Boston Marathon Bombing Exploded, Pre-Trial

By Victor Thorn

In a blockbuster 1997 film Wag the Dog, Robert De Niro plays a fixer extraordinaire who’s summoned to the White House after a potential front-page scandal threatens to sink the president’s reelection. To deflect attention away from this controversy, De Niro and Hollywood producer Dustin Hoffman plan a fake war, or pageant, as they call it.

As De Niro famously quipped, “We’re not going to have a war. We’re going to have the appearance of a war.” Playing on this sentiment, director Barry Levinson stressed, “We’re reaching a point where it’s no longer easy to differentiate between what’s fabricated and what’s real.”

To drum up support for their contrived war, De Niro and Hoffman used actors, created a craze for armbands, and even composed a patriotic theme song. Of course, the same tactics were used during the first Gulf War (yellow ribbons tied around trees) and after 9-11 (tiny American flags placed in every window). As if reading from the same playbook, only days after the April 15, 2013 Boston bombing, crooner Neil Diamond appeared at Boston’s Fenway Park to belt-out their theme song, “Sweet Caroline,” as thousands of fans sang in unison. Similarly, amid chants of “USA, USA,” hockey players from the Boston Bruins presented their jerseys to police officers who participated in the bombing suspect’s manhunt. Even the 2013 Academy Award winning movie Argo was based on a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) fake film production during the Iranian hostage crisis.

Some readers may wonder what Wag the Dog has to do with the Patriot Day terror attacks. Well, millions of independent researchers asked a riveting question: if 26 children and teachers were slain at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, why didn’t the public see injured victims, gurneys, bloody victims, a massive student evacuation, or bodies loaded into ambulances? The government and corporate media took a literal drubbing as critics questioned the use of crisis actors reading from conflicting scripts filled with glaring contradictions and outright lies.

To compensate, is it possible that the powers-that-be swung their pendulum entirely in the opposite direction at Boston, providing a three-ring circus made-for-TV movie that had viewers sitting on the edge of their seats for nearly a week? Did they say: “OK, we’ll not only give you blood and guts, but how about bombs, amputees, a carjacking and midnight shootout, a convenience store robbery, and finally a manhunt leading to a primetime capture amid blazing gunfire.” Such a production unfolded like an overkill cliffhanger drama on steroids that surpassed even Wag the Dog theatrics.

Of course, the elite never fail to capitalize on a good tragedy, which introduces the concept of an Operation Gladio-style “strategy of tension” where, as Ground Zero Radio host Clyde Lewis stated during an interview with this writer, “Manufactured terror is used to instill fear while coercing, controlling and dividing the populace.” The preferred modus operandi for these shock tactics are assassinations, random shootings, and yes, bombings.

Researcher Vinnie Sammartino told this reporter, “There’s no reason to believe that Operation Gladio ever ended, especially since none of the perpetrators were prosecuted. What actual proof do we have, other than hearsay, to reinforce the official version of events at Boston? Plus, who’s telling it to us other than the government and mainstream media?”

Likewise, an April 20, 2013 Wall Street Journal article hinted at the notion of a false-flag attack. “The profile of the Boston bombing in many ways resembles a number of the recent foiled plots, a federal law-enforcement official said.”

Except, as Tony Cartalucci, an independent American geopolitical analyst based in Thailand, pointed out on April 19, 2013, “What the WSJ categorically fails to mention is that these ‘foiled plots’ were from start to finish engineered by the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] itself, with suspects, just as Tsarnaevs’ mother had claimed of her sons, under ‘constant FBI surveillance,’ and in fact led along every step of the way in a lead up to high-profile arrests.”

No better example can be provided than the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Or, as researcher Scott Creighton of “American Everyman” told this writer, “We have seen this pattern before. They set-up a patsy, and then the FBI arrives to be the hero. Judge Andrew Napolitano has even stated that the only plots FBI officials thwart are those they’ve created. They find a fall-guy and cobble together a plot to get their payoff. It’s entrapment.”

Allegedly, the final Facebook post by 19-year-old suspected terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev read, “This will be the last message before the police get me. I never done it. They set me up. Father please forgive me. I am sorry it has come to this.”


Smoking Gun No. 1

The most glaring questions associated with the Boston bombing revolve around an iconic photo of an individual being pushed down the street in a wheelchair after both his legs were reportedly blown-off. Although he’s been identified in the press, speculation exists as to whether multiple actors were used at different times as this scenario unfolded. So, to avoid confusion, he’ll simply be referred to as Wheelchair Man.

To present this case, a critical examination of photographic evidence in the aftermath of the Boston bombing triggers an array of suspicions. For starters, this reporter interviewed Michael Love of the Amputee Treatment Center in Batavia, New York. This prosthetist with 40 years’ experience stated, “If a man loses both his legs in what’s called a dirty injury, such as a bomb blast, he suffers a tremendous blood loss from his femoral arteries. Within the first two minutes he’ll bleed-out and lose consciousness, and within another minute his heart will stop beating.”

