Are Race Wars Coming to America? Now in PDF!

A new book from AMERICAN FREE PRESS exposes the most incendiary problem facing the United States today—one that will blow America apart at the seams if not addressed.



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America’s Racial Powder Keg
How a Violent Dependency State Has Been
Created Within the Black Community

After being promised a “post-racial” America by Barack Obama, this nation has instead seen cities set ablaze, anarchy in the streets, police officers assassinated in cold blood, and violence directed against innocent whites. Similarly, not only are members of the New Black Panther Party permitted to intimidate voters at polling stations, their leaders unequivocally call for the slaughter of whites, including their children.

Rather than trying to temper this outrageous behavior, Obama and his cronies, including outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder, have given their none-too-subtle nod of approval by associating with greedy race-peddlers like Al Sharpton. Spearheading a grievance industry that’s based upon an overt hatred of whites dating back hundreds of years, Sharpton and company have become fabulously wealthy as their black followers spiral toward destruction. When coupled with multi-generational government welfare, a violent dependency state has been created within the black community that threatens to tear America apart at the seams.

America’s Racial Powder Keg examines this phenomenon—without the constraints of political correctness—like no mainstream book has the courage to do. Via this book, the issue of race will never again be seen through the same rose-colored glasses.

Softcover, 149 pages, $20/PDF, 149 pages, $7.50



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FERGUSON, Mo.—August 9, 2014, violent black teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed after assaulting white police officer Darren Wilson. Protests—peaceful and violent—along with vandalism and rampant looting by blacks, continued for weeks.

FERGUSON, Mo.—St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch announced on November 24 that the grand jury investigating the Brown shooting had decided not to indict Officer Wilson. Mayhem ensued. Blacks ran wild, burning large swaths of the city and attacking whites and white- and black-owned businesses. A black church was targeted and burned by colored thugs. It took two weeks for the mainstream media to admit Michael Brown had robbed a convenience store and attacked the officer before Brown was shot. Today, Ferguson is, for all intents and purposes, a ruined city.

ST. LOUIS, Mo.—Zemir Begic, a white man, was brutally murdered by a group of black teenagers wielding hammers after McCulloch’s announcement. Witnesses saw the perpetrators yelling “[Expletive deleted] white people” and “kill the white people” just before the attack. The mainstream media completely censored the story.

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y.—Dec. 20, 2014, Ismayyil Abdullah Brinsley executed two New York City Police Department officers as they sat in their patrol car in the Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, ostensibly as revenge for the deaths of career criminal Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Missouri.

BALTIMORE, Md.—In a speech to over 2,000 people at Morgan State University, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan delivered a violent screed calling for a “holy” race war against whites. He praised the violence in Ferguson and condemned black leaders who did not support his race revolution as “pacifiers,” “cowardly” and “punkified.” He called for an explosion of violence against “the white man’s tyranny on black people.” He said young blacks are ready for war and don’t want “compromising talk.” “If 50% of all black people died fighting the white man, it would be worth it,” he added.

BALTIMORE, Md.—January 7, 2015. Baltimore police reveal that black gang member Jason Armstrong was apprehended inside a Baltimore police station in possession of drugs and a handgun. The man says he was acting on orders from the Black Guerrilla Family, a violent gang that has had a long history of prison and street crime, drug trafficking and murder. The suspect says he was ordered to probe the security of the police station, ostensibly for a future military-style attack by the group.

FORD HEIGHTS, Ill.—January 8, Aries Woodfin was arrested for making online threats against Chicago police officers and others. Prosecutors say they became aware of the threats on December 8 when Woodfin posted a Facebook message in which he said he vowed he was “going to kill cops and innocent white kids.”


Think the aforementioned new items are scary? The truth is that they’re just a tiny drop in the bucket. Whites in America are under siege and have been for a generation, whether the mainstream media and white liberals will admit it or not. If you relied solely upon the mainstream news coverage of the growing threat to white America, you might have come to the conclusion that all whites are racist devils and these black thugs are innocent angels.

But the truth is entirely at odds with the spineless reporting of the mainstream press and many of America’s highest ranking elected officials. And perhaps no other issue so clearly delineates the difference between the fallacious reporting of the mainstream media versus the honest news reporting of AMERICAN FREE PRESS (AFP).

