Main Street Invades Wall Street; Markets Crumble

By Jeff Smith

In what may be a new type of protest, a large group of demonstrators descended last week on New York City’s Wall Street financial to protest the New York financial sector, International Bankers and the Federal Reserve’s questionable influences on the U.S. economy and on national political life.

The protest which sharply departed from traditional political and social movements of the past, is without a central leadership and apparently assembled after an on line call following an article in a media magazine.

The “Occupy Wall Street’ rally, the largest demonstration on the economy in years, brought together an ultra wide range of activists to a park just south of the original WTC 9-11 site. Traditional peace and left leaning groups found themselves joined by economic conservative elements and a diverse sample of political views from across the political spectrum. While originally focused on the U.S. financial condition. The demonstration almost immediately refocused to the activities of international banks, Non- Governmental organizations and the Federal Reserve. Old left protestors found themselves next to Ron Paul supporters and constitutionalists strongly questioning the activities of the largest banks and internationalists influences on Washington and world conditions.


Organized on the net largely without a traditional single central organization, the protestors found a major downside of net organizing in that an equally diverse group government agencies monitor the web for just this kind of activity. When protestors arrived in the Wall Street area they found the entire center of the financial district surrounded by police barriers and hundreds of police. Reforming near the battery the southernmost part of Manhattan, the protestors marched up Broadway to a park just south of the original WTC buildings the site of the 911 disaster on Liberty Street.

While originally without central leadership, a group of activists promptly formed a familiar leftist structure, a U.N. style general assembly, and broke into committees on various concerns. It was also highly noticeable the nature of the ‘leaders’ of the committees who carefully directed the conversations shaping decisions.

But outside of the organized committees a surprising range of activities abounded. Economic Conservatives and constitutionalists, some of whom are tea party veterans, made their arguments both in written form and verbally for objectives like an audit or dissolution of the Federal Reserve and sound money.  Many individual activists appearing for apparently highly valid causes distributed literature and spoke to smaller audiences.

Michelle Moore ( spoke on coporate corruption and it’s serious role the national condition. The Aaron Burr Society ( Progressive Libertarians distributed literature for nationalizing the fed and pointed to major banks usurping the nation’s wealth. Well known Attorney Carl Person ( who created major waves attempting to reopen the 911 investigation via the NY State ballot was present speaking on he and his supporter’s program to create jobs by making the first three employees hired by any employer free of regulation, operating at private contractors. Many of those present concurred that such a move would cause a sizable surge in the almost moribund job market.

In a surprise move, controversial comedian Roseanne Barr came to the site and delivered a major speech which clearly crossed ideological lines. Attracting a sizable crowd, Ms Barr shouted into a microphone for a combination of the best of capitalism and socialism “which rewards hard work and ambition but also cares for the weakest child”. “We need people-ism!” she added.

“They call me a femi-Nazi for saying this” Barr said.

Many of the genuine patriots in the crowd upon hearing the remarks noted, quietly, that just such a system of finance and government is in fact available and fully ready for re-installation at any moment…the system she described having received successful testing a few of decades ago.

Barr called for all activists to move away from left-right political labels and constraints. She admonished those listening to “crack the mind control program” an apparent reference to the Left-Right political system and “not cling blindly to a single unyielding ideology”

 Many observers in the crowd noted that the severity of the present national condition appeared to have caused a new, general recognition of the power of international banking and its unelected non governmental organizations in shaping national policy and procedures in many cases fully outside of government. A realization once strictly confined to the best parts of the patriot movement. This realize-

tion is being coupled with a generalized feeling in many political and social activist circles that the national debt, increasing international adventures and unemployment is out of control and fast getting worse. The occupy Wall Street demonstrations, most observers say, is, more than anything else, a direct outgrowth of this process. This has also caused a broad based willingness to cooperate across traditional political and to an extent social lines.

But while many of the demonstrators said they were trying to cause a change along the lines of the Arab spring revolutions where large numbers of people occupied central squares, older more experienced and knowledgeable patriots at the scene noted that the Arab spring uprisings were a direct product of the American foreign policy establishment…and the British. French help was involved in the case of Libya. The level of general discomfort and desperation usually involved in serious political power change is also not present at this moment many observers said.

 Still, many of those involved said that a small group of activists, or a single person, can have a huge effect under some circumstances. Many noted that a small group of computer experts destroyed some of the world’s most powerful men’s prime objectives, climate legislation, at Copenhagen.

In a conclusion of remarks, which sounded like it was taken directly from a leading patriotic publication of the 1970’s. Roseanne Barr urged activists of all stripes not to stop their efforts to correct governmenttal and financial criminal behavior because “they won’t stop” an apparent reference to the financial/government elite, “until there are labor camps…and then they’ll get all your labor free”

 The Occupy Wall Street activists say they will remain at the site and cause daily demonstrations for the foreseeable future.