Confirming the above information, this writer interviewed Bill Deagle, M.D., who specialized for 29 years in burn medicine, toxicology, military rehabilitation and integrative molecular medicine. Deagle explained, “If someone has both legs blown off, within 20 to 30 seconds they’ll go into shock, and within two to three minutes lose consciousness. Without proper intensive medical attention to stop the bleeding, after three minutes max they’ll die.”

When questioned about the wheelchair photo, Deagle replied, “It’s pretty damn preposterous.”

Similarly, in an April 18, 2013 article on “Discovery News,” the chairman of Einstein Healthcare Network’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and chief medical officer for MossRehab, “the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation in the Philadelphia region,” Dr. Alberto Esquenazi, described the severe risks of such a catastrophic injury. “If there’s nothing to hold the blood, you go into cardio shock, and as a result you die.”

In other words, after blunt force trauma, within a few minutes double amputees lose quarts of blood because their arteries and tissues are violently shredded. Thus, the victim literally gushes blood like a garden hose. Yet, Wheelchair Man apparently survived for an extended period of time without, at the very least, a proper tourniquet being applied.

Pete Papaherakles, a reporter and outreach director for AMERICAN FREE PRESS, acted as the point-man for this article. “It’s an open-and-shut case with the Wheelchair Man. He’s the one thing that will blow this case wide open because it’s the most graphic footage from this event.”

When asked to elaborate, Papaherakles explained, “Wheelchair Man laid on the sidewalk for enough time that police were able to move a scaffold and first responders tended to other people with lesser injuries. If more than a couple of minutes elapsed, he’d be unconscious. Yet in the photos he’s lying on the ground for at least three minutes while medical personnel ignore him and treat others.”

Papaherakles continued, “Finally, Wheelchair Man—still conscious—was hoisted into a wheelchair. If he lost quarts of blood, it’s a joke that he’d be able to sit around and hold up his leg. It’s like a B-movie with this guy wearing a cowboy hat pushing him down the street. He’s sitting upright, so you’d think gravity would make his blood shoot down and out, but there’s no massive bleed-out. Plus, instead of a tourniquet with a stick and knot to twist it tight, the guy has what looks like a rag sitting on top of his lap.”

Amazingly, nobody is seen applying pressure to Wheelchair Man’s supposedly gaping wounds, nor does he even have blood on his hands. By all appearances, instead of gasping for his last breath while incapacitated by shock, Wheelchair Man looks like a nursing home patient who’s being pushed by an orderly to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Providing even more illustrations, Papaherakles stated, “If you look at the wheelchair photos, this guy supposedly lost two legs, yet he’s still conscious and there’s not a drop of blood on the street behind him. At least six minutes have now passed. Shouldn’t he be in severe shock? The wheelchair was a perfect Hollywood feel-good effect to show this guy’s alleged fibula [exposed bone] with a cowboy pushing him from behind. What could be more all-American?”

On April 15, 2013, Maine’s Portland Press Herald asserted of Carlos Arredondo, Cowboy Man: “Arredondo . . . tried using his clothes and towels to stanch the victims’ bleeding but they were hurt too badly.” Interestingly, in their initial April 16, 2013 report, David A. Fahrenthold of The Washington Post stated that Arredondo, native of Costa Rica, vaulted over a security fence to immediately assist a victim that had lost both his legs. In later interviews Arredondo claimed to have witnessed at least 30 limbs torn off of different victims.

In actuality, on post-blast videotape footage, Arredondo is seen helping officials tear down fencing and scaffolding that surrounded the victims. Or, he simply stood around waiting for his cue to spring into action by pushing the Wheelchair Man. All the while, Wheelchair Man is left unattended on the pavement as Arredondo and medical personnel utterly ignored him.

With this background in mind, Papaherakles offered another thought. “If you look at ads for amputee crisis actors, they say: we can simulate anything and make it look realistic to create the emotional input needed.”

Indeed, an organization known as Amputees in Action declares in their literature, “Most of our personnel have lost limbs as a direct result of trauma incidents . . . we are the only substitute for the real thing.”

Papaherakles added, “Look at the blood near Wheelchair Man right after the alleged bombing. It is way too bright red in color, and it should start turning a different shade near the edges after only a few minutes.”

To reinforce this point, on April 20, 2013, Ken Adachi, editor of the website entitled “Educate Yourself,” wrote, “Never in the course of human history has genuine human blood ever looked like the fire engine red paint-like liquid seen spilled on these bricks.”

Plus, high-resolution photos of Wheelchair Man lying on the sidewalk reveal that when he first lifts his prosthetic leg into the air, its bone dry with absolutely no blood present. Without any violent arterial spurting and no blood on his leg above the knees, it appears as if a hooded man begins pouring bright red paint on the sidewalk. Up until that point, for an extended period of time as the actors got situated into place, not one drop of blood is visible anywhere. Meanwhile, the “cowboy” who later pushes Wheelchair Man is pictured standing along a railing doing nothing, whereas the famed amputee still doesn’t have a drop of blood on what may possibly be a prosthetic.

