Obama’s Foreign Policy Same as Pro-Israel Neocons

• Researcher says mayhem in Mideast part of Israeli strategy.

By Victor Thorn —

After eight years of the George W. Bush administration’s neoconservative, interventionist foreign policy that got America entangled in two horrific wars, circumstances were supposed to be different in 2008 with Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president. But two years into Obama’s second term, violence has spread from northern Africa across the Middle East and into Ukraine. And if that’s not bad enough, Obama recently opened the door to once again deploying United States ground troops in Iraq and has delayed a scheduled exit from Afghanistan.

Using this foundation as a starting point, on February 17, this reporter contacted political commentator and author John Kaminski to discuss Obama and his wars.

Kaminski offered this analysis: “If we elect another president from the two major parties who the mainstream media promotes, it’ll be the end of this country, and probably the world. Barack Obama originated from the same group of criminals that produced the PNAC [Project for a New American Century] document. He hasn’t changed a thing that was started by Bush and Cheney. In fact, Obama has gotten America into more wars than Mitt Romney would have.”

PNAC refers to the pro-war think tank founded by the fervently pro-Israel publisher William Kristol and others.

Delving into specifics, Kaminski noted: “When we examine ISIS, isn’t it curious that they’re not attacking Israel? The reason why is evident: ISIS is an Israeli operation funded by the U.S. Their entire purpose is in keeping with a larger Jewish philosophy to destabilize areas within the Middle East. ISIS has been following a policy of Jewish destruction whereupon they erode existing structures through constant violence.”

In the larger picture of how Obama’s vision of an Arab Spring was supposed to transform the Middle East, his rhetoric didn’t match what actually transpired.


“The Arab Spring wasn’t a spontaneous eruption of thought,” stated Kaminski. “Jewish provocateurs implanted it so that they could establish governments more favorable to Israel. None of the countries where violence and creative unrest has taken place possess an indigenous group capable of fighting against the worldwide Jewish money machine.”

A perfect example can be found in the wreckage of one devastated country.

Kaminski explained: “Libyans were the world’s happiest people. They’d developed a complex water irrigation system, enjoyed oil revenues and had gold in the bank. But the Jewish objective to destabilize this nation has now left it in a total state of chaos. It’s a lawless country with no leadership. Worse, it’s controlled by Jews overseas. They want the remainder of the Middle East to be like Libya.”

One needn’t look any further than Syria to prove this point.

Kaminski told AMERICAN FREE PRESS: “Syria is the new Palestine. It’s constantly under invasion. The carnage from their civil war is beyond comprehension. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead, and cities completely lost. It’s not safe to even go there. Again, Israel’s destabilization practices are clear.”

An equally troublesome picture has developed in Northern Africa, according to Kaminski.

“When the U.S. abandoned its embassy in Yemen, they left behind warehouses filled with arms and ammunition,” he said. “Now the Houthi rebels are taking over and using these armaments. I have a journalist friend in Yemen, who said the entire terror operation has been facilitated and driven by the Wahhabis, who are staunch allies of Israel.”

As for the Muslim extremists behind this appalling mayhem, Kaminski posed a pertinent question: “What kind of ideology lines people up and beheads them, or rapes little girls and shoves crucifixes in their mouths? The general majority of Muslims have been deceived, while violent Muslims are being run by an Israeli fifth column. There’s no future for the Middle East without Israel’s destruction. They’re a cancer that will continue to grow.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. Houthi rebels in Yemen are from a shia branch, they are, at least implicitly, supported by Iran. They are fighting AGAINST Al-Qaida, which is financed by U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, who is Wahhabi, and despises shias and Iran. Washington is, as usual, on the side of chauvinistic sects against the grand civilizations (Iran) of the ME.
  2. I doubt that the Mohammedan terrorists are a tool of the State of Israel. I also say that Obama is less of a Shabbos Goy than his predecessors and other present officials; although for no better of a reason.
  3. You forgot to mention that Obummer stated yesterday that “he’s ready to put ground troops in Venezuela.”
  4. Interesting how many really well educated leaders in Iran there are. Many from elite British universities. Also interesting that all over Iraq and Iran and even Syria before we assassinated their leaders, little people and women were free to attend universities, were not forced to wear burkas and other right wing garb and there was peace. Why does the CIA and Sayeret Matkal and their minions have to stir up and kill innocents in the Near East? Palestinians are great people and have suffered much, much more than Hebrew Zionists did in Germany. There were many homosexuals and gypsies who were put into concentration camps in Germany and yet the Zionists only want the world to think they were the only ones singled out. So ego-centric.
  5. It’s frustrating when you write your thoughts and then have them vanish. Oh well. I went into the background of Jimmy Carter’s book on Zionist Israel and the reason Obama is doing the best he can to stand up to them and insist on dialogue rather than war. Obama is bright, as is his wife and unlike many of the past presidents he is a father and a family man and I think very sincere in his efforts to dialogue.
  6. I wrote another comment, but because it was pro-Obama is was erased. I thought this was an honest page. Guess not.
  7. As always, John is concise and clear in his analysis of what the Satanic entity known as Israel is doing throughout the world.

    The frogs are near the point of exploding everywhere. God grant us strength and guidance as we face the task of doing what must be done to preserve the human race.

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