The NSA: Made in Israel

June 27, 2013 AFP 0

• NSA expert exposes role of Unit 8200 in massive snooping op By Victor Thorn Despite denials by Google spokesmen that they willingly permitted any of their data to be mined, it appears they did […]

NSA: Never Say Anything

June 27, 2013 AFP 0

For years, AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been ahead of the curve in regard to the surveillance state that’s been in existence under the Bush and Obama administrations. Whether exposing the Echelon global intercept program following […]

Asylum Seekers Burn the Asylum

June 27, 2013 AFP 0

Nothing exemplifies the absurdity of suicidal liberalism run amok than the recent Swedish riots. “Asylum seekers” and illegal aliens given shelter, welfare and health benefits by Sweden over the past 30 years, are now showing […]

Another ‘Free Speaker’ Jailed for Views

June 27, 2013 AFP 0

• Speaking one’s mind in American police state becoming an increasingly dangerous proposition By John Friend Meet Michael Weaver, a 33-year-old man who is proud of his race and nation, expresses his views on controversial […]

New Cold War Looming?

June 27, 2013 AFP 1

• Decision to expand Syrian war could help divert attention from scandals By Richard Walker President Barack Obama’s decision to wade into the expanding Syrian conflict by arming rebels, who include Islamic extremists hostile to […]

British Cabal Under Fire

June 27, 2013 AFP 0

• Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer asked to explain presence at Bilderberg meeting By Mark Anderson Not long ago, there was a near-total news blackout of the annual meeting of the Bilderberg group. This year, […]

Bilderberg Facing Inquiry

June 21, 2013 AFP 0

• Former Congressman Jim Traficant spearheading inquiry By former United States Representative Jim Traficant I’ve seen the circus. I’ve seen the rodeo. Now, I’ve witnessed Bilderberg. The difference is that Bilderberg is a stealth international […]

Has the Resistance Been Co-opted?

June 21, 2013 AFP 0

• For all their talk about the Illuminati, the bankers, the elite, the parasites and the demonic creatures, none of the speakers once mentioned the role that Zionism plays in this By Pete Papaherakles Bilderberg […]

ADL Gets Millions of Dollars to Stifle Free Speech Globally

June 20, 2013 AFP 0

• Propaganda group says it got $7.5M to monitor “anti-Semitism” —everywhere By John Friend The Anti-Defamation League, the infamous Jewish-run “civil rights/human relations agency” with a long history of criminal activity, espionage, and otherwise nefarious […]

Why Government Disinformation Works

June 17, 2013 AFP 0

• Without private investigation, you’ll never know the whole truth about 9-11, Boston etc. By Paul Craig Roberts Have you ever wondered how government’s misinformation gains traction? What I have noticed is that whenever a […]

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