To be quite precise in the construction of his timeline, Papaherakles said, “Wheelchair Man rolled around in the paint for an entire two minutes while Cowboy Man was busy messing with the fence and displaying a little American flag. Cowboy Man doesn’t go to help Wheelchair Man until 3:20 into the videotape footage. Up until then, four wheelchairs and two gurneys were rolled out before Wheelchair Man. When the photo of Cowboy Man pushing Wheelchair Man was snapped, over six minutes had elapsed since the supposed ordnance was detonated.”

Miraculously, Wheelchair Man survived this ordeal, and then once inside the hospital, lo and behold, he conveniently took it upon himself to “identify” both of the Tsarnaev brothers as bomb-planting terrorists.

It should also be noted that in 2011, Israeli medical professionals were enlisted to revamp the trauma center dedicated to “deep shrapnel wounds” at Massachusetts General Hospital. Then Chief of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Emergency Department, Alasdair K. Conn, M.D., confirmed the origin of their hospital’s triage specialization. “About two years ago, in actual fact, we asked the Israelis to come across, and they helped us set up our disaster team so that we could respond in this kind of manner.” Is it possible that if crisis actors were used in the Boston Marathon bombing, all of the so-called casualties were scurried into this ward maintained by a self-contained team of “insiders” or Israeli medics?

The most fundamental hurdle facing those plagued by cognitive dissonance is: why use crisis actors if it’s possible that at least one real bomb was exploded? To answer this question, we need to think once again in terms of a Wag the Dog-type script. For a “strategy of tension” to be effective, public relations and optics are everything. Thus, to make certain that TV viewers were bombarded with the maximum photo-ops, crisis actors displaying amputated legs and other bloody appendages guaranteed success. A “real” event couldn’t ensure this same type of horror movie gore, or that photographers would be perfectly positioned to take the necessary iconic pictures. So, why leave it up to chance?

In case there’s any doubt, on April 27, 2013 Nevada gubernatorial candidate David Lory VanDerBeek described a bombshell 2005 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) document entitled Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program Vol. IV. “FEMA lays out policies and procedures for hiring actors, waivers, disaster makeup (i.e. blood and guts), local hospital participation, advanced media announcements, and post media releases. The concern of many Americans including myself is the (sic) our government is staging false flag terrorist events and then using actors live on-scene to advance the terrorist narrative. It’s like having actors intermingled with the real victims who cannot tell one another apart. The victims think all the victims are real. The actors think all victims are actually acting as part of the drill.”

Astute researchers have even uncovered the same female crisis actor being interviewed by CNN not only on April 15 at the Boston Marathon, but also four days later in Watertown during the police manhunt. What are the odds of such an occurrence?

In this context, the use of crisis actors confirms foreknowledge of this “spike event” in Boston. Moreover, now that a precedent or modus operandi has been established, it lends much more credence to the notion that flimflam crisis actors were also used at Sandy Hook to bolster and reinforce the official narrative.

A spike event is a term this writer coined meaning a paradigm shift so monumental that the world is forever altered.  Examples would be Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, and 9-11.


Smoking Gun No. 2

Akin to the virtual blackout of physical evidence at Sandy Hook proving that a massacre transpired, what has anyone actually seen that verifies beyond any reasonable doubt that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev planted bombs in Boston on April 15? All that’s been presented is approximately three seconds of video footage of them strolling along a sidewalk during the marathon. Although FBI officials insist they possess proof of them setting down pressure-cooker bombs hidden within backpacks, why have they refused to disclose it?

Also, since it’s known that the FBI interrogated 26-year-old Tamerlan in 2011, on April 15 the brothers made no attempt to conceal their identities, with the younger one even wearing his hat backwards to fully reveal his face. Are these the actions of terrorist masterminds?

On April 21, 2013, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to describe their surveillance videos. “The video tape is not something I’ve seen,” Patrick admitted, “it’s been described to me in my briefings. But it does seem to be pretty clear that this suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off, and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion.”

At any rate, it’s been confirmed that both the FBI and CIA investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011 after being contacted by Russia’s intelligence services. Thereafter, he was entered into a terrorist watch list database and top secret no-fly list, while Dzhokhar possessed a Massachusetts driver’s license.

Furthermore, the mother of these suspects, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, discussing the FBI, divulged on April 19, 2013, “They used to come [to our] home, they used to talk to me . . . they were telling me that he [the older, 26-y/o Tamerlan] was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites . . . they were controlling him, they were controlling his every step . . . and now they say that this is a terrorist act! Never ever is this true, my sons are innocent!”

Also, the UK’s Daily Mail divulged on April 26, 2013, “The mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects was put on a CIA terrorist watch list 18 months before the tragedy.” In other words, “The Company was fully apprised of her identity more than a year prior to the Boston event.

The father, Anzor, told The Wall Street Journal on April 20, 2013 via telephone from Russia that FBI agents came to talk to Tamerlan as a “person of interest.”

