Obama’s War on Cops; Only Black Lives Matter; Homo, Bisexuals More Violent

• President’s silence on murder of police speaks volumes.

By Patrick J. Buchanan —

Barack Obama, as chief law enforcement officer of the United States, is going to have to stop acting like a conscientious objector in this war on cops. On August 2, another officer, in Fox Lake, Illinois, Lt. Charles “GI Joe” Gliniewicz, was gunned down. On August 28, Darren Goforth, a Houston deputy sheriff, was shot 15 times by an alleged black racist.

Obama called the widow of Goforth, but he has yet to show the same indignation and outrage he exhibited at what happened to Trayvon Martin in Florida and Michael Brown in Missouri.

This year, 24 cops have been gunned down. And the day after Goforth’s execution, “Black Lives Matter!” showed up at the Minnesota state fair chanting, “Pigs in a blanket! Fry ‘em like bacon!”

Last fall, when mobs blocked highways after the death of Eric Garner in an encounter with police on Staten Island, the hoodlum chant was: “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want ‘em? Now!”

Soon after, two cops in Brooklyn were executed in their patrol car.

Time for Obama to ascend the bully pulpit and call out the racial demagogues in the fever swamps of his own radical left constituency.

For some of the evils of the last century we thought we left behind seem to be returning, as is the old indulgence of lawlessness when done by those claiming some “grievance” against society.

Violent crime is rising again, a direct result, many believe, of a new police reluctance to be aggressive in enforcing the law, to avoid violent clashes with criminals and suspects, the so-called “Ferguson effect.”

The lead story in the September 1 New York Times reported a surge in murders in the city after the Garner incident, and even greater surges in Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

A closer look at the Times’s figures reveals something more disturbing. Chicago, a city with not half the population of New York, exceeds New York in murders this year, 294 to 208.

Washington, a city not a tenth as populous as New York, had half as many murders, 105. Baltimore, where Freddie Gray died in police custody, and six officers have been charged in his death, has had more murders this year, 215, than New York, though New York has 14 times the population.

To discover the causes of the new crime wave in America, we should reconsider what rolled back the tsunami of crime that swept America from the 1960s to the early 1990s.

One of the causes of that crime wave was simple demography. From 1962 to 1990, the baby boom generation, largest in U.S. history, passed into, through, and out of that age cohort, 18 to 36, where crime among males is at its highest.

Second, beginning with the Reagan era around 1980, America nearly quadrupled the number of incarcerated, from 600,000 to over 2 million in jails and prisons. Muggers, robbers, rapists, killers were taken off the streets and put away for decades.

With mayors like Rudy Giuliani, hard-core criminals had the book thrown at them, and even petty crimes were prosecuted before the petty criminals graduated to worse crimes.

Cops became heroes. America’s cities became livable again.

Washington ceased to be the “murder capital of the nation.” Young people began moving in and fixing up inner-city neighborhoods that few had dared to visit a couple years before.

While we have nowhere near the numbers of murders, rapes and robberies we did in the worst decades of the 20th century, the crime rate is rising across the nation.

In D.C., restrictions on cops and a spike in crime have produced a huge vote of no confidence from the Fraternal Order of Police in once-popular Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Cops say that aggressive methods of crime control like New York’s “stop and frisk” make cities safer. The D.C. Fraternal Order says that city leaders need to “stop sacrificing the safety of our communities . . . to political correctness,” and let the cops do their jobs.

Post-Ferguson, America seems to be dividing angrily over this issue of cops and crime.

The right sees America’s cops as civilization’s last line of defense against crime and anarchy. Among liberal elites and the Black Lives Matter crowd, an old notion is regaining ascendancy—cops are the problem, and police are all too often the oppressors.

In the 1960s, Vice President Hubert Humphrey declared that if he had to endure the conditions of the ghetto, he “could lead a pretty good riot” himself, while Nixon ridiculed the Kerner Commission report that blamed the riots on “white racism.”

Nixon and George Wallace got 57% of the vote in 1968. And a strong stand for law and order helped to give the GOP a near quarter-century lock on the presidency.

The law and order issue is lying there again, waiting to be picked up.

Meanwhile we ought to hear from our president about who and what he thinks is responsible for all those wounded and dead cops.

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Patrick J. Buchanan is a writer, political commentator and presidential candidate and author.

