20 Years Later Plane Crash of JFK Jr. Still Confounding

Questions Remain on JFK Jr's death

Was JFK Jr ‘s decision to fly on the day of his plane crash simply “irresponsible,” as the media would have us believe, or was there something more sinister at play? Twenty years later, many questions remain unanswered.  

By Donald Jeffries

Twenty years ago, John F. Kennedy Jr. died in a plane crash. In the aftermath, Kennedy was characterized as an irresponsible daredevil who wasn’t qualified to be flying without an instructor and was especially reckless considering the dangerous weather conditions.

This writer has researched the death of JFK Jr. in depth and found that, on the contrary, JFK Jr.’s flight instructors praised him as a careful and competent pilot. The weather that evening was not bad at all; the heavy “haze” and poor visibility referred to persistently in mainstream media reports was contradicted by Edward Meyer, who wrote the official FAA report on weather conditions.

Meyer reiterated to this writer in a 2012 email, “My argument was with the entire [emphasis in original] mainstream media. . . . The NTSB [National Transportation Safety Board] report contradicted everything [emphasis in original] that was said by the media. . . . He was fully licensed to fly that night and there were no weather reports that contradicted the VFR flight conditions that the plane was flying in.”

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The NTSB report quoted an anonymous pilot who flew the same route as JFK Jr. that night and reported being told by a flight service station that there were “no adverse conditions.” Meyer, in the immediate aftermath of JFK Jr.’s plane going down, had expressed his frustration: “Nothing I have heard on mainstream media makes any sense to me. . . . The weather along his flight was just fine.”

Steve Sbraccia was the first local reporter on the scene following reports that JFK Jr.’s plane was missing. Sbraccia, who worked for local WCVB-TV at the time, told this writer in a 2006 email, “I’ve always felt there was something ‘wrong’ about that crash.” Sbraccia spoke personally to a still unidentified reporter from Vineyard Gazette, who claimed to have seen an explosion in the sky at the time and location where Kennedy’s plane went down. While this writer and others subsequently tried to track down that elusive reporter without success, Sbraccia reiterated in a later email, “I can swear in court that man was real—and I reported exactly what he told me he saw.”

Earlier this year, ABC aired a laughably inaccurate special on “The Last Days of JFK Jr.” Around the same time, a story in the New York Post regurgitated the same disinformation. The Post actually claimed that the special, which reiterated all the mainstream talking points about Kennedy’s daring recklessness, soft-pedaled “Kennedy’s complete and utter fault for the crash,” and said the program quoted the FAA as describing the flying conditions as “excellent.” This was absolutely false, as was their follow-up sentence about the NTSB report calling conditions “extremely poor.”

They even quoted the thoroughly discredited account of flight instructor Robert Morena (the paper didn’t name him). Morena had stated that JFK Jr. refused to take an instructor with him, dramatically declaring that he “wanted to do it alone.” Morena’s own lawyer denied he ever said this. When researcher John Hankey contacted Morena on the phone, he was summarily hung up on.

A recent Fox News story featured JFK Jr.’s “pal” Steven Gillon stating that JFK Jr. “didn’t understand why people were fascinated by his father’s death.” Gillon, in fact, claimed that JFK Jr. never discussed the subject and it was “the only topic that was absolutely off-limits.” Gillon, unsurprisingly, is the resident historian of The History Channel.

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This writer communicated with JFK Jr.’s high school and adult contacts. All spoke of his fascination with the assassination, and one described it as a “quest.” Reporter Wayne Madsen claimed that he was scheduled to meet with JFK Jr. a few days after his death to discuss being hired by George magazine, with his primary assignment being an investigation of the JFK assassination.

JFK Jr. had interviewed Oliver Stone, who directed the 1991 pro-conspiracy film “JFK.” He also had hobnobbed with the likes of Larry Flynt, who besides being the publisher of Hustler magazine, had offered a huge reward for the real killers of President Kennedy, and Ruth Carter Stapleton, Jimmy Carter’s sister who was keenly interested in the assassination herself. Flynt had, of course, also published nude photos of Jacqueline Kennedy, and JFK Jr. accompanying him to the White House Correspondents Dinner drew a rebuke from no less than his uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.).

All mainstream media coverage of this case avoids any mention of the 9:39 p.m. phone call from JFK Jr. in which he reported all was well and he awaited landing instructions. That call was washed down the memory hole despite the fact WCVB-TV interviewed Todd Burgun of the Coast Guard specifically about the call, which was widely reported by UPI and others. There was also nothing about the suspiciously quick autopsies and secret sprinkling of the ashes of the Catholic victims at sea, which was questioned even by some of the establishment press.

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of three books currently being sold by the AFP Online Store.

6 Comments on 20 Years Later Plane Crash of JFK Jr. Still Confounding

  1. Hey Trevor. There was no fog offshore according to the weather reports and eyewitness reports like his flight instructor. Not doubting your knowledge of the plane, but that crash kept Hillary in power and the Bushes and their CIA JFK henchmen safe. Just too many lies told over and over about the crash and everything else they lie about by the mainstream media. The media owned by the same people who wanted JFK dead for printing real US currency, eventually putting the federal reserve and them outta business. That would not be in sync with their plans of global enslavement through controlling our currency, creating recessions and depressions to take control of the world. They have had total control over the politician’s and our country since they killed JFK. All president’s have been puppet’s since JFK .

  2. They killed him so he wouldn’t get Hillary’s Senate seat then ultimately become president where he would have uncovered the truth of his father’s murder. That the CIA had him killed. Instead we get the CIA ran Bushes and Clinton’s and they’ll never squeal or ever be convicted of any of their treasonous crimes as they continue their assault on our republic unscathed. If you wanna look at history to see who was really good and really bad. Just look at the politicians that are still alive and in power,despite scandal after scandal, they are the crooks. The good guys are either dead, in prison or not in power. Pretty easy to see all the politicians in power now are career crooks. Worse than anybody in prison because they commit crime after crime and stay in power while Jo blow goes to jail for not paying a ticket. That’s Justice in America. There ain’t any

  3. Research done in the years immediately following JFK Jr’s death found evidence that the plane had been tampered with, and also evidence that George W and Jeb Bush had been in the vicinity in the days prior to the flight, had access to the plane’s location, and of course the plane was similar enough to Barry Seal’s and others which we know they’d flown all those years earlier (moving materiel out, and cocaine in, to Mena AR from central america).

  4. I have flown that type of plane and it has a bad caricaturist in flight.
    If you turn to the right the turn of the propeller will keep the plane level, but if you turn to the left it will pull the nose down. He was scud running up the coast. He had no instrument rating, and when he lost the lights of the coast on his left, he turned left to get them back. Not have any experience of flying blind, when he lost sight of the land in the fog, he did not know how to fly by the instruments only. He unknowingly let the nose drop and not understanding ” spacial disorientation” he flew it in a spiral into the sea.

  5. Reply to David: The article shows that JFK Jr was interested in his father’s assassination and was in the process of hiring an investigator of it for his magazine George. The implication of the article is that the same (((people))) behind the JFK assassination killed Jr to prevent his “quest” for the truth of it.

  6. Wow, sprinkling ashes at see due to Catholicism. Good to see lame excuses can transcend religious boundaries…….they used the same excuse for the body claimed to have been UBL only citing Islamic reasons and time constraints.

    At least they are consistent in their deception. Still don’t know why they had to off the kid though. The article passed on that one.

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