Conservative Rag Bends to Political Correctness

By Pete Papaherakles

National Review (NR),considered by many as the flagship of conservative journalism, fired one of its top journalists last week in an effort to comply with the tenets of the cult of political correctness, i.e., cultural communism. The reason for the dismissal was not for something that the journalist wrote for the magazine but for perceived racism expressed in an entirely different media outlet.

John Derbyshire, a prominent NR contributor, was fired for an article he wrote on April 5 in Taki’s Magazine, a conservative online journal published by socialite Taki Theodoracopulos. The article titled “The Talk: Non-Black Version” was written as a response to “the Talk” that black parents are having with their children in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting, advising them on how to avoid looking or acting in a way that would get them killed by whites—as if that was what got Martin killed.


Derbyshire wrote as if advising his own children how to avoid being hurt or killed by blacks. Like the black parents, Derbyshire points out that there are distinct differences between blacks and whites, something that in itself is considered taboo for whites in today’s “politically correct” culture to mention. Some of the controversial elements of his advice involved warning them to “stay out of heavily black neighborhoods,” advice against attending “events likely to draw lots of blacks” and “if at a public event that the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.”

Many of his points are linked to newspaper stories of black-on-white crime, almost always kept out of the national media, and included mostly unknown statistics about the large number of black-on-white crimes. AFP published a special report in the April 16 edition titled “The Complexion of Crime in America,” which revealed that blacks are 18 times more likely to murder whites than whites are to murder blacks.

NR’s editor in chief Rich Lowry called the article “appalling, nasty and indefensible.” Derbyshire, one of NR’s best writers, was summarily sacrificed on the altar of political correctness for saying pretty much the same things AFP has been saying for years.

In a telephone interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Theodoracopulos, who started his journalism career writing for NR in 1967 and routinely features articles by Pat Buchanan and other conservatives, told this reporter that he was “appalled” with the decision.

“They [NR]were in such a hurry to toe the PC [politically correct] line, I don’t even think they read the piece,” he remarked. “They have been completely taken over by the neocons and no longer take positions against Israel or on the race issue. Joe Sobran and others in the past have met similar fates. It just goes to show what a bunch of rats they’ve become. What they did to him was especially cruel considering he is undergoing chemotherapy at the time.”

The Trayvon Martin shooting has stirred up racial tensions in the U.S., exposing a dangerous double standard in race attitudes. While it is acceptable today for blacks to openly call for the murder of George Zimmerman—who is not white nor black but Hispanic, and was attacked and beaten by Martin—whites are not even allowed to talk to their children about black-on-white crimes for fear of offending the high priests of political correctness.*

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