Zionists Have Sights on Syria; U.S. Snubs Putin’s Plan

• Destruction of Syria would eliminate last hope of freedom for Palestinians.

By Olga M. Marinova —

Russians are reacting angrily to a neoconservative-and Zionist-sponsored hearing in Congress entitled “U.S. Policy After Russia’s Escalation in Syria.” On November 4, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Anne W. Patterson spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Committee demanding more money for the insurgents and terrorists trying to overthrow the legitimately elected government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Secretary Patterson made it clear to the committee that the State Department’s target is Assad. She added: “As the largest single donor since 2011, we have provided over $4.5 billion in humanitarian assistance to Syria,” of American taxpayers’ money.

This comes after the recent embarrassment to President Barack Hussein Obama, when he learned that a previous expenditure of $500 million resulted in only five trained soldiers for what neocons refer to as the “legitimate opposition” to Assad.

Patterson also revealed that the American cost for air strikes in the Syrian fighting has totaled approximately $8 million a day.

Russians are spending $2 million to $4 million a day on airstrikes despite the poor economic situation in Russia, said Victoria Nuland, the rabidly pro-Zionist assistant secretary for European and Eurasian affairs, who has pushed for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military intervention in Ukraine and Syria.

How Nuland arrived at an estimate for Russian expenditures in Syria remains unknown.

Nonetheless, the U.S. foreign policy that “Assad must go” continues and a United States government information war against Russia remains hot on the agenda of the neocon and Zionist politicians in the U.S.

While international media continues to paint the bloody fighting between the lawful Syrian government and terrorist invaders as a “civil war,” Assad in an interview with Russian-backed news website “RT” said that it is not a civil war but “a terrorist war by foreign extremists such as ISIS and al-Nusra.”

Assad pointed out in near-perfect English that “the West is supporting terrorists since the beginning of the crisis when it said that this was a peaceful uprising, when they said later it’s moderate opposition.”


Following an official request from Assad, the Russian Air Force has engaged in airstrikes and other operations targeting the military forces of the terrorists since the end of September.

The Russian operation’s results are already revealing: 1,200 sorties and 950 documented cases of destruction of terrorist posts in Syria.

International observers are in agreement that the current Russian missions have inflicted more damage on ISIS than have the last four months of American strikes.

The international media, as well as high-ranking U.S. officials like pro-Israeli Secretary of State John Kerry, have accused the Russian Air Force of attacking civilians and civilian targets.

“Russian bombs have flattened markets, schools, and villages—killing scores of innocents,” claimed House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce. “The Russians are bombing more targets in one day than the United States is in a month. If we’re going to defeat these terrorists, the Obama administration must push back on Russia’s destabilizing intervention in Syria and lay out the broad, overarching strategy needed to win.”

Accusations that the Russians are allegedly targeting civilians have been accompanied by no verification from any independent observers, however.

Recently, the U.S. media attacked Russia for allegedly bombing a hospital in Syria. State Department spokesman John Kirby was asked at a briefing whether the U.S. had evidence that Russian bombing had hit the Syrian hospital.

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Kirby said: “Yes, we’ve seen some information that would lead us to believe that . . . Russian military aircraft did hit a hospital. We have seen some press reporting to that end. We have seen some Syrian civil society groups say that.” However, Kirby produced no evidence supporting his allegations.

According to the popular Russian news website “Sputniknews.com,” non-governmental organizations, sponsored by George Soros, have been caught faking photos of civilian casualties that were supposedly caused by Russian airstrikes.

While these forgeries have been exposed, the U.S. was forced to admit that its military made a tragic mistake by bombing hospitals and schools in Afghanistan and Sudan resulting in hundreds of civilian deaths.

In the beginning of October 2011, before a United Nations (UN) resolution on Syria was announced, President Assad stated that, if NATO attacks Syria, he will order his military to shoot missiles at Tel-Aviv and that Hezbollah and Iranian military forces will strike NATO bases as well as Israel.

Russia vetoed all four UN resolutions on Syria, which stymied the Zionist-planned NATO invasion of Syria, keeping Assad from sharing the fate of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya—an act that to this day has left the North African country a violent, bloody mess.

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Olga Marinova is the European bureau chief for AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

U.S. Won’t Back Putin’s Syria Plan

• Does the United States really want to destroy the Islamic State army?

