Immigration or Annihilation

The alien invasion of Europe has largely been brought about as a result of decades of war that have devastated the Middle East and North Africa. But this so-called “refugee crisis” is less about “enrichment.” It is really more about the “extermination” of distinct cultures in Europe as well as the majority white population on the continent.

By Ronald L. Ray

At what point does the introduction of a foreign population endanger the continued existence of a country’s native people, especially if the aliens are unassimilated or unassimilable? How many millions of foreigners does it take to overturn a civilization? We do not know, but the percentage is far less than half of the total population.

In a nation or continent whose leaders treasonously abet the invaders, that percentage may be as low as 10%-15%, as we now are witnessing in Europe.

The face of the foreign invasion issue, whether in Europe or America, seems always to be evolving—no doubt following the hidden plan of the Controllers. In Europe—the focus of this article—the aliens are primarily Middle Eastern, African or Gypsy, and almost all Muslim. They are a scimitar put to the heart of white populations and Western Christian culture, bringing violence, crime, and other antisocial behaviors with them.

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Two recent events demonstrate the ongoing war. On July 26, two Islamic assailants entered St. Étienne’s Catholic Church in Saint-Étienne-du Rouvray, France, near Rouen in Normandy. Their attack occurred at the morning Mass, during which they took hostage most of those present, including two nuns and the priest offering the Mass, Fr. Jacques Hamel, 86 years old. In an action all too symbolic, one of the men murdered the aged and well-liked priest by cutting his throat. The two men reportedly also preached Islam to the captives before the attackers ultimately were killed by special operations forces, yet authorities ridiculously struggled to find a motive for the men’s actions, one of whom had been under house arrest for attempting to reach Syria last year.

In response to the violent attack, Pope Francis refused to condemn Islam as the cause of this or other troubles, such as pederasty and the massive numbers of white women raped by alien scum. In Italy, the bishops held sacrilegious interfaith services with Muslim clergy in Catholic churches.

Instead of sending priests to convert the infidels, the politically and morally compromised hierarchy defends the presence of Muslims and other problematic foreign invaders, and excuses their destructive behavior. That is simply demented—and dangerous.

In a related incident, the website SPEISA reported the seemingly surprising claim by a Muslim group that Denmark will become the first Islamic state in Europe. The facts revealed make the claim shockingly likely.

A website purporting to be that of the “Danish Muslim Party” issued the statement, predicting that the Muslim political party soon will become the largest in the small Nordic country and impose sharia—which will, of course, clean up some moral decadence, only to replace it with a different type. The press release asserted that 1 million Islamists, 20-50 years of age, will move to Denmark as soon as Turkey becomes a European Union member, thanks to the open borders requirement.

That is not far-fetched. Denmark already has 700,000 Muslim residents, according to Mathaba News Network, and disturbingly, they comprise about a third of the Danish parliament. In Europe’s multi-party parliamentary systems, that is often more than sufficient to control the government.

On the positive side, a growing number of native Europeans is finally waking up to the self destructive stupidity of unlimited immigration.


But a few protests are not enough without action. One Polish town has closed its border with Germany, while Hungarians are set to reject European Union immigrant quotas in an upcoming referendum.

What is needed, though, is something far more radical, as the white European population implodes. Demography is destiny. But a recent proposal by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party to provide loans to German citizens for having children—which are amortized by having more children—was ridiculed by every other German party, including the Christian Democrats, as “racist,” “xenophobic,” and, naturally, “Nazist.”

Of course, the same parties happily spend hundreds of times that much on illegal aliens.

The increasingly angry native European population can do little against the plutocratic and political elites’ treacherous promotion of a societally overwhelming mass of foreigners. As many as 4 million are expected this year. That is four times 2015’s number. Europeans were deprived of effective firearms ownership long ago. Yet the illegal invaders have no problem getting knives, guns, and ammunition, suggesting government collusion in recent mass killings and crime.

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The alien problem in Europe is only a symptom. We must remember who began and who directs the foreign invasion of Europe—and of America. It is those diabolical forces bent on implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan for the destruction of Christianity, the genocidal mongrelization of the white race, and, ultimately, world domination by a handful of elites. But will the traditional peoples of Europe have the intelligence and courage to cut off the head of the serpent?

CORRECTION: One of our readers in Sweden wrote to point out that the portion of “Immigration or Annihilation” regarding the Danish Muslim Party (DAMP) is incorrect. The errors appear to result from possible mistranslation into English by our original source. There seemingly are not 700,000 Muslims in Denmark already. In fact, the number of Muslims, according to official Danish sources, is significantly smaller. The larger number, provided by DAMP, seems to have been wishful thinking by a “political party” whose website no longer exists. Also, the claim that the Danish Parliament is one-third Muslim was in fact merely DAMP’s belief that they could realistically achieve that level of representation. In actuality, the Danes may be among the Europeans most awake to the dangers of unfettered foreign invasion. The nationalist Danish Peoples Party has been enjoying steady growth in support and firmly opposes the entry of Muslims into the Nordic country. Nevertheless, the Islamic threat to traditional European peoples and cultures is quite real throughout the continent and Great Britain. AFP sincerely regrets the reporting error.

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of The Barnes Review. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence. Contact Ron by email at [email protected].

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  1. It is still not too late to deport them all. Israel has deported 25,000 Africans. Why no peep over that? I just wonder how much more the white people are going to take. Perhaps humanity has an unconscious death wish. We just might get it, if the psychopaths in current control ramp up WW3.I don’t know what it will take to awaken the masses. At this point the BS is in our faces.

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