Explaining that he was present during one FBI meeting, he said, “Yes, I was there. Of course I was there. It was in Cambridge. 410 Norfolk Street, Cambridge.”

Anzor the visit was “for what he described as ‘prevention’ activities that involved Tamerlan.”

“They said: We know what sites you are on, we know where you are calling, we know everything about you. Everything. They said we are checking and watching—that’s what they said,” recalled Anzor.

Uncle Ruslan Tsarni told NBC’s “Today” show on April 20, 2013, “I strongly believe they [the brothers] were just puppets and executors of something of bigger scale.”

With this information in mind, at 5:20 pm on April 18 when the FBI released to the entire world photos of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, why wouldn’t Boston FBI agents immediately run a check of their watch list database and exclaim, “Hey, we know who they are!”? Moreover, the feds maintain billions of dollars worth of high-tech facial recognition software. Are we to believe no matches were found, especially when the FBI personally interviewed Tamerlan and he still resided in the Boston area?

Scott Creighton analyzed this situation. “At its most elementary, the FBI has admitted contact with the brothers, but then they put out pictures acting like they didn’t know them. They even requested the public’s help in finding these guys. Why did they pretend they didn’t know who they were? The FBI hasn’t shown an actual video of the brothers dropping a bag filled with explosives, so there’s no reason to suspect them any more than thousands of other people there that day.”

When asked if he expects the FBI to release this footage of the brothers allegedly setting down their backpacks, Creighton laughed, “Yeah, the same time they give us videos from OKC [the Oklahoma City bombing] or from the 80 Pentagon cameras on 9-11.”

Creighton next proposed a theory as to why the brothers were at the marathon that day. “The FBI always uses confidential informants (CIs) to groom potential patsies. So, the CI’s role was to first become entrusted over time by the brothers, and then on April 15 get them downtown at a specific time. Tamerlan had an interest in Islam, so the plotters could capitalize on him as a patsy. So, more than likely, this CI called the brothers on April 15 and invited them downtown. When a spotter on the roof noticed them, he contacted their ground team and said these men were walking down the street. They were then photographed wearing their backpacks, and later standing in front of a restaurant waiting for the CI, who they probably called on their cell phones wondering where he was.”

As Creighton wrote in his aforementioned article, “There are no videos of these guys doing jack shit except standing in front a restaurant waiting for the FBI confidential informant to show up.”

Smoking Gun No. 3

After the April 15 melee, what did the brothers do for the next two days? By all accounts, Dzhokhar attended college classes, checked on his Mercedes at a Watertown body shop, slept in his dorm room, sent tweets, and calmly partied on the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus. University officials provided a great deal of knowledge in regard to Dzhokhar’s whereabouts due to swipes on his campus ID card.

But then, on April 18, prior to when FBI agents disclosed photos of them, all traces of their wanderings vanished. After nightfall though, when most Americans went to bed, they awoke the next morning to hear news of the cold-blooded murder of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer, the robbery of a 7-Eleven store, and a firefight between the brothers and police. More dramatically, like a high-budget Tinseltown action movie, the brothers allegedly tossed grenades and pressure-cooker bombs out their car window at police after hijacking an SUV and holding the driver hostage. Oh yeah, to ensure their guilt, one of the brothers supposedly confessed to the apprehended motorist, “Did you hear about the Boston explosion. I did that.”

During the course of this escapade, reports also surfaced of a naked man being arrested and handcuffed, not to mention Dzhokhar running over his brother with the stolen SUV during a high-speed escape. Yet, Boston police haven’t provided footage from their in-car dash cams, nor has anyone seen verifiable video footage of the brothers involved in a shootout. There does happen to be blurry cell phone clips and audiotapes of gunfire, but absolutely no evidence that would stand-up in court.

On top of that, the alleged carjacked Chinese driver—who the brothers inexplicably didn’t kill and conveniently allowed to escape—refuses to be identified by anything other than the nickname “Danny.” To confuse matters even further, on the morning of April 19, a caller named “Linda” phoned into the radio station WEEI 93.7 FM and relayed the following account to hosts John Dennis, Gerry Callahan and Kirk Minihane. “The first suspect got hit by a police SUV, and then after he was shot multiple times . . . from what we saw early this morning, I’d be hard pressed to think that he was actually pronounced dead at the hospital. From the injuries he incurred on the street, I would say he was probably dead when he was put in the ambulance.”

Was this woman referring to Tamerlan Tsarnaev? It is essential that clarification be made on this revelation, especially since police, and later the coroner, have maintained their story that Dzhokhar ran over his brother with the stolen SUV before dragging his body down the street and escaping.

On the other hand, Richard E. Wolfe, M.D., Chief of Emergency Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, told the Boston Herald on April 20, 2013, “I certainly did not see any tire marks or the usual things we see with someone run over by a car.”