Only ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Today’s Politically Correct Climate

By Dave Gahary

As should be clear to even the most politically liberal citizens of this once-great nation (although they might never admit it), the word has come down from the White House that criminal lives matter, blue—police—lives don’t, and black lives, especially, matter. It took the senseless, violent and horrific murder of a sheriff’s deputy in Texas to shine the light on part of President Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

On August 28, Darren H. Goforth, a white, 47-year-old, married father of a 12-year-old girl and five-year-old boy, and a 10-year veteran of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, was innocently gassing up his vehicle at a local Chevron station when Shannon Jaruay Miles, a 30-year-old black man carrying a “large handgun,” walked up behind him and shot him several times in the back of the head. As the wounded man fell to the ground, Miles shot him several more times in the back and head for good measure, emptying 15 shots into the law enforcement officer, in the unprovoked, random attack. Goforth’s offense: He was wearing a uniform.

While the decent people of this nation mourned, sending well wishes to Goforth’s wife and kids, and making a memorial of pump No. 8 where he was killed, Obama calculated his next move, determined to make sure his followers knew whose side he was on in this latest assault on hard-working white folk by a contingent of American blacks who have been increasingly emboldened by the president’s carefully crafted messages.

No, Goforth couldn’t have been Obama’s son, like the black criminal thug Trayvon Martin. No, there was no press conference photo op to rein in the lawlessness that has been let loose on this country by Obama and his minions. Obama did contact Goforth’s widow, Kathleen, almost four days after her husband had been taken from her, while on Air Force One en route to Alaska.

“On behalf of the American people, I offered Mrs. Goforth my condolences,” Obama said in an emotionless statement, “and told her that Michelle and I would keep her and her family in our prayers.”

It seems the president called Goforth’s widow only after pressure was applied on him to do so, in the form of an online petition on the popular website “Change.org,” offered by a man in Houston entitled “Acknowledge the unprovoked ambush and Capital Murder of Deputy Darren Goforth.”

Contrast the president’s empty words with those of Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman in a press conference the day after the murder. Hickman “addressed what he called the ‘dangerous national rhetoric:’”

When the rhetoric ramps up to the point where calculated, cold-blooded assassinations of police officers happen, this rhetoric has gotten out of control. We’ve heard black lives matter, all lives matter. Well, cops’ lives matter too. So why don’t we drop the qualifier and just say ‘lives matter’ and take that to the bank?

Sheriff Hickman was alluding to the ostensibly grass roots movement called “Black Lives Matter,” which sprung after Martin was shot dead by George Zimmerman in self-defense.

Hickman was immediately attacked by the usual suspects but has yet to back down.

Goforth was laid to rest a week after he was gunned down, where “nearly 11,000 law officials had come to pay their respects.” So far, over $500,000 has been donated to the Goforth family from across the country, via GoFundMe and other outlets.

Meanwhile, the failure of Obama, this country’s chief executive, to support law enforcement, is  taking root. This year, 23 law enforcement officers have been killed by gunfire, “a significant increase from 2014 when nine officers were ambushed and killed.”

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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Roanoke Killer Fit the Profile for ‘Most Violent’

By Victor Thorn

Only minutes after a black man named Vester Lee Flanagan II had been identified as the alleged shooter of two news reporters in Roanoke, Virginia, zealot Second Amendment opponents once again began their crusade to ban all firearms. But if these gungrabbers had taken a few moments to investigate Flanagan’s life, they would have learned that as a homosexual black man, he fell into two of the highest-rated categories for committing violent offenses.

From the years 2013-2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Smithsonian magazine, the Crime Victims’ Institute at Sam Houston State University , and the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy all released studies that concluded that domestic violence was significantly higher among homosexuals than straight people.

In February, 2014, Sam Houston University found, “Homosexuals and bisexuals had 36% more likelihood than heterosexuals of being involved in intimate partner violence.”

Likewise, on March 5, 2014 the Smithsonian’s Rachel Nuwer wrote, “[Those] who’ve had at least one serious same-sex relationship . . . were more likely to encounter domestic violence than heterosexual people.”

And Nora Dunne at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine concluded on September 18, 2014, “Domestic violence occurs at least as frequently, and likely even more so, between same-sex couples compared to opposite-sex couples.”

In November, 2011, the the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed that blacks commit 52% of all U.S. homicides, while only comprising almost 13% of the population. These numbers also show that blacks murder at a rate almost eight times higher than whites do.

In an embittered, rambling, 23-page manifesto that was faxed to ABC News, Flanagan vowed that he wanted to start a race war between blacks and whites. Then, after complaining about being mistreated by black men for being homosexual, he seethed: “My anger’s been building. I’m a human powder keg just waiting to go boom!”

Flanagan suffered from a persecution complex, once claiming that a former employer had called him a “monkey.”

His mental health issues were further exposed when police investigated Flanagan for flinging cat feces onto a neighbor’s balcony.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.