, content, and camaraderie, all blended together to deliver an informative and entertaining evening.”

Gage continued, reflecting the thoughts and views of many in attendance: “To me, NPI was not just a conference, but an experience. It inspired me. I felt like that’s where I belonged—around normal European Americans who simply want to ensure a future for their people.”

NPI also holds an annual fall conference each year, usually in late October over Halloween weekend. With the election season heating up, and the Trump candidacy engendering more and more hostility from the mainstream mass media and political establishment, the upcoming fall conference will no doubt generate tremendous interest.

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John Friend is a California-based writer who maintains a blog.

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