Alone amongst the national news media, only AFP—from the very beginning—had the guts to tell the truth about the events in Ferguson, Missouri and the threat white Americans face every day from a violent and racist segment of the black population. Of course, there are many good and intelligent black people out there who have been willing to condemn this violent and extremely racist portion of the black community that has many white Americans concerned. We know that, because AFP has interviewed these outspoken conservative black leaders when, once again, the mainstream media has suppressed their message of truth about the state of black America and the pervasive anti-white racism that permeates much of black culture today.


Here’s a short listing of the topics covered and the questions asked and answered in America’s Racial Powder Keg:

• The slavery sleight-of-hand
• The “Great Emancipator’s” views on “colored folk”
• The real Nelson Mandela and his true legacy of terror
• The dangers of pathological altruism
• Eyewitness account of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots
• Barack Obama’s terrorist acquaintances
• Obama: White America’s worst nightmare
• Who’s the hoodlum from Harlem’s hood?
• Camden, N.J.: Why is this city in ruins?
• Is Obama tied to the Black Panthers?
• How a book cost Pat Buchanan his job
• The complexion of crime in America
• Media covers up hate crimes against whites
• Why Chicago is dripping blood
• Unreported racial violence
• The drink that’s destroying a culture
• How darkness settled over Detroit
• Which black leaders advocate white genocide
• The real white man’s burden
• America’s appalling racial double standard
• Whites denied civil rights?
• Violence and race
• The myth of white privilege
• Black religious leaders want Holder impeached
• Making a mockery of Western education
• What’s the media’s ultimate racial agenda?
• Violence used to blackmail whites
• Shooting of black thug sparks riots
• Cops gear up for race riots
• Interview with Ferguson shopkeepers
• Black racism fatigue
• Michael Brown case: open and shut
• Honest talk about race trumps science
• Should blacks fear white cops?
• Four presidents speak out about race

Purchase a copy of America’s Racial Powder Keg for yourself and friends.



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19 Comments on Are Race Wars Coming to America? Now in PDF!

  1. People, there will be no race war for the exact reasons that are revealed in the YouTube video titled Race war?! Are you crazy?!!!

    There are a great number of black men in prison, gay, crazy, Uncle Toms, old, sick and the rest don’t care about what is happening politically in America. Whites outnumber blacks and they have more weaponry and can out-shoot blacks. Black gangs can’t shoot straight; that is why they kill babies, kids, and females. There will only be a black massacre.

    What whites should worry about is the people who look white but don’t associate themselves with whites and who took the American government in 2001; they are the ones who are behind this killing of black youths by whites and white cops to cause racial division in order to confiscate citizens’ guns.

    But before they do, they will war with whites. It would then be a massacre.

  2. Jewess Karen Fleshman: the resident “Race Educator, Problem Solver” has a new hate piece at the HuffPost entitled …. “White People, If You’re Not Part of the Solution, You’re Part of the Problem,” whereby, she…Encourages Suicide for “Fellow White People.”

    This is a new case of yet another Jewess being deployed in the endless Long March through the culture, another “I’m White, honest!” desert alien full of horrible, suicidal ideas for any goyim foolish enough listen. Apparently the cattle are falling for this.

    Is this the new strategy from our enemies, using wise Jewesses pulling a Tim Wise act? In a way it’s ideal for the nation wrecker. The Jew can make the most outrageous anti-White statements, can openly promote White genocide and then hide behind the “Hey, I’m White like you!” defense, as if self-loathing is some type of virtue. Of course they’re not White, they’re the satanic enemy within.

    When a so called “Jew”™ says they are “anti-racist,” what they really mean is that they are anti white.

  3. I unfortunately abused crack for 13 years. I must definitely visited many hoods. Do these hoods stem completely from white oppression? I doubt so. I was very fortunate to have survived, both the crack and the barbaric rage of black America. There are good nice Afro-Americans, but from my perspective the paranoid, bitter, “hate whitey” blacks far outnumber the nice blacks. I treat people in the manner by which they treat me. The liberals are as much my enemy as the angry black. Fu*k political correctness. The military is ready for the battle, but I got a gut feeling if a race war starts those GI Joes are gonna shoot everyone, irregardless of skin color.
  4. There is a womb that will lead to human betterment; its owner is the Jewess. Most are willing to accept alpha goyin sperm; the child has a 75% chance of being superior in verbal and mathematical aptitude. Two hundred thousand Jewesses are needed to save the nation; 50 million retarded breeders can be gassed painlessly.
  5. Black Porn Star Attacks the Jews

    Here’s something weird.

