49 U.S. Governors Request Refugees from Feds

• Small-town America targeted by culture distorters.

By Jenifer Dixon —

At a time when the United States suffers from record high joblessness, unprecedented debt and a failing economy, governors in 49 states across the country have been taking money from the federal government to “resettle” refugees from third world countries in Africa and the Middle East. It’s all part of a little-known program whereby states like Wyoming and Minnesota, which have seen thousands of good-paying, middle-class jobs exported to foreign lands, agree to take in tens of thousands of foreign immigrants, who will no doubt have to depend on taxpayer-funded medical care and other welfare services.

Activist Frank George of Wyoming has been working tirelessly to bring attention to the so-called U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program (RRP). Officially, the program falls under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But unlike most federal programs, the process is pretty simple. What happens is that the governor of a state, who wants to become a part of the program, contacts the federal government, which works in conjunction with the United Nations (UN) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the secular Lutheran Services in America. The Catholic Church is also deeply involved in this program along with other denominations that sound like churches but are in reality NGOs.


The NGOs are key to this, because they, with the help of the UN, seek out refugee populations to bring into the U.S. These private organizations are then paid by the head, much as with cattle, by the federal government, and sometimes even state funds are tapped for this purpose. Directors of these NGOs can earn as much as $400,000 a year, and the more people they bring into the U.S., the more money they make.

Unfortunately, in the process of bringing in people, Washington and these international organizations repeatedly destroy whole towns and cities as they import populations that are often antagonistic to American culture.

Take Wyoming, for instance. The Cowboy State is now home to thousands of Congolese refugees, who speak French, not English. Their country of origin, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is known as the rape capital of the world. This means that both the victims of these mass rapes have been brought in as well as in some cases even their rapists. Syrians have also been arriving in droves from that war-torn region, as well as Somalis from the African country of Somalia, which has been plagued by bloody wars for decades now.

The tragic part of all of this is that U.S. citizens have no say at all in who comes in or where they are settled.

“A group of elite has decided to bring in refugees into Wyoming, and we have no say,” George told AFP. “We are nothing but serfs in our own state.”

So far, state governments have tried to do damage control by assuring citizens that there are very few refugees brought to the U.S. But when you look at states like Nebraska and Minnesota, where 30,000 Somalis alone have been brought in the last decade, you realize there are thousands of immigrants quietly being brought into the U.S. and then resettled across the country.

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Jenifer Dixon is the author of The Holy Land Unveiled, has a B.A. cum laude in English literature and history from George Washington University and has worked for a number of media outlets and at several D.C. think tanks including the Institute for Public Accuracy and Women Strike for Peace.

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  2. As I examine the things that the Living God commanded a person to do, I see the Evil work that is being set in place for the World dictator to be seated in TYRE. The Refugees is the Work, to bring this Nation to a third World Status. It also is causing the wars to kill off the People and Weaken the Arab nations so they will Join Israel to seat the 10th World Power, called the W.E.O.G. This was set in place by Clinton Dec. 31st 1993. It was the World TRADE ORG. China was seated in 2001, She was the 9th Horn in REV.13. There are 5 More major things to complete, and the World Dictator will be seated in TYRE. He is the Son of Perdition, and will shew His EVIL WORKS to the World. The Banks, the C.Cards, the Mortgages, the Vacation Places, and others, Don’t Agree to these Evil works and You will have an Angel rescue You. There is a Spiritual WAR going On for YOUR SOUL. It is either HEAVEN or HELL. Knowledge is Power. In II Corth.2:11 God’s WORD warns you and I, “ARE you going to let SATAN get an Advantage of you?” Then God’s Word declares “ARE YOU GOING TO BE IGNORANT OF HIS PLAN?” His Plan is to deceive YOUR MIND, and By joining a Religion, or being a good Person, or serving your country. Romans 10:8,9 is the answer. WAKE up AMERICA.
  3. Thanks Jenifer, this information will be passed to everyone as we must stop this insanity the communist cultural Marxist Jews have forced upon this country.

    Again we see another alphabet soup agency created as a result of the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act destroying the U.S.

    Dear Pastor Lincoln, what are you implying besides Jesus will return? Are you directing the comment at the author because she is opposed to this invasion? A bit of advice, make sure you explain what you are saying and why. Your post appears to carry the message that America and this author are bad because we don’t want these third worlders here in our country.

  4. Hi, I’m a Pastor.

    There IS a God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Yep, you know Him.

    Judgment is coming. You’ve invited it.

    ….and you’re not ready.

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