Saudi Arabia Threatens Blackmail Over Torture, 9-11

• Royal family threatens to dump three-quarters of a trillion in U.S. federal bonds.

By Richard Walker —

First Saudi Arabia threatened to wreck the United States economy if Congress introduced a bill to end Saudi immunity from financial claims for its alleged role in the 9-11 slaughter. Now, the Saudis have used similar financial blackmail to force the United Nations (UN) to hide the truth of Saudi coalition war crimes against innocent children in Yemen.

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Any time Saudi Arabia is about to be exposed for its role as a criminal state that supports and finances terrorist groups like al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS), or for its bombing of civilian targets in Yemen that has led to the deaths of at least 600 children, it uses its massive oil wealth to intimidate those who seek to expose it. It also encourages its Arab allies in neighboring oil-rich states to follow its lead in threatening to defund organizations opposed to its policies.

The latest threat to withdraw Arab financial commitments to the UN followed the inclusion of the Saudi Kingdom on a blacklist of nations guilty of slaughtering children. Right away, Saudi allies like Jordan brought pressure to bear on the outgoing UN chief, Ban Ki-moon, resulting in the UN agreeing to cut Saudi Arabia from the blacklist. That led to outrage from human rights groups across the globe forcing the UN to do a back flip by claiming it was reviewing the matter and would issue a ruling by August 2016 on Saudi Arabia’s inclusion on the list.

According to The Guardian and other news outlets, the moment it was announced that the Saudis were going to be shamed as child killers, ministers from Arab states allied with Riyadh began a campaign of intimidation against the UN. Rumors were circulated that Saudi clerics, who represent a powerful voice in the kingdom, were threatening to issue a religious order against the UN, but most of the Saudi-inspired chatter was about defunding the UN of hundreds of millions of Arab dollars.

The UN’s capitulation hardly surprised UN watchers. A European diplomat, who spoke to this writer on condition of anonymity, lamented the manner in which the UN buckled under Saudi-Arab pressure.

“It illustrated that the UN has no moral spine,” he complained. “It further damaged the image of the UN worldwide. As it stands, it has limited credibility, and has long been riven with scandal and dominated by vested interests. The history of the sexual abuse of women and children by its soldiers in African countries is a dreadful matter that has not had the attention it deserves.”


The blackmailing of the UN followed on the heels of the concerted attempts by Saudi Arabia to prevent information about 9-11 from being revealed and to ensure 9-11 families would never be able to sue the Saudi royals for funneling money to the 9-11 hijackers. To that end, the Saudis told the Obama White House they were prepared to wage a financial war against the U.S. if Congress introduced legislation allowing them to be liable for massive damages over their possible complicity with Israel in the 9-11 attacks. They warned that they would dump their holdings of U.S. federal bonds on the international markets, taking down the dollar and the U.S. economy in the process.

As former Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) succinctly put it, “The Saudis came up and said if you guys in America are going to insist that you are going to restrain us and [not] keep everything that we do silent and private and secret, we are going to dump dollars, not a couple of dollars, not a couple of million, not a couple of billion, three-quarters of a trillion dollars.”

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This is the same Saudi Arabia that a majority of members of Congress continue to refer to as our ally despite increasing evidence that the Saudi royals have been global sponsors of terrorism that has cost thousands of American lives.

Congress has clearly forgotten that many of the U.S. casualties in the Iraq War, 2003-2011, resulted from Saudi support for Sunni militants led by generals who were put out of work when Saddam Hussein’s government fell. Today, some of those same generals have helped make ISIS a potent force thanks to Saudi money and weapons.

The truth about Saudi fundamentalism was apparent before 9-11. In an interesting commentary from August 7, 2005, The Scotsman, “Scotland’s National Newspaper,” regretted that George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Tony Blair ignored the Saudi embrace of terrorism. Barack Obama and his allies in Britain and France have continued to do likewise.

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Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.

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  1. How can Saudi Arabia wreck our economy? Our American government has already done that.
  2. I think it’s irrational to blame a whole country for what bunch of extremists did. Saudi government’s stance was so obvious regarding 9/11 attacks. They were terribly sorry for what happened so they did their best to eliminate extremists by arresting them and imposed the ultimate penalties on those convicted.

    Saudi Arabia has played a significant role in countering terrorism ever since 9/11.They have worked with the United States in a campaign against Al Qaeda—and more recently against the Islamic State. Moreover, many reports show that Saudis are not involved in 9/11 attacks and they were dismissed by a U.S. judge saying there was insufficient evidence linking the gulf country to the 2001 attacks.

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