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On March 15, pro-white activists all across the globe participated in the inaugural White Man March. The march, organized by popular radio host, blogger and activist Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting, was designed to get a specific message out to the public.

Dave Gahary sat down with Kyle to hear how the march went, in this important interview (26:07).

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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March Brings White Issues to Forefront

• Pro-white activists from across nation hail “White Man March” tremendous success

By John Friend

On March 15, pro-white activists all across the globe, including this reporter, participated in the inaugural White Man March. The march, organized by popular radio host, blogger and activist Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting, was designed to get a specific message out to the public.

“The message that ‘diversity equals white genocideis intended to plant seeds in people’s minds, getting them to think about how massive immigration and forced assimilation, affirmative action and diversity quotas, and the anti-white media are all part of the ‘knockout game’ against white people,” Hunt explained in a recent interview with this reporter.

“The march exceeded my expectations in every way,” Hunt continued. “Pro-white demonstrations happened all around the world. There were actual marches, flier distributions, big signs, banner drops, stickers and even a moving billboard on the back of a truck. The White Man March was trending worldwide on Twitter, sometimes at No. 1, for almost the entire day.”

Laura Fitzgerald, an activist who participated in the march in Knoxville, Tennessee, also spoke with this reporter and explained exactly why she wanted to be involved with the march and its message.

“I jumped on board with the White Man March because it was a day solely focused on telling the world that massive non-white immigration into every white country and only into white countries is genocide,” said Miss Fitzgerald. “March 15 was a tremendous success. It was a day pro-whites from all over the globe took part in a coordinated effort under one slogan and declared to the world that there are people who will not tolerate this anti-white system and are united in forcing the conversation worldwide about white genocide.”

Many alternative, independent and even mainstream media outlets and organizations reported on the march, generating worldwide interest and awareness.

The March went off rather smoothly, and most activists reported receiving extremely positive feedback and responses from citizens they interacted with. “Almost all activists were able to avoid violent confrontations, which is exactly what we wanted,” Hunt noted.

“News outlets flocked to cover the White Man March,” said Hunt. “There has been local TV news coverage and I was interviewed on cable TV in America and the No. 1 morning radio show in Canada. There was also a huge amount of online press from outlets such as The Raw Story, Vice, Gawker, Salon, New York Observer, International Business Times, Village Voice, CounterPunch, Jezebel, and countless others from around the world. There were even some big counter-protests that helped gain us publicity.”

“Many people thought that pro-white activists had a snowball’s chance in hell of getting any mainstream coverage of our issues, but we proved them wrong with the White Man March,” Hunt said. “Now this snowball is rolling and creating an avalanche of support.”

Of course, much of the coverage coming from establishment and pseudo-alternative media outlets was biased and hostile to the message and goals of the White Man March promoted by Hunt and his supporters.

“Although much of the coverage was not portraying us in a favorable light, these stories were all well read, shared and commented upon, meaning a massive amount of new people have been exposed to our message,” Hunt said. “We have forced ‘white genocide’ into the public consciousness.”

Many view the White Man March as the continuation and expansion of a global pro-white movement and racial awakening. Hunt and other pro-white activists who support and participated in the march have big plans moving forward.

“We cannot let up at such a critical time,” Hunt explained. “We are forcing the media, politicians and public to pay attention. In order to push our agenda further into the mainstream, we will be having a White Man March on the third Saturday of every month. We will continue networking, sharing ideas and inspiration and refining our tactics moving forward. If we continue to press this issue, we will not be ignored and mocked for much longer. We will keep gaining momentum until we are unstoppable.”

Robert Ransdell, an participant in Florence, Ohio, spoke with Cincinnatis The Enquirer, a division of Gannett covering The Buckeye State, explaining why he was participating in the March. “We are here promoting white interests and encouraging others to stand up for people advocating for the white majority just like the minorities are encouraged to do,” Ransdell was quoted as stating.

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John Friend is a writer who maintains a blog and hosts “The Realist Report.”

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  1. Sorry but Kyle Hunt did not start the whitemanmarch. It was started in 2007 in California on In 2008 it was asked to be shut down by the sac skins but before it was we had 15 states ready to march to each state capital. Kyle took the name and all the hard work and took credit for it. He is not the true leader of the whitemanmarch.

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