    A Black woman, who describes herself as “ebony ex-pornstar, webcam model, Christian, artist, photographer, computer nerd, journalist and online media mogul (who is sometimes known as) Monica Foster” is fighting a war against the Jews.

    She has a website called ZionismXXX (forwards to her blogspot), where she attacks the Jews (whom she calls “the Jewish,” which I LOLed at).

    Funnily enough, having read her site a bit and watched a couple of her YouTubes, I like this woman. Note that if you play one of her YouTube videos and switch to a different tab, you will think a White woman is talking. She is well-spoken and intelligent.

    Here is a video where she talks about her time in the porn industry and the Jews.

    She likes David Duke, which I find is true of most educated and/or intelligent Blacks. She compares Duke and Malcolm X to the views of the ADL on Jewish heritage, and though it isn’t an original argument, she hits the nail on the head. She points out that the alleged “White elite” are actually entirely Jewish.

    The way she frames porno as a Jewish brainwashing program is also spot-on.

  6. White, Healthy, Heterosexual, Caucasian, Christian, Males are the ONLY ones with no “special protected status.” It is NO coincidence that nearly every commercial and print ad features a Black male and White female with White males always placed in subservient roles. This is no “coincidence.” WHO designs and approves advertising? WHO is racist? Time to revisit the “Reconstruction Era” history. Carpetbaggers and Freed Slaves are trying to repeat it.

    Obama’s RACISM is the problem—has EVERYONE forgotten HIS OWN WORDS? Audacity of Hope is his attitude toward whites. He harbors a “COIL OF RAGE TOWARDS WHITES.”

    From Dreams of My Father:

    “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”

    “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.”

    “There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of herself, maybe and white…”

    “It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.”

    “I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa, that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.”


    Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan Take On Whitey

    White crimes hysterically reported—Black crimes ignored. Reread the Post Civil War Reconstruction history when Blacks and Carpetbaggers FIRST reigned “supreme.”

    “Color-blind-society”!? Obama DELIBERATELY made all this racial by addressing abuse only of “minorities and people-of-color” and by default making abuse of Whites “OK.”

    People killed by police in the U.S. so far this year (6/9/2015): 247 whites, 140 blacks

    Ferguson SHOULD have been about uniting America to stop police militarization and abuse but Obama, Sharpton, et al. have turned it into a RACIST kid-gloves for “People of color” and all Police (Whites) are bad scenario. They are all AFFIRMATIVE ACTION COMMUNITY PARTY PLANNERS, just like their Leader. YOU/YOUR TAXES pay them to coordinate things like this. Why do you think the focus is ALWAYS on Black victims, and Whites are ignored? Did you hear Obama is having 10,000 MORE “trained”?:

    Obama Group To Train 10,000 Community Organizers In Search For Next ‘Organizer-In-Chief’

    Obama Unleashing ‘Racial Agitators’ On Crime-Filled Cities, $163 Million to Back Them

    The Data on Cops Killing Blacks that the Race-Hustlers Don’t Want You to See

    For every black killed by the police, 3 whites will share the fame fate:

    American Cops 25 Times more Likely to Shoot Whites than Any Other Race

    Meanwhile Obama REFUSES to demilitarize the police even as he pretends to support the protestors:

    Cornel West: “Massive Transfer of Military Weapons to Local Police” During Obama’s Reign

    Black Teenager Shoots Newlywed Soldier and Executes His Pregnant Wife . . . Race Baiters Are Silent [VIDEO]

    The Department of Social Justice: Federal officials lectured Ferguson residents about “white privilege.”

  7. Whites are especially tired of Jewish people murdering people and then seeing the Jewish-owned media blame the killing on WASPS…or Muslims.

    Every mass killing we have seen (presuming the event wasn’t staged, that is) has been done by a Jewish killer(s) and then the JMSM scapegoats WASPS…or Muslims.