Despite a great deal of emphasis being placed on the Tsarnaev brothers burglarizing a convenience store after carjacking a SUV, on April 22, 2013, Fox News exposed this lie. “Bizarrely, police discounted earlier reports that the brothers had robbed a 7/11, saying although it had been robbed, and they had been caught on surveillance video, they were not the robbers.” What’s most astounding is that, according to an April 25, 2013 article by Billy Hallowell, the founder of Pathufind Media, “. . . initial reports that the brothers first came to the attention of the police after robbing a 7-Eleven were wrong.” But, since they never pulled this heist, why did authorities say that’s how they became aware of the Tsarnaev brothers early Friday morning, April 19?

More gaping holes appeared in the official story. Specifically, the public was told that the most wanted public enemies in America harbored a vast cache of weaponry. Yet, Hallowell reported, “Police may have only found one other weapon that is traceable back to Tamerlan. This means that the brothers didn’t necessarily have an arsenal, as was previously assumed.”

Circumstances get even stranger. According to the official story, after 19-year-old Dzhokhar barreled over his brother, he sped away in the stolen SUV through a line of police cars before fleeing on foot. Did no cruisers follow in hot pursuit like everyone has seen on hundreds of televised high-speed chases? If they did, how could a teenager—possibly wounded and dripping blood—evade an entire squadron of local, county and state policemen? It seems highly implausible.

Whatever the case, authorities also possess highly-trained K-9 units that can track the scent of a person for miles. If Dzhokhar were bleeding, these dogs could have followed his trail with no problem whatsoever. Still, with 9,000 federal and local lawmen from 30 different alphabet agencies on the scene, a single 19-year-old ran amok for approximately 20 hours without capture.

Finally, during primetime television on Friday evening April 19, a Watertown resident said he noticed blood on the outside of a boat parked in his yard. Common sense tells us that blood on the boat means Dzhokhar probably bled elsewhere. 9,000 lawmen and/or a canine unit scouring every home door-to-door didn’t notice or smell this trail of blood?

Again, what specific evidence has anyone seen of Dzhokhar’s time on the lam? The answer is none. Rather, newscasters informed the public that Dzhokhar was discovered lying unresponsive inside a Watertown resident’s boat. Following another Hollywood-style “shootout,” Dzhokhar—allegedly shot through the throat—stepped from the boat before being arrested. Officials claim he had lost large amounts of blood by this time. Again, 9,000 feds or K-9 dogs never noticed this blood after placing Watertown under a de facto martial law lockdown?

Weeks later, the ludicrousness of this tall tale was blown wide open. Hallowell laid down the gauntlet. “Police sources are now claiming that the 19-year-old suspect was not armed while hiding in the boat.”

Yet, media pundits clearly stated that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and police officials exchanged at least 200 rounds of gunfire between each other. How is that possible if Dzhokhar didn’t possess a weapon? Furthermore, authorities alleged that Dzhokhar couldn’t speak after his capture because he tried to commit suicide and mistakenly shot himself in the throat. But suicide via gunshot is fairly difficult without a gun.

Symbolism & Mainstream Media Razzle-Dazzle

With the April 15 Boston bombing and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s subsequent arrest on April 19, astute readers are no doubt aware that this stretch of time in mid-April has provided a backdrop for other monumental events:

  • April 16, 2007: Virginia Tech massacre
  • April 18, 2013: West, Texas fertilizer explosion
  • April 19, 1993: ATF-created inferno at Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas
  • April 19, 1995: OKC bombing
  • April 20, 1999: Columbine High School massacre
  • April 20, 2010: BP Deepwater Horizon blowout and oil spill

So, when a “terror event” unfolded in Boston on the highly symbolic Internal Revenue Service Tax Day, red flags should have been immediately erected, especially in light of the following revelation. At 12:53 p.m. on the afternoon of April 15, the Boston Globe tweeted, “Officials: there will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.”

A follow-up tweet, sent only moments later, read, “Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block of Boylston Street.” Coincidentally, a subsequent explosion did occur directly across from the Boston Public Library at 673 Boylston Street, just as the Globe predicted. Full awareness indubitably existed on the part of both media members and, apparently, police officials.

The importance of this point cannot be overstated. A bombing drill had been planned for April 15 at the Boston Marathon. Paramedics, ambulances, law enforcement and crisis actors were all in place. On top of that, somebody obviously contacted the Boston Globe as to the inevitability of this drill. The stage had been perfectly set to enact a live-action Wag the Dog “strategy of tension” that would rivet America for weeks on end.

In the aftermath of this event, to ensure that mainstream media reports coincided with the government’s version, stories began shifting and changing. Most importantly, FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other intelligence agencies widely reported that two other undetonated bombs had been discovered near the marathon route in Boston. The Wall Street Journal increased that number to five. Yet, by the next day, April 16, revisionist history set in, and all mention of unexploded bombs had been denied and flushed down an Orwellian memory hole.

Secondly, around 3:00 p.m. on April 15, only 10 minutes after the marathon spike event, an explosion occurred inside the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum around three miles away near the Boston Harbor. Official police dispatches “confirmed the explosion.” But, in short order, this library explosion was reevaluated as “an unrelated fire” and, similar to the controlled demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 on the afternoon of 9-11, erased from the script.

