Wolfgang Halbig Greeted by Silence, Scorn in Sandy Hook

School security expert goes to site of school massacre for answers, but town is locked down.

By Dave Gahary —

SANDY HOOK, CONN.—Wolfgang W. Halbig, who garnered international attention when an audio interview he had done with this reporter was released to the public, traveled to southwestern Connecticut May 5-6 to demand answers to his “16 simple questions.” His trip was funded by individual contributors from around the globe who distrust the official account of what happened on December 14, 2012, in what is referred to as the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) event.

The donors anted up around $18,000 to support Halbig’s quest for answers in his first public move since the fundraising website was opened just over a month ago. Halbig’s goal is to raise $100,000 in order to get the “truth” behind what happened at SHES that autumn day. He has recently raised the goal to $250,000.

The former Florida state trooper, school principal and school safety consultant was accompanied by James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota and a prominent figure in the truth community, and Carson City, Nevada trial attorney Day R. Williams, who represented Sirhan Sirhan in 1998.

Both men flew into Connecticut on the evening of May 5, and were surprised to find that around a dozen individuals from across the country had arrived at Halbig’s hotel in Windsor, Conn. They traveled from as far away as Houston, Texas, to help support the men in their mission.

This reporter arrived in the Constitution State the afternoon of the same day, and traveled 60 miles north to Windsor to meet with Halbig and Fetzer at their hotel that evening, and met them and the supports in one of the hotel’s conference rooms.


Halbig’s itinerary included a stop at the United Way of Western Connecticut’s offices in Danbury on the morning of May 6, to view “records about the use of charitable funds collected on behalf of the Sandy Hook community,” and what occurred before he reached the charity set the tone for his short visit.

“We drove into Danbury and we were trying to find the address for United Way Western Connecticut, explained Halbig, and I think two houses from [there] I got pulled over for using a GPS and I got a $150 ticket.”

A Danbury police officer had witnessed Halbig holding his cell phone which was equipped with a Global Positioning System function.

“You’re not allowed to have any cellphones or any type of electronic equipment in your hands in the state of Connecticut; it’s against the law,” said Halbig.

Halbig and his entourage, which included at least five automobiles, were in the United Way’s parking lot for just a few minutes when they were joined by law enforcement.

“When we got to the United Way, I’ve never seen so many police officers. They were on bicycles, they were in police cars, and they were not very friendly,” lamented Halbig. “They had eight police vehicles with their sirens on and lights and they blocked us from going inside the building.”


Halbig had telegraphed his trip through several websites and interviews on the Internet. He had told this reporter several months prior that the Newtown Police Department (NPD) was a regular visitor to the website of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, which is where they heard about his visit from an interview posted online.

Refused entry into the charity after a 90-minute standoff with police, Halbig’s next stop, which was not in the lineup, was to a local Danbury newspaper to inform them of their troubles at the United Way. After that, the next scheduled stop was to the NPD to meet with police Chief Michael Kehoe to apprise him of their visit.



After this quick stop, the next scheduled visit was to the main station of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company, Inc., (SHVFR) located next door to the razed SHES. Halbig was hoping to meet with fire Chief William Halstead. Instead, a verbal confrontation occurred between the former school principal and a volunteer fireman, who was unhappy with the unannounced visit. As the fireman was walking away from Halbig, he yelled that we all had one minute to vacate the premises.


Lunch was next at the Foundry Kitchen and Tavern in Newtown, where Halbig’s entourage ate a 90-minute lunch.


The caravan left lunch and congregated at Treadwell Memorial Park in Newtown to regroup before a revisit to the fire station, when the chief was set to return.

Returning to the fire station, the chief was not there, and the same fireman who verbally abused Halbig got physical.

“He shoved me with both of his hands,” recalled Halbig.

This reporter witnessed the fireman using the “f” word several times against Halbig before he lowered the garage door.

Halbig decided to call 9-1-1 and file charges, which didn’t go well for the crusader.

“The police department refused to give me the name of the person that hit me,” Halbig said.

The final stop was the Newtown Board of Education meeting on May 6 at 7:30 p.m. It was here that Halbig spoke to the board, as well as several of his entourage.


“Board members, these are your children,” Halbig said. “We want answers. We want truth.”

Board members refused to respond. “[They] remained silent throughout presentations by Halbig and several of his supporters who followed him to the microphone,” wrote the Hearst-owned Connecticut Post.

“But board members refused to take the bait, remaining silent throughout presentations by Halbig and several of his supporters who followed him to the microphone,” wrote the Hearst-owned Connecticut Post.


In the end, the short presentation to the stone-faced, flinty school board was the only success Halbig scored.

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  1. Bob can you explain why a father of a child allegedly murdered by an alleged murderer, Adam Lanza, was toting around an assault rifle in full SWAT gear with two men in SWAT gear, in and around the crime scene on the day of the shooting? The man I am referring to is David Wheeler.

