Famed Arizona Sheriff Will Seek Reelection – Podcast

Sheriff Runs Again

Illegal aliens and radical leftists are praying Joe Arpaio—the patriot lawman who has been blasted for speaking to AFP—will not win his bid for re-election as sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. This article is front-page news in the most recent issue of American Free Press, online now for digital subscribers and in the mail to print subscribers. Consider becoming a subscriber today—review subscription options here.

AFP had the great fortune recently to sit down again with former Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio in which “Sheriff Joe” filled us in on what has happened since we last interviewed him in May.

Interview by Dave Gahary

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Dave Gahary talks with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

AFP: Thanks, Sheriff, for taking the time to sit down with us, especially after some pretty nasty leftist organizations have smeared you for being courageous enough to talk candidly with us in the past. We understand you are running for your old job in Maricopa County. How is that going?

Arpaio: I think you did a great article last time we talked. One day, I saw a sign up that said “Joe, one more time,” a digital billboard, and it started some interest in my quest to become sheriff of Maricopa County again. And then, people on Facebook and Twitter, via cards and letters, hundreds of thousands of people in the last two months, basically said, “We would like you to run again,” and that sort of swayed me.

Not only that, I travel around the country and, wherever I go, people recognize me, and they come up, say, “We’re sorry you’re gone.” So, regardless of all the critics, especially the fake news media, I think, after running seven times for office, I recognize a gut feeling when I have one—and a silent majority. So I talked to my wife, and she agreed, and we decided on Aug. 25 to kill three birds with one stone: That’s my wife’s birthday; that’s when the president pardoned me; and that’s when I announced that I was going to run for sheriff again.

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AFP: Has the media covered this?

Arpaio: Yes, except Fox, of course. They haven’t had me on for a year. That’s very interesting, since I’ve known them for 24 years. I’ve had local media call me. I did not do a press conference. I simply told everybody that I would meet them one-on-one, just like I’m talking to you, and so I feel good about it.

AFP: It looks like Arizona needs you.

Arpaio: Right. We’re being flooded with drugs coming across the border, and I like to think that when we used to grab all these guys, I was doing a favor for the whole country, because most of [these drug smugglers] were trying to come through Maricopa County into other areas. These are the drugs that are killing our young people.

AFP: What about all the smears?

Arpaio: I see a lot of big media people calling me a convicted felon. I’m not a convicted felon, so I’m fighting back. I’m suing Andrew Cuomo, CNN, Rolling Stone, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and a few others.

I don’t like suing the media. I’ve worked closely with the media my whole career. But you have to take a stand. This is getting ridiculous. They are trying to destroy me, and that I don’t like. These [mainstream] newspapers and TV stations seem to copy what others say. They ought to do some research.

I’m not taking any prisoners in this race. Whatever it takes, I’m gonna win this election. From what I see, the current sheriff is doing nothing. I want to make Maricopa County safe again. I am proud of the fact that I got 560,000 votes in the last election, even though they had the mayor of Los Angeles importing people to march down the streets carrying signs against me. We have a sanctuary county now.

AFP: You have had a lot of experience. What are they saying about that?

Arpaio: They throw my age out there. It’s not  “Joe Arpaio.” It’s “Joe Arpaio, 87.” Every time they mention my name they throw the age in. I’m not worried about my age. I’ve been working 14 hours a day since I retired. So, they wanna hit me on the age issue? Let ’em hit it. I’m gonna continue my illegal immigration fight, within the parameters of the [U.S.] Constitution, and I’m going to keep fighting the drug traffic. I am officially out of retirement.

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AFP: Politics is such a dirty game. Are you sure you want back in?

Arpaio: There’s no such thing anymore in politics as loyalty. All they worry about is getting elected, and they flip-flop. But I will work with Republicans and Democrats alike. We all should stick together and try to get something done. The Democrats—all they care about today is going after President Trump.

I’m going to Chicago in September. I was invited to speak. I’m going there to speak right smack in the midst of the African-American neighborhoods. I wanna go right smack in the middle of the Hispanic neighborhoods. I’m gonna try to get their support, try to talk to them and tell them my side of the story. I want to help them solve some problems.

Funny thing is, they call me a racist. But I’ve got two grandkids. One is black and one is Mexican. My son is married to a wonderful Latina. And I would not trade those kids for anything in the world.

AFP: Some of our readers would like to help.

Arpaio: If anybody wants to donate to my campaign, they can go to www.ArpaioForSheriff.com. I think we’re set up to take donations. Also, they can see Twitter.com/RealSheriffJoe (101,000 followers), and then I have a Facebook page (666,000 likes) that’s building up now.

Listen, I’m going for broke. I’m gonna get to my seventh term and that’ll be 28 years, and get that office back, for the good of the people of this county and this country. We’re gonna turn this thing around that’s been destroyed in the last three years.

AFP: How will you deal with criticisms that AFP is some kind of a hate group?

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Arpaio: AFP isn’t my public relations arm. I look at you guys as people trying to tell the truth. And you can’t say that for other news media. I just got blasted by the news media when you interviewed me, and they said you guys were critical of Jewish folks and all that. I don’t go around checking articles you guys write. You call me, I talk.

As long as you are being honest. I support freedom of the press. We need more outlets like [AFP], believe me, that would tell it like it is.

But all the media, they seem to be in bed with powerful, politically correct people and they have their agenda. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been dealing with the media for 55 years, but this has gone too far. So, I want to thank your publication, at least, for speaking out. Whether people agree, whether I agree, it doesn’t matter. The power of the press is impressive. They can sway elections. When there is a mass shooting, the media can talk about it. Most [corporate news] outlets make it political—about gun violence. It’s really sad.

They’ll definitely blast me for talking to [AFP] again, but I have a right to talk to you guys because you guys don’t twist my words.

AFP: Thanks, again, Sheriff, for having the guts to speak with us. We will be keeping a close eye on your race, and we all wish you the best.

Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, prevailed in a suit brought by the New York Stock Exchange in an attempt to silence him. Dave is the producer of an upcoming full-length feature film about the attack on the USS Liberty. See erasingtheliberty.com for more information and to get the new book on which the movie will be based, Erasing the Liberty.

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  1. As much as I respect Joe Arpaio, I’ve got to call hypocrite for this reason. He says he’s not a “convicted felon”, and I actually believe he isn’t one. However, as sheriff he helps a system incarcerate a lot of people that aren’t criminals, or felons. USC Sections 241 & 241 is the Deprivation of Rights under “color of Law”. ANY law passed that is not subjugate to the rights & freedoms that CANNOT be taken, altered, or restricted in any way, is an unjust law and therefore UNLAWFUL. When unlawfully enforced, Mr. Arpaio, his deputies, “law makers”, judges, correction officers, and the list goes on, are all complicit in breaking U.S. Federal Criminal Law, thus MAKING Mr. Arpaio a CRIMINAL for his past actions. This law has been on the books since 1871.

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