Thirdly, as Scott Creighton asserted, did the silhouetted man striding along a Boston high-rise roof act as a lookout in order to locate the Tsarnaev brothers arrival in Copley Square?

Fourth, 59-year-old runner Mike Heiliger revealed that a day prior to the marathon a woman vehemently gave pre-race competitors an ominous message. “It was a little creepy because you can identify who the runners are and I heard her say to this runner two feet away from me that, ‘If you run tomorrow you’re going to die,’” Heiliger recounted.

Fifth, University of Mobile cross-country coach Al Stevenson informed a local Boston television station that bomb-sniffing dogs were in place at the marathon’s start and finish lines. “They kept making announcements on the loudspeaker,” Stevenson noted, “that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.” Of course, such descriptions are reminiscent of a bomb squad truck parked only blocks away on the morning of the OKC bombing, innumerable drills on 9-11, and even a training exercise being conducted only miles away coinciding with the event at Sandy Hook.

Sixth, on April 16, 2013, New York’s Daily News admitted to Photoshopping a picture that appeared on their front page. This revelation is vitally important because it confirms that media venues engage in this practice. Fortunately, this time they got caught red-handed, thus establishing another precedent. As Joe Pompeo of online news site Capital New York wrote on April 17, 2013, “Editing should maintain the integrity of the photographic images’ content and context. Do not manipulate images in any way that can mislead viewers or misrepresent subjects.” Pompeo was quoting from the code of ethics of the National Press Photographers Association, a professional society that promotes the highest standards in visual journalism.

Lastly, why were individuals from a Blackwater-style security firm named Craft International (wearing skull insignias on their ball caps) openly present prior to the Boston bombing, especially with bulky backpacks strapped to their bodies as they spoke into cell phones and carried what looked like radiation detectors?

Equally as interesting, Craft International’s co-founder, CEO and president was a man named Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle, who as the author of American Sniper, was known as the deadliest rifleman in United States military history. Tragically, on February 2, Marine veteran Eddie Ray Routh gunned down Kyle and his buddy at a Texas shooting range.

Scott Creighton proposed an intriguing theory. “What if Kyle was approached by someone wanting his group to take part in an ongoing destabilization campaign in this country, and Kyle said no? Kyle was a public figure and writer. He had a lot of credibility that the powers-that-be helped him obtain. What if he said no? What would they do to him?”

On the surface, this hypothesis may sound outlandish. But, in 2009 Kyle murdered two gun-toting assailants that attempted a truck-jacking against him at a remote Texas gas station. Making matters even more peculiar, in American Sniper Kyle recounted an alleged incident where, following the wake for a Navy SEAL, he confronted none other than former pro wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. According to Kyle, he decked the Conspiracy Theory host after Ventura bad-mouthed soldiers in the Iraq War. Ventura, of course, has been a highly-visible critic of the 9-11 Commission Report and other false-flag attacks. He also staunchly denies that Kyle ever popped him in the face.

Motive: Martial Law

Upon analyzing all the Boston bombing discrepancies, anomalies and outright lies, what is the endgame for those behind this incident? The answer, akin to a triumphant scene from Wag the Dog, revolved around the optics that millions of television viewers witnessed during primetime on the evening of Friday, April 19. After quasi-martial law had been enacted throughout Watertown and Boston, once authorities “captured” 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, local residents waved flags and gave standing ovations to FBI officials, state policemen and local cops as they drove between cheering throngs. They cheered their oppressors. Or, as George Orwell predicted, they came to love Big Brother.

A precedent has been established where people were now accustomed to assault weapons-toting militarized storm-troopers entering their homes without warrants. Creighton observed, “It was a prelude to martial law and NDAA 2012 [The National Defense Authorization Act, aka the indefinite detention bill]. Senator Lindsey Graham [R-S.C.] even said, ‘I wish we had some drones.’ Believe me: drone strikes on American citizens are coming next, along with midnight raids. Imagine: they locked down an entire neighborhood and conducted a door-to-door manhunt all because of one 19-year-old kid. Armed soldiers walked up and down the streets while SWAT [Special Weapons And Tactics] vehicles drove through Watertown. It was an American Gladio operation.”

Creighton continued, “Did you know that Boston’s Mayor is best friends with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Together they started an organization called ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns.’ In fact, Bloomberg’s people helped out in Boston, just as they did at Aurora and Sandy Hook. By forcing their way into everyone’s house, they’re saying: your friends, neighbors and co-workers could be homegrown terrorists. Plus, if you’re ever arrested, count on losing your Miranda rights and being questioned by special interrogation teams from the FBI, CIA and NSA [National Security Agency].”

Undoubtedly the photos from Watertown epitomize a strategy of tension: hordes of helmeted troops wearing tactical gear demanding—sometimes at gunpoint—entrance into each and every person’s home. Moreover, a no-fly zone was enacted as helicopters buzzed overhead, streets were blockaded, and commando vehicles patrolled these lockdown areas.