By Richard Walker

Not only is Washington not committed to Russia’s plan to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, it is refusing to cooperate with Russian forces in the war against Islamic State (ISIS) and other violent Saudi-backed militias, such as al-Nusra. That fact will not sit well with many people in the West who saw the bloodshed in Paris on November 13.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear Washington rejected Russian efforts to persuade the United States to join Russia’s war against Islamic militants. Somewhat curious is the fact that President Barack Hussein Obama claims to have a global coalition of 60 countries fighting ISIS, but in reality the vast majority of them have not fired a shot. That has led to suspicion the coalition is merely a ploy to give Washington and its Arab allies cover for their Middle East operations.

Putin has not minced words when addressing the failure of the U.S. to cooperate in Syria. He told news agencies that he had hoped, despite differences with Washington, for “close military and expert cooperation.”

He added: “Neither have we received any response to our request to provide Russia with relevant U.S. intelligence data for planning operations of our Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, although we have repeatedly asked the U.S. for such information.”

His comments came after a Russian plan for a political solution to the Syrian crisis was deliberately leaked to the media, it is believed, by U.S. sources within the United Nations (UN) Security Council.

The plan proposed that the UN envoy to Syria should form a council comprised of representatives of the Syrian government and opposition groups. Its sole function would be to create a legislative body as a pathway to presidential elections being held in Syria in 18 months.

The plan proposed that the legislative body should not be chaired by the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, but that he should remain in control of the Syrian armed forces.


The plan upset the Washington political cabal and the anti-Assad militias, sometimes referred to as the Free Syrian Army, because it does not advocate the removal of Assad.

To complicate matters further, Putin, in the wake of his political plan being made public, confirmed statements by Russian military spokesmen that Russia had been receiving actionable intelligence on ISIS from Free Syrian Army elements on the ground. The intelligence, he pointed out, had been used successfully.

What makes that revelation startling is that the U.S. and Israel—which bombed a facility near Damascus days after the plan was published, claiming it was a hub to supply weapons to Hezbollah—appear determined to scuttle the Russian effort and keep the conflict going.

Israel is always happy to see its enemies killing each other, and Obama, by sending special forces into Syria while refusing to coordinate with Russia, has made the Russian war against ISIS much more complicated.

Intelligence sources who spoke to AMERICAN FREE PRESS suggested that Obama’s move could be the beginning of a strategy to provide greater support for anti-Assad militias, with the aim of carving up Syria into fiefdoms, leaving Assad with little territory. The sources also hinted that, by not telling Russia exactly where U.S. Special Forces were stationed in Syria, Obama risked them mistakenly being targeted by Russia. The very prospect of that happening could limit Russia’s air operations.

A European source with diplomatic links to Moscow provided this writer with fascinating insight into the Syrian conflict by revealing that the Saudis, busy fighting an unwinnable war in Yemen, have been making secret overtures to Moscow, indicating they are having a change of heart about Syria and want closer ties with Russia.

“The Saudis are overstretched and bogged down in Yemen,” said the source. “They have used all their expensive military hardware to kill a lot of innocent people, and they’d achieved nothing but international condemnation. They know if they go in on the ground against the Houthi militias, they will face an Afghanistan problem in the mountains bordering Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Lately, the Houthis have fired anti-ship missiles at Saudi supply ships, proving things could get even nastier. The Saudis are looking for a deal. They will scale back support for al-Nusra and its affiliates in Syria if Russia will advocate with Iran to negotiate to end the Yemen civil war. The Saudis know Russia will eliminate ISIS and al-Nusra in Syria. Better to do a deal with Moscow now, is probably their reckoning.”

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Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.

2 Comments on Zionists Have Sights on Syria; U.S. Snubs Putin’s Plan

  1. Putin is smart and cunning and every move he makes is very thoroughly calculated to further his own goals and agenda. It’s no secret that Putin himself is pursuing an aggressive revisionist policy designed to undermine the post WW2 and post–Cold War orders.

    His possible disengagement from Syria can be associated with the following three scenarios:

    A. Putin miscalculated and saw the rise of Iran and all the victories going to Iran in the region, who is merely borrowing the Russian Air force. Therefore, once Putin realized there were no bigger prizes for him other than the airbase in Latakia, he decided to pull off and let Iran pursue the remainder of strategic war goals. Also, what Putin achieved at a minimum strengthened Assad regime, so he has a bigger negotiating power during the peace talks.

    B. Domestic economic pressures—bombing runs and maintaining effective military power needs serious financial resources. Once Putin had achieved his minimum—strengthened Assad regime, he claimed the credit at home and made another strategic move to pull the bigger force, while maintaining the minimum presence.

    C. This might be just another trick and maneuver in Putin’s handbook and this might not mean any sort of withdrawal on the short-term or long-term, since the Russian air force is still continuing bombing the rebels in Syria after the withdrawal announcement. What did Putin want to accomplish? Time will show us.

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