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Former Arizona sheriff Richard I. Mack, best-known for his successful Supreme Court lawsuit against the Clinton Administration’s illegal application of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, more commonly referred to as the Brady Bill, discusses his book, The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope, in this eye-opening interview (29:58).


Taking the Nation Back, One County at a Time

By Dave Gahary

Any patriotic American with their finger on the pulse of personal freedoms in this country is aware of the level of their deterioration. Following the 9/11 false-flag attacks, the assault on Americans’ personal liberty has accelerated dramatically and is in near-free-fall. We are clearly no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave, but the land of 24/7 surveillance and the home of the slave. Americans, it seems, have a very high tolerance for pain. The more freedoms the government takes away, the more the average citizen looks away. Perhaps they think when they turn back around, all the freedoms their forefathers had fought, bled and died for will somehow be miraculously returned to them, like a thief coming back to the scene of the crime to put back the valuables he stole after a sudden burst of conscience.

Waiting for a critical mass of Americans to arise from their collective slumber may be a modern man’s pipe dream, but one person isn’t waiting. In fact, he’s actively trying to educate Americans on the threats they face from an over-reaching federal government. Former Arizona sheriff Richard I. Mack, best-known for his successful Supreme Court lawsuit against the Clinton Administration’s illegal application of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, more commonly referred to as the Brady Bill, travels across the country educating citizens and law enforcement on their rights and responsibilities inherent in our founding documents. And, he’s even penned a handbook about it to make it easy for us, that’s already sold over 100,000 copies.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS caught up with Mack to discuss his book, The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope, in an exclusive interview.

AFP asked what inspired him to write the book.

“I had moved home to Arizona in 2004 to help my mom with my dad, and I was teaching school,” said Mack. “Then a buddy of mine who owned a dealership said ‘Hey, come and sell cars for me.’ And I said ‘I don’t know anything about cars,’ and he said ‘Well, you know people.’ And I said, ‘OK,’ so, I thought that might be something I would do when I retired, so this was kind of a semi-retirement job for me, and I really enjoyed it.”

“But when the economy hit,” he continued, “car sales went south really bad, and I had a lot of time on my hands, and this was a book I’d always wanted to write, and I’d done the research for about 20 years about the authority and power of the sheriff and peace officers as well.”

“When I looked at the 2008 election between McCain and Hillary Clinton and Obama,” he said, “it seemed to me that we were watching America die. So I thought, I’m not gonna let these guys running for office destroy my country without going down fighting.”

“So I had time to write the book and I guess working at the car dealership at the time was a Godsend because I wrote the book right at work because of all the time I had. When this book hit the Internet and hit some of the radio shows, it really took off, and in three years now that the book has been out, it’s done over 110,000 copies.”

The book explains that the sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officer anywhere in the United States.

AFP asked if the sheriff is the ultimate authority in their county, even over the federal government.

“Correct,” said Mack. “There’s nobody that supersedes the sheriff. We the people bestow all power in the government known as the American Republic. He is the only one that is elected by, for and of the people, where all power comes from. And so the sheriff therefore is the most powerful position because he’s the only one that reports directly to the power source, the people.”

Mack is concerned about the damage that has already been done to our rights and freedoms.

“The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been replaced by a system of political correctness today, which does whatever it wants, the Constitution notwithstanding. Our political process has literally taken over the Constitution and destroyed the Constitution and made it meaningless in the hands of vapid politicians,” he explained.

“The people destroying America and destroying the American Dream,” said Mack, “live in Washington, D.C., and the greatest threat to our God-given American liberty is our own federal government.”

Mack continued. “The question the book answers is, ‘When government becomes out-of-control, when government becomes criminal, to whom can the people turn for peace, safety, protection and liberty?’ Well, the bottom line is the title of the book, The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope. And this book details in only 50 pages, the duty and the responsibility and hopefully, the courage, of the sheriffs, to stand against the incursions and tyranny of both state and federal government.”

“It’s absolutely the most powerful book in America,” said Mack. “Every citizen should pick it up and read this and make sure your sheriff has a copy.”

Sheriff Mack has a warning for all of us, directed to the country’s sheriffs.

“Will you stand for America and will you stand against tyranny? If we do not get sheriffs keeping their oath and keeping their word to defend the citizens and defend freedom and defend America within your county, America will die.”

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