    Bob, explain to me why a parent, about to address the press about his daughter who was allegedly murdered by alleged murderer, Adam Lanza, and who obviously did not not know that the cameras were rolling,was laughing and joking but when he did address the press, appeared to be in a great deal of grief? The man I am referring to is Robbie Parker.

    I would like to believe the official narrative on what happened that day, but before doing so, but there are so many issues surrounding the events that day, that need to be addressed. Until these issues are addressed, I will continue to be a skeptic of the official narrative (and I am not holding my breath).

  2. This country is nothing but tyrant and truth has become a lie and lies the truth. Who in their right mind reacts this way and does not question the tail spin of media coverage? It’s a vortex that will never end. People allow themselves to be deceived. And to answer the question of how would I feel if someone told me I was acting and my child was not dead, I would personally dig my child up and tell the person who questioned me to eat sh*t. Hand to heart, I would put an end to if. Sandy Hook was the most disgustingly tragic HOAX if a corrupt government banking on the stupidity of a polarized society. There is no Union left. Very, very sad.
  3. Did you see Wolfgang’s Freedom of Information Act hearings? Wow, so much runaround for simple work orders for 2012 showing any repair work cracks on the sidewalks, parking lot, the mold on the building, the water stains right below the gutters. Why was there so much clutter in the classrooms? In the hallways? Isn’t that a fire hazard? A box underneath a sink so the kids can stand on it to use the faucet? Boarded up doors with old rotted wood. This plus hundreds of other similar related questions.


  4. James:

    Are you still on that stupid kick? Do any of you conspiracy nuts ever read anything but garbage? All those idiotic theories have been debunked so many times it’s old news now. Try reading the truth instead of trash that was written shortly after this horrific tragedy. Stupid comments like actors were used. That’s been proven to be a lie. Names not in the Social Security death file. Yes they are. The kids poster in a foreign country. Already proven that pictures of murdered children were taken from the Internet and used in another tragedy. The tape of the parents laughing when talking about their children. They didn’t show you that seconds before they were remembering happy thoughts of what their children had recently done. Halbig. His credibility has gone down the toilet numerous times. He writes crap knowing there are tons of idiots out there that will pay money for his trash. You know. Like the tabloids out there talking about aliens. He’s been caught in numerous lies. He does it for money. Try using Snopes once in a while to get the OTHER side of the story. Grow up.

  5. Sorry. The tape of Parker getting into character is ALL anyone needs. Slam dunk. False flag. This cannot be examined by “people react differently under stressful situations.” That’s a straw man. He obviously made himself look sad. Unfortunately there were no tears. Kieth Johnson has ZERO credibility in my book. He simply wants to attack Halbig. f Halbig. Who cares? Look at the video evidence. Show me one parent with tears streaming down face which is what one would expect. I haven’t found ONE tear in ANY SH video. False flag. Done deal.
  6. If this really happened the way they say, why were the parents actors who can be seen in other such killings? Why is one of the children’s picture on a billboard in a foreign country saying he was killed there? I can understand stories not matching, not there are too many things wrong with this whole scenario.
  7. Imagine for a moment that despite your research and your obvious passion for exposing the truth that you are wrong. For a second just think about the pain you would be bringing to a community that had lost so much by visiting them and questioning the horror they know all too well is real. From checking out your website, many of the questions you raise are answered in the official reports. Most of what you have determined to be inconsistencies are now shown to be errors due to first responders dealing with an unprecedented tragedy. I personally know folks who were directly involved in the response to Sandy Hook, one of whom you quote his statements given in the report regarding state police entering through the hole in the window instead of the door. These men were at that point working from an assumption that there might possibly be multiple shooters. The building was not secure. The entrance through the window was the quickest way in, was large enough as evidenced by the photo you post that a grown man could easily duck through and was safety glass so no dangerous shards, just crystallized glass pieces. In the midst of such horror coupled with adrenaline and chaos, why is it a surprise that men entered quickly and some could not recall how they entered at all? Many of these men are continuing to suffer from PTSD and are still undergoing counseling. Email me back or post here if I can answer specific questions that may bring you peace. But as I asked earlier, imagine for a moment that you are wrong. The reception you received in your travels to Connecticut would be fully understandable. Imagine questioning the truth of a veteran’s combat experience and telling him you doubted he even served or that he was lying about his service, that Iraq was a hoax and he was just an actor. How do you think that would go?
  8. Most of the brainwashed and brain dead Americans cannot find the real cause for a such massacres! Only outsiders can see through that sick society and see the real cause! And if they do so, the American goyim denounce them or reject them.

    AmeriKa (kosher) is beyond repair and beyond return to normalcy.

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