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Are You REALLY Prepared?

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Dear AFP Reader,

One thing I know for sure about the founders of America is that they were a truly self-reliant lot. In fact, the terms “stubborn” and “hard-nosed” seem to fit the character of most Americans from the early Mayflower settlers though the War for Independence. Imagine having a conversation with George Washington or Thomas Jefferson and telling them 50% of the populace receives some kind of government money. They would look at you like you were just plain nuts!

As a reader of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, you’re part of the last remnant of Americans that hold to the belief that it’s smart to be ready for trouble should some natural or man-made disaster come your way. In this special wrap we put together some remarkable tools to help you become ready for the hard times ahead. We even have a few of our “Scratch and Dent” Power Hubs available for those who are wanting to become energy self-sufficient. You can read about the offer on page A-2.


Enjoy this report, compliments of the folks at AMERICAN FREE PRESS, America’s Last Real Newspaper.

Yours For Self Reliance,

Bill Heid

President and Founder
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