  8. Take the young man who went into a black church and massacred nine blacks. Whites are getting tired of this crap. And rest assured you will see a lot more of this happening if something doesn’t change soon.
  9. Dear white “goyim” in Amrei-K-a (kosher):

    ‘What you have planted and nourished there for decades and centuries, now you’re beginning to harvest.’ You are nothing but a ‘goyim soldiers and policemen for the Yiddish speaking bosses above you.’ Stumping the black human beings on the bottom of your so called ‘exceptional society in the world.’ And ‘Christianity’ in your Yiddish speaking Republic? You have had always only a Judeo-christianity, nothing less and nothing more. You have never attempted to uplift your black brothers to better life, instead, you rather fill the greedy pockets of your Yiddish slave masters. And you both will one day harvest the anger and frustration of the oppressed and depressed black cohabitants you have neglected because you think like your Yiddish masters that you are something “special and exceptional.” I feel sorry for the harvest day for you and your ‘god-money and material.’

  10. Kenneth:

    Yeah, GOD FORBID whites talk about racial issues because that is apparently far worse than all the violence blacks have been committing against us in this “post racial” era huh? The only white denial is coming from liberals and anti-whites like you.

  11. It is amazing how you can ask a person to look behind the door and they will only look at the front and keep talking and using surface knowledge for their reasoning. If you think you can face these globalist while you fight your fellow Americans, you will have a GROUNDHOG bringing you your mail or you will end up in a unsegregated camp with your real ENEMY holding a gun on you keeping you in.
  12. Yeah, OK. Skin means nothing yet blacks go around acting like we have to have a black history month. For what? You are not my heritage or history. You have your own and I have my own. You blacks act like everyone else is racist because there are many different people across the world. Are the Chinese racist for being Chinese? Are the Japanese racist for being Japanese? Are the Russian people racist for being Russian? And don’t feed me your BS that we are all the same. Yes, we are humans, but we all have our own identity and heritage and blacks act like you can just walk into everyone else’s history and heritage and take over. This is just human nature when people stick to their own tribe. I guess you all wish nature and 1000s of years of evolution will change overnight, but it is not going to happen. I have a right to preserve my heritage and people. All peoples do. You know what makes the MIDDLE EAST SO PEACEFUL,”DIVERSITY.” LMFAO!
  13. AFP has an article on SOROS a Rothchild crew member. Like I said in my first comment, there is something to this RACE crap that is being pushed. According to the report, Soros is possibly behind it along with many other major and dangerous to the world incidents and I’m sure he is not alone. To not want to find out what is behind this BLACK AND WHITE lets fight crap and just look on the surface and feed into SOROS and company’s plan is ignorant and plain DUMB. We need unity and knowledge. Find the real enemy.
  14. People who say they know God regardless of color or race please pray against this plot of the devil. When we meet our maker what does color have to do with anything? Either you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior or you have not. Those are the two races in God’s eyes.
  15. Also the race war is not a “wet dream,” it is happening right now. Just because the Jew banker media mob is not telling us, does not mean it is not happening. It is time for whites to start fighting back in mass.
  16. The three comments before mine are ignorant. Only white people think like these commenters. All other groups stick together. Ideas like these are what got us to this point in the first place. Wake up white man.
  17. This website is a part of the racism that hurts America. From the above, you posit that all virtue is deemed to whites and all vices to blacks. Why not simply entitle the article, “White Denial.”
  18. This book appears to do nothing other than feed into the divide. A race war is nothing other than a wet dream of hate groups and oligarchs who love to see us distracted. Sure there are racial issues in this country on both sides, and yes the black community has it’s issues, but like the gentleman said before me, there are bigger fish to fry.

    Don’t fall for this fear-mongering propaganda.

  19. Can’t you people see that globalist infiltrators are behind this?

    They know of the race ignorance in this country and they are using it to separate us so they can take over more easily. If you notice in some countries, TRIBES put down their differences and fight the common enemy. We are supposed to be civilized and we are still talking that BLACK and WHITE SH*-T.

    The people behind these incidents and actions, regardless of color, should be looked at very closely to see who is the PUPPETMASTER. Not all WHITES or BLACKS are participating in this DIVIDING IGNORANCE. Some of us know who the enemy is and it is not a COLOR, but a rich and dangerous group of men pushing for our downfall as a country.


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