Black Professor Suspended for Stating Opinions

• Professor suspended for posting thoughts on 9-11, Israel.

By John Friend —

Dr. Joy Karega, an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at Oberlin College, a prestigious liberal arts college in Ohio, has been placed on paid administrative leave following an investigation related to her social media posts, university officials recently announced.

Professor Karega made national headlines earlier this year when a number of her controversial social media posts were publicized by the media. The Oberlin College professor, who is black, made numerous Facebook posts which were deemed to be anti-Semitic and promoting “conspiracy theories.”

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In her posts, Ms. Karega opined Israel played a key role in the events of 9-11 and also argued that ISIS was a joint Central Intelligence Agency-Mossad creation designed to stage even more September 11-style false-flag attacks. In other posts, Ms. Karega expressed her support for the Palestinian cause and pointed out that the notorious Jewish banker Jacob Rothschild, among other elite money lenders and international financiers, “own your news, the media, your oil, and your government.”

University officials, including Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov, who is Jewish, originally defended Ms. Karega’s controversial posts and her right to freedom of expression while distancing the university from her views.

“I believe, as the American Association of University Professors says, that academic freedom is ‘the indispensable quality of institutions of higher education’ because it encourages free inquiry, promotes the expansion of knowledge, and creates an environment in which learning and research can flourish,” Krislov wrote in a letter publicly released shortly after Ms. Karega’s posts initially garnered widespread media attention. “Cultivating academic freedom can be difficult and at times painful for any college community. The principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech are not just principles to which we turn to face these challenges, but also the very practices that ensure we can develop meaningful responses to prejudice.”


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Unsurprisingly, Krislov has backtracked on his initial support for Ms. Karega, likely as a result of heavy pressure from the pro-Israel community and other enforcers of political correctness.

Following the media coverage of Ms. Karega’s social media posts, leading Jewish politicians and activists, including New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, demanded that Oberlin College fire Ms. Karega. Hikind, an Orthodox Jew, even insisted U.S. presidential hopefuls of both political parties “stand up against this kind of hatred.”

“I truly hope the leaders of America will see [fit] to address this atrocity and will send a clear-cut message that anti-Semitism and any form of hatred won’t be tolerated,” Hikind stated.


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other Jewish organizations met with Oberlin College officials in early March “to address the seriousness of the anti-Semitic views shared on social media by Assistant Professor Joy Karega,” according to an ADL article. “During the meeting, potential implications of espousing such extreme personal views, and how these sentiments have the potential to create an atmosphere where students feel uncomfortable, were discussed.”

Given the immense influence Jewish and pro-Israel organizations wield in American society, which was demonstrated quite clearly in this particular case, university officials have decided to suspend Ms. Karega’s professorial duties. Krislov added that this will take place until “an equitable review process” has been completed.

“While the process is pending, Professor Karega is on paid leave and will not be teaching at Oberlin,” he announced. “Arrangements are being made to cover her teaching and advising responsibilities.”

Despite the rational and legitimate views expressed by the professor, it is highly unlikely she will be asked to return to her teaching duties.

Numerous independent researchers, journalists, and scholars, including the late Victor Thorn, have conclusively demonstrated that Israel and an international network of pro-Israel criminals planned, organized, and benefited from the events of 9-11. More recently, alternative and independent analysts have posited that ISIS is tied to Israeli and Western intelligence agencies, views Ms. Karega expressed publicly but has now been punished severely for doing.

Ms. Karega did not respond to email requests for comment before AFP went to press.

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John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

11 Comments on Black Professor Suspended for Stating Opinions

  1. The celebration was “dancing Israelis”. Calling bankers Jews just isn’t useful.
    Calling out Zionists as corrupt government sponsors is on the mark.

  2. The khazarian judeo-bolshevism was product of the satanic, Babylonian Talmud,its 63 books…Nazism has the same roots,including the murderous zionism…

  3. Good (infuriating re the abysmal treatment of Prof. Karega) article and good comments. Thank you. Viva Palestine!

    (Dave: rather than “…a tyrannical blend of Communism and Fascism….,” I favor “…a tyrannical blend of Zionism and Fascism….”)

  4. 9/11 was done by the zionist BLUE LODGE of the West. Visit Google: MASSONIC FINGERPRINTS LEFT ON 9/11 CRIME SCENE, for details.

    The US masonic flag has 9 rows+11 columns of stars and 6+7 stripes. So does the Kukulkan’s ritual DEATH mask,9/11+6/7 feathers.

    Flight AA11 had 11 crew members(with pilots).UA175 had 9 crew members(with pilots).Both hit the Twin Towers,hence,9/11. AA77 which allegedly hit the Pentagon,had 6 crew members(with pilots) and UA 93 had 7 crew members with pilots)…20&13,but also 9/11 and 6/7…Visit Google: MASSONIC FINGERPRINTS LEFT ON 9/11 CRIME SCENE,for details…

  5. Tony Rukab: On November 4, 2010 I gave a presentation on U.N. Agenda 21 to a group of abut 75 people in my hometown of Tulare, CA. After my presentation a gentleman came up and thanked me for getting the truth out to the people. He read in the local paper that I would be speaking there about Agenda 21, and he said he had to be there to see if I was truthful about what our government is all about. I looked up at the cap he was wearing and it said “USS Liberty.” I asked him if he was on the Liberty when it was attacked and he said “Yes, I was the one who strung up the single-wire antenna to transmit the SOS to a carrier nearby in the Mediterranean.” His name was Terry Halbardier, and he lived in our County Seat of Visalia, CA. I told him that I had two books and 2 DVDs of that attack and I knew the truth of what our government did to our Navy people in that attack. Sad to say, but Terry Halbardier passed in August 2015, but his heroic efforts on June 8, 1967 will never be forgotten by this real American. RIP Terry.


  7. The classical liberal position was “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” It seems that there are no more liberals remaining in power, whether in government, the mainstream media, or academia. The status quo default position is now a tyrannical blend of Communism and Fascism: “The NWO disagrees with what you say, so no one in power will defend your right to say it — instead, you will be dealt a death blow if you persist in your speech-crime.” As Orwell said, in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  8. Oberlin is full of snowflakes….. and what they complain about they get. The admin of the college are just wussies for going along with the idiot snowflakes….. I wouldn’t send a dead dog to Oberlin for anything….over priced and lame brained staff and lamebrained students.

  9. “…how these sentiments have the potential to create an atmosphere where students feel uncomfortable.”

    I feel uncomfortable when I read that Israelis spray the crops of Palestinians with herbicides and/or torture Palestinian teenagers for throwing rocks at the Israeli tanks. An intellectual inquiry into an attack on our nation should be open for discussion without an automatic exclusion of the guilty party.

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