Another ‘Free Speaker’ Jailed for Views

• Speaking one’s mind in American police state becoming an increasingly dangerous proposition

By John Friend

Meet Michael Weaver, a 33-year-old man who is proud of his race and nation, expresses his views on controversial public policy and historical matters, and engages in political activism.  Just your typical pro-America, First Amendment-loving American citizen utilizing his God-given right of freedom of expression specifically sanctioned in the Bill of Rights. 

Mr. Weaver, a longtime activist with the National Alliance and an avid reader of The Spotlight, the predecessor of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, embarked upon a journey of political and social activism during his high school days.  Influenced by individuals such as Willis A. Carto and Dr. William Pierce, he began handing out leaflets and pamphlets, attending protests and rallies, and distributing copies of The Spotlight at an early age. 

As a result of his activism, Mr. Weaver was constantly harassed by the local authorities of Columbus, Georgia, his hometown, and was subjected to a ruthless character assassination campaign.

“At a very young age I was exposed to The Spotlight and THE BARNES REVIEW as well as some literature from the National Alliance,” Mr. Weaver says.  “In fact, in my earlier days of activism I would distribute these informative publications throughout Columbus. As a result of merely exercising my beloved First Amendment right, I was often harassed by the Orwellian Thought Police.”


In August 2011, Mr. Weaver was arrested and eventually charged with a felony after pepper spraying a man who was attempting to rob him in his vehicle. Local police, however, argued that Weaver intentionally stopped his car just so he could run out and spray a random black man.

“The charge was obviously politically motivated,” countered Weaver.  “I was simply attempting to defend myself like any man would. The local authorities in Columbus were determined to prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law, largely as a result of my political activism and views.  A local rabbi and officials with the Anti-Defamation League influenced the district attorney and his decision to prosecute me for a felony.”  

After receiving poor legal advice from an incompetent public defender, Weaver pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in November 2011, and was sentenced to a one year prison term, followed by nine years of probation, and was banned from Columbus for the duration of his sentence.

In June 2012, Weaver withdrew his guilty plea for felony aggravated assault, resulting in an ongoing appeals process, and was eventually released on April 24, 2013 after serving a total of 21 months bouncing around a combination of both county and state prisons. 

As a result of his politically motivated prosecution and incarceration, Weaver has lost his job and has suffered both emotionally and financially.  Making matters worse, local news outlets have demonized him and failed to objectively cover the outrageous injustices committed against him.

“Either we are going to be free or not,” Weaver said.  “The country I love is starting to resemble the Soviet Union more and more.  If we as Americans cannot openly express our views and opinions, no matter how unpopular, than we are no different than a Communist dictatorship.”

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John Friend is a writer who maintains a blog and hosts “The Realist Report.”