WikiLeaks Exposes Soros’s Power Over Global Foreign Policy

• Hacked email shows who really controls the world’s politicians.

By the Staff at AFP —

If you still believe the United States government is controlled by the “people,” it’s time to wake up and smell the tavë kosi.

A recently uncovered email, compliments of WikiLeaks, painfully illustrates how far the republic has fallen.

WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive of 30,322 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server that she used while Secretary of State.

“The 50,547 pages of documents cover Clinton’s correspondence from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014, of which 7,570 were sent by Clinton herself,” reported RT.

Marxist manipulator George Soros, born Schwartz György, sent an email dated January 24, 2011 to then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on how to handle the unrest in the Albanian capital of Tirana, where anti-government protestors clashed with police that month, resulting in three men being shot dead.


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In the above email, Soros recommended three candidates to mediate in the city of 800,000, and just a few days after Hillary Clinton received her electronic marching orders from “the super-wealthy slash-and-burn speculator and Jewish-Hungarian expatriate,” the European Union sent one of Soros’s picks, Miroslav Lajcak, to “restore calm and full respect for public order and rule of law,” according to Reuters.

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8 Comments on WikiLeaks Exposes Soros’s Power Over Global Foreign Policy

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  2. This is how DIVIDE and CONQUER works. The Zionist fake Jewish Banking Oligarchs in control of the Federal Reserve System pay their whores of the lying Mainstream News Media to propagandize Hellary Clinton and Donald Trump in order to create division among the useful idiots, then through fraudulent election techniques the Oligarchs install the puppet of their choice in the White House, this time Hellary Clinton. Immediately, the Oligarchs propagandize the lie that most voters are in agreement with the outcome of the presidential election, through their lying paid whores of the Mainstream News Media, and none are the wiser!

    The Great U.S. Presidential Deception Of All Times

  3. free your mind:

    You have just proven that you have been enslaved to a lie. First off today’s Jews are not real Jews. Do your homework!

    Because blaspheming GOD’s name, you nincompoop, is exactly the wicked job that today’s fake Jews (Zionists; there is no such thing!) are put in place by Satan to achieve.

    And judging by your self righteous gibberish, they have gotten themselves at least one sucker!

  4. In the Book of Isaiah alone God said I am the LORD of Hosts 62 times. Christ told us when we pray to say our Father and they are the creators of all things. The word Hosts means Armies, so we might say our Father is the Father of armies. When Israel did wrong, God used his armies to punish his people, and that is still going on. This is called a Christian nation, and I had wondered why in the War between the States we had Christians killing Christians. I saw in the Bible where God had rested on the seventh day and sanctified it. In Jeremiah chapter 17 verses 24-25 God said if they would obey the Sabbath law of no work he wouldn’t destroy Jerusalem. I know of no Church that teaches the importance of the Sabbath day in our worship. I must be very clear on this: Jesus rose on the first day of the week which we call Sunday but the seventh day of our calendar is Saturday and we rest. If we will not obey then we have war and bloodshed.
  5. It all goes back to the evil Yahweh Hebrew pantheon volcano war god and its tribal dictates, establishing Jews as the chosen ones to control the world. We might laugh at such ancient Iron Age religion, but this insanity has been passed on through the millennia through the Talmudic dictates. We might scoff at such insanity but there are people with the majority of monies who do believe in the Talmud and aim to see it completed. At this point, a thinking individual must ask, are there not ANY honorable people in the CIA, FBI, military or higher echelons of power, or have they all given in and succumbed?

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