Every patsy necessitates a handler, so it’s imperative to reexamine the Tsarnaev Brother’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, who claimed that his nephew Tamerlan had been transformed under the influence of a clandestine Armenian figure named Misha. “This person took his brain. He brainwashed him completely,” Tsarni stated.

But Tsarni harbors a few skeletons in his own closet. During the 1990s he married Samantha Fuller, daughter of CIA official Graham E. Fuller, who extended quite a deal of influence during the Iran-Contra debacle. Fuller also authored a book entitled The Future of Political Islam that became a favorite among neocons.

According to two separate April articles by investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker, Tsarni served as a top-level oil executive with connections to a Halliburton shell company named Big Sky. With ties to organized crime in an array of former Soviet republics, Tsarni found himself implicated in a money laundering scheme at Big Sky that totaled more than $6 billion.

Considering Tsarni’s entanglement within the CIA’s tentacles, let’s next turn our attention to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife, Katherine Russell, whose grandfather was a Skull and Bones member and powerful oilman. In fact, many decades earlier, William Russell co-founded Skull and Bones in 1832, whereas their family is one of the most prestigious in American history. It goes without saying that Skull and Bones has functioned as a breeding ground for the recruitment of future CIA spooks, including generations of the Bushes.

With these links to the intel world, oil tycoons and the neocons, Tsarni helped form the group American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, that boasted such Bush-era warmongers as Richard Perle (nicknamed the Prince of Darkness), Elliott Abrams (a convicted Iran-Contra figure), former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, ex-CIA Director James Woolsey, and rabid anti-Islamist Frank Gaffney. By the way, all of these individuals were signatories of the Project for a New American Century that provided a blueprint for the 9-11 attacks.

It’s not surprising then when Tamerlan Tsarnaev ventured to the Russian provinces in mid-2012 he attended a workshop called the Fund of Caucasus which was sponsored by the CIA-associated Jamestown Foundation. Two of the primary movers behind the Jamestown Foundation were former CIA Director William Casey (another Iran-Contra plotter), and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. Historians now confirm that Brzezinski manipulated the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan in 1979. In this light, The Fund of Caucasus existed as another arm of the Operation Gladio-style “strategy of tension.” According to an April 24, 2013 article on “,” they “recruited young people and intellectuals of the North Caucasus to enhance instability and extremism in the southern regions of Russia.”

In this regard, direct parallels can be found between the lives of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Lee Harvey Oswald. As to the former, it appears the CIA enjoyed a direct relationship with Russian Uncle Ruslan Tsarni, who in turned handled Tamerlan. As almost a mirror image, the CIA and George H.W. Bush held sway over Russian George de Mohrenschildt, who acted as Oswald’s handler in Dallas.

On April 24, 2013 Dr. Kevin Barrett, author of Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9-11 Big Lie, wrote, “Both were earmarked ‘enemies’ (Tsarnaev a ‘radical Muslim,’ Oswald a ‘communist’) who traveled to Russia on mysterious errands—and both, according to official pronouncements, managed to pass completely undetected by the national security apparatus of both nations.” In true Gladio fashion, the Oswald-era “war on communism” had been updated and replaced by our current “war on terrorism.”

Sandy Hook Connection

In a 2006 movie entitled The Prestige, an ingénieur described how sleight-of-hand, misdirection and illusion were utilized to deceive an audience. “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called ‘The Pledge.’ The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered or normal. But of course it probably isn’t. The second act is called ‘The Turn.’ The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret, but you won’t find it because, of course, you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled . . . that’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call ‘The Prestige.’”

Essentially, the illusion is conducted right in front of everybody, but the only ones able to deconstruct it are those willing to look. Ironically, the director of Prestige was Christopher Nolan, who also filled that role in another conspiracy-related film, The Dark Knight. Of course, the patsy who took a fall during the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, James Holmes, assumed the persona of Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker. Oddly enough, the phonetic pronunciation of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s first name equates to: Joe-Kar. None too subtly we’re reminded of Michael Hoffman’s “Revelation of the Method” where the cryptocracy engages in a grotesque “clown-like grinning mockery” of us.

At another level, in The Dark Knight when Police Commissioner Gordon examines a map, only one locale is discernable: Sandy Hook. Weirder yet, The Dark Knight’s prop-master, Scott Getzinger, not only lived in Newtown, Massachusetts, but also died in an automobile accident on April 7, 2012, from “non-life threatening injuries.” A month after the Sandy Hook event, Getzinger’s wife Susan spoke out about the rampant corruption in Newtown.

If we continue this entertainment industry-related theme, on March 17, 2013—less than a month prior to the Boston Marathon pandemonium—Fox television aired an episode of a cartoon series named Family Guy that was entitled “Turban Cowboy.” In an early scene, a mass murderer driving a car mows down runners at none other than the Boston Marathon. Later, a Muslim jihadist, Mahmoud, directs a sleeper cell of terrorists as he activates two bombs via cell phone. Media talking heads floated the idea that the Tsarnaev brothers triggered their “bombs” via cell phone. Finally, when the Arab terrorist detonates his bombs, a wheelchair bound man is seated at the table beside him.

