Gun Control is Dead

• Next generation of American firearms will be produced in your home.

By Dave Gahary —

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift this holiday season for a friend or family member who’s a big fan of the Second Amendment, a 26-year-old law school dropout from Little Rock, Arkansas has the product for you. And the good news is you can get your pre-order in time to have it under the tree.

This new invention has the potential to make gun control in America a thing of the past. Beginning in December, Americans will be able to manufacture their own firearms without ending up on any government lists or having to endure costly registrations, background checks or fingerprinting.


In this day and age, criminals bent on violence have no problem obtaining illegal firearms. Law abiding citizens, however, have to suffer through invasive regulations despite the fact that Second Amendment rights are codified in the Constitution.

Cody R. Wilson, the co-founder of Defense Distributed (DD), an Austin-based company, has developed “open source” gun designs that can be printed using a 3D printer. Open source refers to a distribution model that provides a product’s design or blueprint free. 3D printing allows for making three- dimensional objects of almost any shape.

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AMERICAN FREE PRESS sat down with Wilson on October 8 to discuss his company and the new product he makes, an inexpensive, easy-to-use 3D printer that will literally print out the parts to a firearm.

Wilson was in his second year of law school when the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook incident occurred. After that, when it looked like states were instituting harsh new gun control measures, he quit school to focus on his business.

“I had begun Defense Distributed months before, but once Sandy Hook happened it looked like there was gonna be a reach for the AR-15 [assault rifle] and magazines. Sandy Hook took me out of school basically; I started working full-time.”

“How we made our name and what we’re known for,” Wilson explained, “we started printing out of plastic AR-15 lower receivers (the part of a firearm that houses the operating parts), AR-15 magazines, AK-47 [Russian assault rifle] magazines and then eventually a completely plastic pistol (named the Liberator, a .380 ACP single-shot weapon) that could pass through metal detectors. We released all these files to the Internet started by May of 2013, and then we were shut down by the feds.”

DD’s open-source plans were sent over the Internet on May 5, 2013, making it available to anyone, anywhere, on the World Wide Web, and the U.S. State Department sent Wilson a letter dated May 8, 2013, advising him that he may be in violation of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, a set of government regulations that controls “the export and import of defense-related articles.”

Wilson voluntarily complied, but began his new project selling the printers in the beginning of 2014 with his six- to seven-man crew.

“This machine will start shipping in December,” he said. “The sky’s the limit with what you come up with for this machine to do.”

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5 Comments on Gun Control is Dead

  1. This argument about 3D-printed firearms is in its early days. The more time passes by, the crazier the things people will print; plastic guns are going to be the last thing to worry about.

  2. 5.56 lower sees no pressure. A standard NATO 5.56 round produces roughly 60,000 psi of chamber pressure when fired. Now you know why the barrels are cold forged steel. Now they were successful printing (using a $50,000 SLS or DLS laser sintering to fuse metal dust) a 45 caliber pistol (50 rounds) [45,000 psi]…but for that money why not just buy 50 Colt 1911s?

  3. I like it. All these alleged “rules/regs” made up by people to control other people – time to leave people alone. Send a letter to the “leaders” informing them we’re gonna smack them with a printout of the Constitution until they get some sense knocked into them.

  4. Gun Control is not only NOT dead but ever more pervasive and now invasive for Californians who can simply speak words and have guns confiscated.

    Governor Gerald (Jerry) Brown signed into law confiscation if family members simply speak their words of mighta, could, be scared of…, then police can go in and swipe anyone’s guns, all of them.

    Abuses will surely run rampant.

    Do not any longer say registration doesn’t lead to confiscation because now it does. And the guns don’t even need to be registered, just confiscated! On someone’s say-so.

    Sure looks like a long term trend in the land of the free.

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