Sanctuary Insanity

Sanctuary Insanity

Officials who are implementing sanctuary policies are responsible for robberies, rapes and murders committed by illegals. This “sanctuary insanity” made the front page of AFP Issue 39&40, in the mail to print subscribers and online now for digital subscribers.

By John Friend

The recent spate of brutal and ruthless crimes committed by illegal aliens living in the United States has proven once again how political correctness and the radical open-borders agenda has harmed America and its citizens in immeasurable ways.

In July of this year, 21-year-old Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuellar was brutally murdered in a vicious gang-related stabbing in Baltimore County, Md. It was revealed that six of the seven suspects currently in custody in connection with the savage slaying are living in the U.S. illegally and are connected to the notoriously violent MS-13 gang.

Police found Cuellar’s body outside of an apartment complex on July 31 with “multiple sharp-force injuries,” according to reports. Law enforcement officials are certain the grisly murder was gang-related but are still investigating the official motive for the attack. All seven suspects arrested have been charged with first degree murder and are being detained without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

“We know this group of individuals was conducting surveillance on him, they were watching him, following him,” Jennifer Peach, a Baltimore County police officer, explained to Fox News, referring to the victim. “We know they watched as he left the laundromat and went back across the street to the apartment complex and that is where some of those individuals accosted him. We know they used knives and multiple people stabbed him multiple times.”

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According to The Baltimore Sun, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has officially issued immigration detainers for the six suspects illegally residing in the coun try, with the aim of potentially allowing federal officials to take the six illegal aliens into federal custody for removal from the country.

The news comes as officials in Montgomery County, Md., just north of Washington, D.C.—once one of the most desirable counties in America to live in—announced that yet another illegal alien has been arrested and charged with rape, the ninth such case since July, according to local news reports.

Conservative author and pundit Michelle Malkin, a frequent contributor to Fox News and author of the recent book Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?, spoke at a rally against illegal immigration and sanctuary cities in Montgomery County in mid-September, describing the once affluent suburb of the nation’s capital as “ground zero in the battle against illegal alien sanctuary.”

The rally took place on the steps of the Montgomery County government complex in Rockville, Md. and featured a number of prominent anti-illegal immigration activists, including Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. His organization has filed FOIA requests with Montgomery County to expose the extent of its sanctuary policies.

“We’ve been battling sanctuary policies in Maryland and Montgomery County for too long,” Fitton stated during the rally. “There’s in-state tuition for illegal aliens, taxpayer subsidies to help illegal aliens find illegal work, and—most dangerous of all—these outrageous sanctuary policies that allow criminal aliens to prey on the innocent, both citizens and non-citizens alike.”

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The Federation for American Immigration Reform, a leading non-partisan public advocacy organization focused on reducing immigration, ending illegal immigration, and exposing the dangerous sanctuary city policies implemented by local and state authorities across the country, has published an extensive database documenting and highlighting serious crimes committed by illegal aliens residing in the U.S. in recent years. While acknowledging that the criminal cases highlighted by the database do not necessarily reflect the majority of those illegally residing in the U.S., it nevertheless demonstrates “that better prevention of illegal immigration is a public safety issue,” according to the organization’s website. Many of the crimes highlighted include rape, drunk driving, assault, and even murder, with some of the perpetrators having been deported from the country only to illegally re-enter to commit more crimes and take advantage of America’s generous public welfare system.

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Despite the well-documented crimes committed by illegal aliens and the threat open borders poses to American sovereignty and American citizens, those exposing and taking a stand on these issues continue to be targeted by the fake news media and radical left-wing activist organizations. Following the publication of her recent book, which exposes how the radical left has facilitated and encouraged mass illegal immigration and open borders in the West, Malkin has gone on a speaking tour to promote the book and raise awareness of these issues. She continues to be smeared by biased left-wing media outlets and activist organizations as a “white nationalist” and a “racist” for pointing out facts about illegal immigration and sanctuary city policies. Malkin’s parents are both from the Philippines.

Additionally, Maureen Maloney, a prominent “Angel Mom” whose son Matthew was killed by an illegal alien in 2011, was recently heckled and booed while testifying at the Massachusetts State House in opposition to a bill that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. She held up a photo of her son, who was hit by an illegal alien with a criminal record who was driving drunk at the time of the accident, and began her testimony, only to be interrupted by boos from some members of the audience.

“It just made me more determined,” Maloney told the Boston Herald in response. “I don’t want other people to lose their lives like Matthew did. I don’t want other families to go through the heartache that my family deals with. And that’s where I get the strength and the stamina to keep doing this.”

John Friend is a freelance writer based in California.