Famed CFR Researcher Speaks Out About 9/11

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Renowned for his work on the Council on Foreign Relations, researcher and author James Perloff discusses the now-fractured 9/11 truth movement, 9/11 motives and perpetrators, and Greater Israel.

By S. T. Patrick

Seventeen years have passed since Sept. 11, 2001. The 9/11 truth community that was spawned that day has since become fractured and disorganized, every lead theorist and researcher now vehemently defending their own pet explanations. The cantankerous arguments often revolve around the “what happened” of the day. AFP contributing editor S.T. Patrick interviewed James Perloff, the author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior and operator of JamesPerloff.com, about the 9/11 truth movement and the responsible parties that perpetrated 9/11. The following is an excerpt from that interview.

AFP: The 9/11 truth community began as a hyperactive group of skeptics who wanted to challenge the official narrative. It has become, over time, very fractured with everyone wanting to plant their ideological flags in stone. How did this happen, and can it recover?

PERLOFF: I think they are still hyperactive skeptics who want to challenge the official narrative. I think the fracturing is largely the result of disagreements over how this very clever crime was executed. As you know, there are differing theories on how the twin towers were destroyed, and what hit them in the first place. Some of these ideas may come from infiltrators, but I think most are honest attempts at resolving what happened. I don’t know anyone who has the whole thing figured out, but we’ll keep trying.

AFP: Two of America’s most vital population centers, four planes, three large metro airports, and multiple well-protected targets were involved that day. Who was responsible for planning and then executing such a massive plot?

PERLOFF: The overwhelming evidence points to Israel and its American Zionist allies in high places. This includes the five notorious “dancing Israelis” arrested after celebrating the attack; Michael Chertoff, whose mother was a founding Mossad agent, put in charge of the investigation; security at all three airports run by an Israeli-owned company; Netanyahu’s pal “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, who bought the World Trade Center less than two months before the attacks; Philip Zelikow, a dual-citizen Israeli, heading the 9/11 Commission; Judge Hellerstein, a Zionist whose son lives in Israel, blocking all litigation from victims’ families—that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For the iceberg, I recommend the Wikispooks online post “9/11: Israel Did It.” Remember, Israel, not the United States or Muslims, benefited from 9/11.

AFP: In the long-form interview we recorded for the “Midnight Writer News Show” and American Free Press, which was posted online, you mentioned possible involvement from the Sayeret Matkal. Who are they and in what ways do you believe they may have been involved?

PERLOFF: They are Israel’s elite special ops. As we discussed in the interview, it would be virtually impossible for the alleged amateur Arab hijackers to have seized the cockpits with such deadly proficiency, then to have flown all three planes into their targets with bullseye accuracy at speeds well over the planes’ design limits. I have reviewed this with pilots, and one of the scenarios we’re looking at is that remote-control drones were substituted, a variation on Operation Northwoods. If this occurred, we believe the original planes were indeed hijacked, but diverted over the Atlantic, a mission Israel would have only entrusted to Sayeret Matkal.

AFP: What was the endgame for 9/11? Was it the perpetuation of a war state? Was it about domestic surveillance? What was it all for?

PERLOFF: Long term, it was certainly about starting these perpetual Middle East wars that are clearing the way for what Zionists call “Greater Israel,” as well as the police state at home. Short term, there were some other benefits—shorting airline stocks, destroying investigations into financial scandals, and a credible case has been made that the destruction of the twin towers, and the immolation of humans inside, may have been a type of Luciferian sacrifice, not unlike Dresden and Nagasaki.

AFP: JFK assassination researchers have rejected the public notion that there is a “smoking gun” to be found through more research. It is resolved in the field that Oswald was not the “lone nut.” In the 9/11 research field, where is the research headed? What are the next steps of research that will be conducted over the next 10 years?

PERLOFF: I can’t say that I notice any general trend in the 9/11 community that would enable us to forecast where it will go next. I do sense that there is a greater willingness among some to reexamine some of the hypotheses that have been out there. Because, of course, when you have competing hypotheses that contradict each other, they can’t all be right. And that was certainly true for the Kennedy assassination as well.

Shadows of Power, Perloff
“The CFR and the American Decline” at the AFP Online Store.

AFP: New researchers need a good starting point for their work. If you had a college student ask you what the first thread of research to pull should be, what would you tell them? Where should they begin?

PERLOFF: I’d start with the most obvious evidence. For most people, that’s building 7, which fell at free-fall speed even though no plane touched it. Then I’d look at the towers themselves, and how everything inside them other than steel—all the furniture, toilets, computers, concrete—were vaporized into dust. Many buildings have collapsed over the years, but can anyone name one that had an outcome like that?

James Perloff set a new bar for research regarding the Council on Foreign Relations in his book The Shadows of Power. He continued that research into the New World Order with Truth is a Lonely Warrior. He is currently working on a book solely about 9/11.

S. T. Patrick holds degrees in both journalism and social studies education. He spent ten years as an educator and now hosts the “Midnight Writer News Show.” His email is [email protected].

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