Do all of these elements—“Turban Cowboy” (a combination of Islamic terrorism and the iconic photo of Cowboy Man), the Boston Marathon, mass murder, cell phones activating bombs, and the infamous Wheelchair Man—constitute subliminal mind control, predictive programming, or the perpetuation of a tried-and-true methodology where fall guys are used to promote a strategy of tension? All of these variables are plausible, especially when the Tsarnaev brothers (one deceased, the other incapacitated) may never be allowed to speak on their own behalf à la Lee Harvey Oswald’s notorious quip, “I’m just a patsy.”

Whatever the case, to ensure the maximum freak-out reaction, choreographers in Boston sought a dramatic amount of “ultra-violence” as they called it in A Clockwork Orange. But why select the Boston Marathon? From this writer’s perspective, we need to revert back a few months to Sandy Hook. Although the alleged Adam Lanza massacre transpired on December 14, 2012, what if an actual bloodbath were scheduled for December 11—three days earlier—but at the last moment someone got cold-feet and called it off?

Still, events had already been set in motion, especially numerous Sandy Hook tribute websites that had been posted online December 11. So, unable to turn back, the “directors” settled for a Wag the Dog alternative, namely a contrived slaughter of schoolchildren and teachers where crisis actors reading from error-prone scripts substituted for actual victims.

This simulated mass murder, though, backfired when tens of millions of YouTube viewers asked a pressing question: where are the dead bodies, gurneys, and bloody victims being loaded into ambulances, or frantic children fleeing from the Sandy Hook schoolhouse? The public had seen absolutely nothing, and as such this hoax was exposed in an embarrassing fashion on a widespread scale.

As a way of redeeming their past mistakes, only four months later the terror-cabal unleashed a “bombing” in Boston that touted all the blood, guts, suspense and drama of a blockbuster Hollywood action flick. This Bostonian strategy of tension filled television viewers with the prerequisite dosage of fear, which thereby required various government agencies to step in and assume the role of protectors. As a way of completing the process (i.e. ensuring safety), militarized troops stormed through the streets of Watertown, thus opening the door to a clampdown on more rights as American society moved closer toward Orwellian Big Brother tyranny.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. I don’t know how anyone could legitimately argue against the truth of the first half of the article. One only needs to examine the evidence to see that Boston and Sandy Hook were both drills using crisis actors. Can people be paid to participate in a false flag? Of course they can. Can they be induced to keep their mouths shut? Obviously they can. The world knew nothing of the atomic bomb until one was dropped on Hiroshima, though tens of thousands of Americans worked on the project. The world didn’t know of the extent the NSA spies on not only Americans but people around the world until one man out of tens of thousands working for that agency came forward. And Area 51—another example of thousands of people keeping their mouths shut or else. As to the second half containing an explanation of the connections involved, I’ve yet to hear anything that that fits the missing puzzle pieces better than this article.
  2. Boy, you sure have the real story there, Vic!

    You are what we used to call a Super Genius. No one will pull the wool over your eyes—you have experts and more at your beck and call to help unfold the dirty laundry.

    Seriously, though, the fringe element has always existed. It was the Intrawebbynet that inched you closer to the pavement, though you still reside well below the line of reason and intelligence. The worst part of all this, you don’t believe a sh*tload of the sh*tload you’re pushing on the public. Like the most partisan TV personalities (you’re neither a journalist nor a newsman), you picked your fight and you’re sticking to it. The next time a bomb kills someone in an act of terrorism, you will find the angle to play up the False Flag before you ever consider the facts, or video or first hand accounts.

    In your world, we’re ALL in on the scam. All of us here in Boston are in on it—the cops, the firefighters, the bystanders. Everyone is in on Sandy Hook—the teachers, the parents, the other kids. There’s no other way for it work. So in a world when you can’t get four people to agree politically or socially on anything, you’ve lined up thousands of men and women and children and convinced them to go along with tragic and earth-shattering terrorist scenarios in order to make a point that the government is bad.

    Good luck. And make sure you keep your mom’s basement rumpus room clean in case she has company.

  3. Heard a rumor floating around that AFP fired Piper. Can anyone confirm that?

    Reading this outstanding article by Victor Thorn reminded me of how Piper and Keith Johnson and few others were trying to claim that the “official” narrative about Sandy Hook and also, I believe, about the Boston so-called “bombing,” were legitimate.

    I wonder if that had anything to do with the rumor about Piper getting the ax?

    Also, if it did—then why is Keith Johnson still writing for AFP?

  4. You need to check the background of your sources such as Bill Deagle as using him makes your article not credible.

    In His Perfect Peace, PD

    By the way, I know these things at the link I have sent to be true as I heard Bill and saw him state these things. He is off the planet.

  5. I enjoyed your article; it covered a lot. I would just like to add one of the other oddities that occurred.

    There was a lookalike to one of the brothers who was missing and later found dead. Such an odd coincidence as he could certainly pass for Tsarnaev under the right photographic conditions.

    Was he used in some way or did he refuse to be used in someway?

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