Top Globalists Meet in Berlin to Plot Strategy

Interesting information emerges from AFP’s source inside the Trilateral Commission meeting

By James P. Tucker Jr.

The Trilateral Commission (TC), meeting near Berlin, March 15-17, devised a plan that would allow the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reach into your wallet and grab your money. You can be sure the IMF, or “world treasury department,” will gladly take your cash.


United States Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry secretly attended the meeting under cover of “peace talks” in Baghdad. Kerry is a longtime Bilderberger. The Bilderberg group is an elitist set of corporate heads,major politicians, media moguls and financial kingpins who meet each year in guarded, closed-door policy meetings, to determine how the world should go.

The standard cover was a meeting in Brussels whereby TC boys and girls could duck into the meeting without explaining their absence back home. U.S. Representative Michele M. Bachmann (R-Minn.) also attended, which means TC considers her a potential president or vice president, despite charges in Congress that she misused campaign funds.

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Trilateralists thought the potential dip into your pockets was amusing.

Antonio Borges of Washington, former director of the European Department of the IMF, was overheard by a source laughing and saying that people will not even notice the new levy.

Lord John Kerr, a member of Britain’s House of Lords and former deputy chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, agreed, with a giggle, added this reporter’s source.

It is interesting to note that the banking crisis in Cyprus also started on March 16 as European Union bankers were demanding cash be taken directly out of depositors’ accounts in Cyprus.

Though unreported in the world’s major media, which is controlled by the TC and its brother group, Bilderberg, three bills calling for a direct United Nations tax on the people of the world has been pending before the global body for more than 20 years. Contents of the TC meeting were provided by an insider who has been reliable for 30 years.

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James P. Tucker Jr. is the world’s foremost expert on the global elite. Tucker is AFP’s editor emeritus and the author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary.